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Hey it's Jenny. This is a scary winter oneshot for the contest. Enjoy :D
Boys Republic X Reader “We’re here!” Suwoong shouts. I look out and see what the boys have been talking about the whole car ride. The log cabin. The boys wanted to do something for their winter vacation and Onejunn suggested going to his family’s log cabin in the snow mountains for a week. We all agreed and now here we are. We make our way into the cabin. “Whoa! This is so cool!” Minsu exclaims. “There four rooms and two bathrooms. Two share one room and the rest can have one room.” Onejunn says. The boys play paper, rock, scissors. Suwoong and Sunwoo get to share a room and the rest of us get our own room. After unpacking my stuff, I decide to explore the rest of the log cabin. It is a really big log cabin. It has a big living room with a fireplace and a kitchen. There is a Christmas tree in the corner of the living and a big screen tv over the fireplace. “It’s cool, right?” I jump little, turn and see Onejunn “Gosh. You startled me.” I tell him. “Ha ha. Come on, let's go get the other stuff from the car.” We both go and start to get the food and stuff that the boys brought from their dorms. Once we were done, I was exhausted. “You must be tired, Y/N. You should go and rest.” Sunwoo says. “You guys should rest too.” I tell them “No. It's alright. We have to put the food away and rehearse a little for our comeback.” Sungjun tells me. “I could help you put stuff away.” I tell him “No. It's fine, Y/N. You should go rest.” “Ok.” I walk to my room and fall asleep. I wake up to something scratching the window. I get up and check the window. I turn to go back to sleep and I hear the scratching again.I check the window again, but nothing was there. Then a face appears, I gasp,and I fall back. I get up and I run to where the boys are. I see them in the living room. “Y/N, what's wrong?” Suwoong asks. “There is something. At the window.” I tell them, trying to get some air. They all go and see what was in the room. I follow them. They check everywhere. The window, the closet, and under the bed, but they did not find anything. “What did you see?” Sungjun says. “Something scary. I woke up to something scratching the window and at first, I saw nothing, but the scratching started again and a face appeared on the window.” “Are you sure you weren't dreaming?” Sunwoo asks. “No. Im serious.” “It seems a little weird. No one should be here besides us.” Onejunn says. “But I'll ask the rangers if they have seen anything.” “Maybe you were dreaming.” Sungjun says. “Yea. Maybe.” I tell them and they all leave my room.  I start to think what happened moments ago and think maybe I was dreaming. I go back to the living room and hang out with the boys. “Couldn't sleep, Y/N.” Minsu asks me. “Nope. Where is Onejunn?” “He left to go talk to the rangers.” “Oh.” “I’m hungry.” Sungjun says. “Let's go make some dinner.” I tell them. We make dinner and eat, but Onejunn hasn't come back yet. I call him but there is no answer. “Maybe he stay at the rangers headquarters?” Sunwoo says. “Or maybe some scary monster ate him! ROAR!” Minsu jokes. I hear my phone beep and it's a message. Snowed in at headquarters. Won't be back until tomorrow. :) “He is snowed in.” I tell them. “He is coming back tomorrow.” “Oh.” Sunwoo says. “Well, I am going to sleep. Goodnight.” We all say our goodnights and go to sleep as well. I wake up to scratching again. I check the time and it's 3 am. I ignore the scratching and try to go back to sleep, but the scratching got louder and louder. Then the window opens. I get up and try to close it when I see a face coming towards me. I fall back and see the face coming closer and closer. I cover my face and scream. I hear the door open and lights turn on. “Y/N! Are you okay?” I hear Minsu say. “What's wrong?” Suwoong says. I uncover my face and see the boys. “The window.” I whisper. Sungjun looks out the window then closes it. “There is nothing there.” He says. “B-b-but there was a face coming towards me. The window opened and I got up to close it and I saw it again.” “It was probably a nightmare.” Sunwoo says. “But I saw it.” I tell him. “If you feel uncomfortable in the room, Suwoong and I will sleep here and you sleep in our room.” We switch rooms and I fall asleep right away. I wake up, go to the living room, and notice that Minsu and Sungjun missing. “Where are the other two?” I ask Suwoong. “They went to go get firewood.” he tells me. “What about Onejunn?” “He is still at the headquarters. There was a huge storm last night and it's dangerous to drive back here.” Sunwoo says. “Oh.” “Let's make breakfast.” Suwoong says. We make breakfast and eat, but Sungjun & Minsu still are not back yet. We wait for 2 hours and they are still not back yet. I texted both of them, but no answer. “Where can they be?” I say out loud. “Don’t worry, Y/N. They will be back soon. Onejunn as well.” We wait another 2 hours when I finally get a message from Sungjun. Sorry. Took forever. Finally got wood. We’ll be back in an hour. :) “They're coming back in an hour.” I tell two boys. “See.” Suwoong says. “Nothing to worry about. Now come on. Let's play a hide and seek.” “Aren't you too old to play hide and seek?” I tell him. “Soo. I'm bored.” “Fine.” Sunwoo starts to count while Suwoong and I hide. I hide in the closet of my room. “19. 20! Ready or not! Here I come!” Sunwoo shouts. I can hear his footsteps coming closer but he passes my room. I hear him find Suwoong. “Ya! No fair. You cheated.” I hear Suwoong complain. “Shhh. Let's find Y/N.” I hear them go to the kitchen. Everything was quiet until I felt something tug at my hair. I brush it off as if my hair got caught on a zipper or something. I feel something tug at it and when I brushed it off with my hand, I felt a cold hand. I feel my heart beat fast. I hold my breath and turn around slowly. I see two eyes looking at me and it smile widely. I scream, open the closet door, and run out of the room. “There. Is. Someone. In. The. Room.” I say, trying to catch my breath, but I fall to the ground and everything goes black. I wake up on the couch with a towel on my head and see the boys sitting on the other couch. “Suwoong. Sunwoo.” “Y/N! Are you okay?” “Yea. What happened?” “We heard you scream and you came out saying that there was someone in the room but you fainted.” I sit up, trying to remember what happened. “What time is it?” “It's 4:30.” “Have the other guys come yet?” “Nope. Onejunn is still there and Sungjun has to get more firewood because Minsu threw them into a river.” “It's getting dark. They should be back right now.” “I know.” We wait for them to come, but there is no sign of them coming. “What's the number of the ranger’s headquarters?” I ask them. “It's on the fridge.” I call them. “Hello. This is John. How can we help you?” “Um. My friend went to go talk to you guys about a break in. I wanted to know if he was still there.” I tell him Onejunn name and a description. “No one with that name or description has been here.” “What! But he left yesterday.” “Well no one came yesterday.” “Well something weird is going in here. Can you send someone to check it out?” I say, trying so hard not to cry. “Yes. Just tell us the cabin number” I tell him and he says he will be there in 3 hours since the snowstorm has blocked many paths. “What happened, Y/N?” Sunwoo asks. “Onejunn didn't go to the headquarters yesterday.” “What! How! He took the car.” Suwoong says. “I know, but the rangers are coming in three hours.” “Well we have to wait now I guess.” “I'm scared.” I tell them. “We still have each other, so don't worry.” Then all the lights go out. “What is this?” Sunwoo says. “Shhh. Listen.” I say. We hear footsteps but we are all standing still. Then someone bangs on the door. “You guys open the door!” It's Minsu. We open the door and Minsu comes in, with bloody jacket and blood coming out of his head. “Minsu! Where were you? Where is Sungjun?” Suwoong asks him “Shh. Something is coming for us.” Minsu whispers. “What?” I say. “Shh.” We listen closely and hear the footsteps. “He is here.” “Who?” Suwoong asks. “A monster.” Then Sunwoo falls on the floor. “Sunwoo!” I check if he is okay and he wasn't hurt, but I see a dart. “Let's go in one of the rooms.” He whispers. We all slowly pick up Sunwoo and go into one of the rooms and lock it. “What is going on?” I whisper. “There is a crazy person or whatever trying to kill us. He somehow found out we were staying here. He got Onejunn and Sungjun, but I managed to escape. Did you call for help?” Minsu says. “Yes. But are you saying that Onejunn and Sungjun are dead?” I ask him. “No. They are not dead, but he has them. I don't what he is going to do.” “What are we going to do?” Suwoong ask. “Fight.” I tell him. “There is no way I am dying." “He is dangerous and scary. He has these eyes and psycho smile.” Minsu says. “It's him. The one I saw.” I tell him. “This is really scary.” We all make a plan on how to escape this madman. We try to find things we can use as weapons to defend. “Ready?” I say and they all nod their head yes. We slowly leave the room, leaving Sunwoo in the closet since he is out cold. We see the crazy man and split up, trying to come at him from different angles. We all hide and on the count of three, run at him. We try to knock him out, but he was stronger than all three of us combined. He punched Minsu, making him faint and hit Suwoong, making him faint as well. He cut me with something, making my arm bleed. He pins me against the wall, with a knife pointed at my throat. “Do you remember me?” he says in a raspy tone. “I was the one at the window and the closet.” “What do you want?” “Your friends. Now any last words before I stab you.” I feel the sharp pain on my neck and I scream. It hurt so much. Then I wake up gasping for air and coughing. Look around and it's day time. I am in a car and see the boys. Onejunn. Sunwoo. Sungjun. Minsu. Suwoong. “Y/N. Are you ok?” Sunwoo asks. “Yea. I was having a nightmare. I am so glad to see you guys.” “What were you dreaming about?” Minsu asks. “Nothing. I'll tell you later.” I tell him. “Oooo. Look Y/N! We're here.” Suwoong tells me. I look out the window and my eyes widen. It the log cabin. The one from the nightmare. Same cabin number and everything. Oh no.
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Thank you!!
that was scary 😲