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Holiday contest submission. The Christmas office party at Starship Ent. was in full swings. Drinks were poured freely. I was one of the staff members who everyone affectionately called me Makeup Noona or Unni. I wasn't that old but I acted like a big sister to everyone. I stood by the buffet table sipping on some water. Someone has to be sober here. "Noona!" someone yelled. I look up and noticed Chang Kyun or I.M his stage name rushing towards me, instantly concerned. "Chang Kyun-ah whats wrong?" I asked as soon as he reaches me. "Noona we need a ride home. The hyungs are all drunk and our manager is too." he said worriedly. "Ok I will take you guys to the dorm. Just let me get the keys to the van." i said. Chang Kyun looked so relieved. I reached my hand over and patted his head affectionately. He smiles. "Thanks Noona". I walk away then returned to him a few minutes later. "Alright I have the keys. Lets go round up your members." I said. We walk around collecting them. It was a hassle between I.M and I trying to help the members out to the van, but we manged to get them all in the van and buckled up. The drive to their dorm was relatively quiet. I.M and I finally got the members into their rooms and in their beds. Thats when things got crazy. After laying Wonho down he opened his eyes then his mouth. "I think I'm going to be sick." he groan. Rushing over i grab the trash can just in time and places it by him. After he finished he laid back down sweating and paler then usual and falls asleep. "Noona I need some help" I.M said coming into the room. "Whats wrong?" I asked. "Jooheon just got sick in his room." I.M said looking pale. "Chang Kyun why don't you go in the living room and rest on the couch ill look after your members." I said. "Are you sure? I don't want to make you do this on your own." he said. "Trust me I'm fine." I said. He nods and goes and lays down. I walk to Jooheon room with paper towels and scrub brush. I check on Jooheon and see that he is resting so i set to work cleaning up the mess. I finish up cleaning then walk over to Jooheon covering him up. One after the other i go to each room cleaning and tucking the boys in. The last room i enter is Shownu's. Shownu was fast asleep when I entered. I walk over placing a trash can near him. As i reach down to cover him up his arms shoot out and around me, bringing my body down next to his. My voice failed me form the sudden shock of being grabbed. After the shock wears off. I start trying to ease out of his arms but his arms tighten around me. I struggle increases until his voice breaks through the room. "Noona" his voice mumbled. I look up at him and see that he was still fast asleep. Is he dreaming about me? i think to myself. "Noona I like you." he mumbles again. My body freezes at the sudden dream confession. I look up at his sleeping face in surprise. He likes me? I think in disbelief. I smile softly knowing he wont remember in the morning. Finally giving up on trying to get free from his vice like grip. I allow my body to relax next to his. As my eyes drift close my last thought was that no matter what i will hold his dream confession in my heart and never mention it. "Noona wake up." i hear a voice say near my ear. I grumble 5 more minutes. "Noona wake up its Christmas." He said. Slowly opening my eyes I meet a pair of brown ones peering down at me. Finally the sleep leaves my body as panic sets in. "Oh my! Shownu-ah!" i say panicked as i shoot up in a sitting position. "I'm so sorry I didnt mean to fall asleep." I was full on panic mode. "Noona! Calm down." he said trying to calm me but it wasn't working. Seeing as I wasn't calming down a sudden devious gleam enter his eyes as he leans over and places his lips against mine. My body stiffens in surprise then relaxes. Then a sudden clearing of someone throat causes us both to jump back from each other. A blush covering both our cheeks. "Bout time you tell her how you felt Shownu." Chang Kyun said with a grin. I look over at Shownu surprised. His cheeks bright red. "You like me?" i asked. He looks over at me nodding. I smile and lean over. "I like you too" I said. He smiles then kisses me softly. "Best Christmas ever." he said after we break apart. I nod in agreement. "Lets go and make breakfast." He gets up offering his hand to me. I place my hand in his as he helps me up and we go to the kitchen with hearts filled with love. Enjoy. *Moderators Tag List* @Bangtanss @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @MattK95 @BBxGD @MelissaGarza @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @BrennaTran @Helixx @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @Qilin94 @Storiamom426 @KaiLuhan4ever @JordanShuler @ChaErica @StefaniTre