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Hi Hi!!! Yey another chapter for Coffee Break! lol
Keri view*** After I was done with my work I went to the coffee shop and got my coffee then went home. I was excited to go out with Yoongi tonight. I had no clue what we were doing so I changed into a pair of jeans and a snowflake printed shirt. Anticipating it I was anxious when he came to the door and came in. He had a large box with him which made me curious. He was dressed in a suit, no tie though, and looking extremely handsome. "What's that?" I asked pointing to it. The grin on his face made my stomach flip. "A present for you" he said. "Oh?" My eyes were glued to the box. "I don't have your Christmas present though" I said thinking it was for that. Christmas was just a week away. "No its not a christmas present" he was shaking his head when my eyes went to him. "Then what is it for?" I asked. "Just because" he shrugged. "Just because?" I repeated a smile spreading on my face. "Come on. Open it" he said handing it over to me.  I took it from him and moved to the couch so I could sit and open it. He came and sat next to me. I removed the lid and inside was a bunch of tissue paper. Moving that out of the way I saw fabric and when I pulled it out I recognized the dress in my hands. It was the one I tried on the other day.  My jaw dropped. A chuckle came from Yoongi. "You bought me a dress?" I finally looked at him. Yoongi was grinning. "You looked pretty in it" he commented. "I want you to go put that on so I can take you out" he said. My jaw dropped again. He bought me a dress to go put tonight. Was today special for some reason? Did I forget something? Omo was he going to propose to me? No that wouldn't be right, its way to soon for him to ask me that. But why was he doing this then. "I can see the wheels turning in your head" Yoongi chuckled. "Your sending me mixed messages here. Am I missing something?" I asked setting the dress down in the box. "No. I just wanted to do something special. To random for you?" He was grinning and looking pleased. "No. No I love it and its a surprise" I said. "You like surprises" he said. "Do I now?" I laughed. "You'll like this one. Go change" he urged me off the couch. So I went and changed into the dress and paired it with thigh high stockings and a pair of black stelletos. When I came out his eyes scanned me up and down. "Beautiful"Yoongi said. "So where are we going?" I asked him "Another surprise" he said pulling me towards the door. There was a van outside waiting for us and he opened the door for me to get in. The drive was long and filled with me asking where we were going. "We are here" the driver announced at last. Yoongi helped me out of the van and in front of a fancy hotel. My eyes widened. "I have a reservation in the restaurant. This place is known for having security to keep press and reporters out. They are very exclusive" Yoongi said as we entered and saw a couple buff guys by the door. "That explains the muscle" I chuckled. "I didn't want to worry about privacy being invaded" he said. What did this man have planned exactly I wondered in my head. He went up to the host as the desk and told him he had a reservation under Min Yoongi. The lady nodded and then came around so she could take us somewhere. She escorted us to a dining area and put us in a booth that was in a corner. The tables were spread out and booths were in the corners of the room. It looked like a place that respected peoples space. After taking a seat the woman handed menus to us and walked away. "How did you know about this place?" I asked Yoongi. "Research. This place was in the top places for celebrities. I figured it would be an exclusive place" Yoongi said. "It sure looks like it" I  said looking around. I noted the fine cusine on the menu and how there was no prices next to items. It made me think it definitely was expensive. "Do you want to get a bottle of wine?" Yoongi asked. "Uhm" my eyes met his. "They also have mascoto. You like sweet don't you?" He offered. "Okay" I said after a heart beat. When our waiter came to the table he ordered The bottle and then the waiter gave us a few minutes to look over the menu. I ended up getting an Italian dish, pasta with portabella mushrooms and some kind of sauce I couldn't recognize the word. Yoongi also got some kind of pasta as well. "Do you like Italian food?" I asked him after the waiter left us. "I like pasta. I try a lot of different food types and I could eat Korean BBQ all day long but pasta is really good too" he said. "Hmm there's a lot of BBQ places to go. Not that many Italian places and they're always to fancy places" I said. "That's true, but I'm sure if you go to Italy there as common as BBQ places are here" Yoongi chuckled. "Oh there are. A lot of cafe's and restaurants that have both pasta and pizza" I sighed. "Have you been there before?" Yoongi asked intreged. "Yes. I went on a cruise with Mel a couple years ago. It went to Italy and Rome. Its beautiful out there" I sighed remembering the trip. "You've already been there?" Yoongi sounded astounded. "Yes. I've told you before I like to travel. for the past couple years we do one big trip somewhere. I've been to Australia, Italy, Ireland, New York, and the Bahama's" I listed off. "I've been to Australia and New York before" he said. "Really? Did you like it there?" I asked intreged. "Its a lot sunnier there. New York is just as crowded" he laughed. We spent several minutes talking about it, what he liked and didnt like of the places until our food came. We enjoyed our meal together and then when the food was done we sat finishing the rest of the bottle. We were laughing over something random when the waiter came back with plates of chocolate cake on plates. After the meal we continued to sit there talking about random things that turned into a little bit of dirty talk. "What do you say go up stairs and roll around dirtying some sheets" Yoongi grinned making me chuckle. "Oh that's why you wanted to come here" I said. "No, just taking the oppritunity while we're here" he said. "Sure, but I'd rather Go back to the privacy of my own bed. I mean home" I corrected myself making him laugh.  
Hehe Yoongi is to sweet!!! doing something sporadic for her. ek lol. and oh my I am slightly Jelly of her travel history, like really really jelly lol. hmm oh oh Yoongi! where is the necklace????? Did you forget??? lol oh you still have something up your sleeve don't you boy!
Wait what necklace?? hmm did I miss something here???? oh can't wait for the next update
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