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First off MERRY CHRISTMAS :3 I hope everyone gets what the want this year I've already been graced with an awesome gift but we're not here for that no we're here for the Bleach challenge and since I would like to relax like all on the days of joy I'll do three days in one :) and the days are Day 23 Most bad ass scene, Day 24 Funniest Character & Day 25 Least Favorite character. So let's go

Day 23 Most Bad ass scene FH Ichigo vs SE Ulquiorra

Specifically the part that was leaked from Soul Carnival 2. At a time when everyone was foaming at the mouth for more content (anime wise), out came this little scene from the game. Which was even more bad ass with all the fighting and sonido's they were doing. I love this fight in general but this scene where Ichigo crush raw power in his hands and then chopped down Ulqi was my favorite.

Day 24 Funniest Character: Urahara Kisuke

That title EASILY goes to Urahara Kisuke the man was a gold mine of hysteria! Every time he was on screen he did something or said something hilarious. Now while characters like Kon or Chizuru are funny they take a backseat to the Hat and Clogs. It's a wonder that he's actually very serious in everything he does especially when fighting, why he feels the need to joke or play around is probably to hide the darkness that is Urahara Kisuke.

Day 25 Most Annoying character... Oh I mean Least Favorite Character Orihime Inoue

Orihime will forever bee the worst the to me in Bleach. Chad was overall useless but that was due to lack of screen time case is slightly the same with Uryu while he was a strong character a lack of screen time hurt his overall development. However ORIHIME WAS ALWAYS THERE! like annoyingly she would put herself on the front lines and do absolutely nothing now I'm not saying I don't know what she did for the anime (which was very little to nothing). I understand that without her there's very little catalyst for Ichigo and co. to invade Hueco Mundo or that without her it would have been days before Ichigo was healed after his second fight with Grimmjow or the fact she healed a lot of people in the seireitei. But she constantly wants to fight KNOWING she can't and KNOWING Tsubaki is a trash weapon and was even BROKEN she wants to fight. Which is admirable yes and commendable however she insist doing it because she can "help" but she can't. I don't even mind that she's dumb for the sake of being dumb, I care that she's useless and yet insists on fighting with everybody as well as Being jealous of Rukia because Rukia makes Ichigo feel better when he's down and she can't do that...like fucking why? and then it's somehow Ichigo's fault (Rangiku's word's not Orihime's). Orihime is the grand example of what NOT to do with your female lead...course she came out around the time Sakura did...sooooooo
Again Merry Christmas I hope everyone has one as well as gets what they want from Santa if you don't we can shoot up the north pole like in American Dad xD Go ahead and comment what your most bad ass scene is, who you think is the funniest character, and who you think is the most annoying and if it's Don Kanonji praise that he appears rarely :) Thanks for reading Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
most bad ass scene is till ichigo va byakuya. funniest character maybe rangkiu or kon. lol ichigo is somtimes funny too. least fav character i dont have one. maybe don konji Becuase he never reallyed showed up. i always thought he was gonna be the hercule of the series
That sounds really viable actually xD surprised I never thought of it xD
also is he a full bringer how the hell is he doing kamamamha