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(if you are not old enough to read this... or get away with reading it.... don't read it... I did warn ya. ) -

Reader & S.I.M.O.N D.O.M.I.N.I.C

- SAY MY NAME SAY MY NAME S.M.U.T.T.Y.D.O.M.I.N.I.C oh oh yeah that right simon dominic becoming king of smuttville to show yall how smutty the world can be since 1998 xD (when he started rapping)
I came inside carrying bags of groceries and took them to the kitchen. Young Master of the house coming home today to spend Christmas with the family. He had a massive sweet tooth that was jaw dropping. Everytime I made some sweet goodies since I started working for the Jung family, he with hog it and eat it. Normally Mrs. Jung would give me christmas eve and day off. But this time Young Master was coming home with friends, and she wanted me to help. I wasn't going to argue since two days off wasn't enought to fly back to England to visit my family. As well as be back home by time to work. So I didn't mind spending Christmas at work. At Least I wouldn't be alone. I started baking pies and cookies and browns. Mrs. Jung soon join me, and I aided her in cooking the main meal. "Umma!~" One of the young masters enter the kitchen and smiled at Madam Mrs. Jung. "My baby! You're home... is your wife and my grandchild here too?" It made me smile seeing them reconnecting, though this young master came home once a month to visit. The Young Master Kiseok was the ond I had to make sure didn't eat all of the goodies. After sometime The entire family was here andeating away. I kept to muself and ate in the kitchen. Once everyone finish, I started to clean dishes and store left overs away. "Aniyo.... Leave the brownies out." I jump, startled, since I didn't hear or see him come in. He raise an eyebrowb as I hover my hand over my hearr. He was so handsome, it was hard to now be attracted to him. "Young master, Madam order me to hide the sweets from you after dinner." He licked his lips, before getting closer towards me. "Oh come on, y/n, you know you can't resist me." I gulp from the guilt from the last event he came home for. Last time I told him no and stood up to him, he had fxxk me senseless. Right here in his parents kitchen. "Aniyo... not letting you do that again. I value my job way to much, and don't enjoy having my emotions toy with." I stood my ground again, but more firmly. I turn around to put the brownies, last of the dessert, in the cubby shelfs that had a code lock, only his mother and I knew. I felt a pair of fairly strong arms wrap around my waist. "Wae~ Didn't you enjoy last time?" Young Master Kiseok whisper in my ear, as he snuggle close to me. He knew very well I was a sucker for a strong Busan accent especially when one whines. I stood my ground though, and pulled myself free from his grasp. I then lock the cubby and walked away. "Yah!" I walked out the back door, and went to thr pool house I was living in. I walk in, and went to shut the door, but apparently young master Kiseok had follow me. I just stared at him confused and stun. "I can't believe you walked away from me... and actually stop me from having those brownies." He walked inside and close the door behind him. "Been wondering when you were gonna have the will power to full stand up to me." He threw himself on the couch, and patted the space beside him. I just stood where I was and cross my arms. He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. "Young mas-" "uh uh, we're not in the house right now, you can call me Kiseok oppa." He had gotten up and walked over to stand before me. "Plus I'm older than you, so why should you be calling me young master." I just looked away, but his index finger and thumb, made me look back at him. "Y/n, Imma be real with you. Ever since my parents hired you to be their personal chef, I waa a bit concern. The way my umma introduce you and talks about you... Its as if she secretly grooming you to be my wife." I blinked a bit confused, but then realized as I looked back at my time here. She really was grooming me... Since she was an amazing cook, why would she need me. "Wow, you just notice that too? She actually admittes to it in her own way tonight too." I looked up at him in shock, he rest his forehead on mine to being himself closer towards us. "I can understand now though why until today." His arm wrap around my waist, as his hand slip under my shirt. "You can cook amazing dishes, and sweet... I actually fell for you the moment I saw you, but your baking seal the deal." I giggled softly, as he brush his lips against mine. "I'm still not giving you the code." He chuckle as he smiled at me. "Don't need it... there is another sweet dessert I have been dying for since the last time I had it." I lean back a bit, to end up having him lift my shirt up. "Been around since then, but none of them can do it like you. You're my life-savor and you taste so sweet." I went to grab his hands to stop him, but his mouth already found their way to my breast. "Yah~ K-Kiseok -sssssi" I felt my legs getting weak, as he pick me up by my thighs, and had me wrap my legs around his waist. "Even your body misses me." my arms were wrap around his check, as he sat me down on the dresser table. Kiseok then pulled off his shirt and pulled off mine as well. I went to say something, but his lips cut me off. His hands rubbed my hips, before slapping my behind. I jump from the slap, allowing him to slip off my pants and panies. I did try to stop him, but I was too weak, cause his touch just felt so right. A moan escape from between both our lips, the moment his hand slid between my legs. Kiseok fingers toy with my womanhood, making me throw my head back. He kissed along my neck, as he had me mewing with pleasure. I squirmed as the rush of pleasure cloud my judgement. "So wet... perfect." He softly kissed my lips, as I simply whimper. He spread my legs apart, while I noticed his junior was out and ready to play "shit..." I thought out loud, as Kiseok chuckle. "Don't you mean fuck." He slip inside of me, making my gasp from the sensation. He took my hands and kissed them, before making my place them on his shoulders. I brace myself, once he started to buck his hips hard into mine. I rest my head on the wall, as he gripped my behind and slam inside of me. "oh...oh my...i-its the bbq aaall o-over aaggain." He chuckle softly between his grunts. my entire being was startling to tremble, as I clised my eyes tight. "Oh y/n I'm cummin'" I pull his face up to mine, and press my lips against his own. He pull my waist, so he could slam into one last time, and hold me close. We hit our climax together, as my felt my body weaken. I rest my head on his shoulder, as he pet my head. "Mind if I stay the night?" I should my head no, before carrying me over to the bed, so we can cuddle together. "Don't ever leave me, y/n." I smiled warmly and rest my eyes happily.
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