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Hello! I hope you've been enjoying the bonus chapters so far. Here's the third date, Jungkook's date with Jiyoung. I hope you enjoy it.
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Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 14+2
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
When Jin reluctantly told Hoseok that he couldn’t take Jiyoung on their ‘date’ due to family issues, Hoseok had nominated Jungkook instead. Jungkook wanted to make sure that Jiyoung had the most fun possible. Even though there was someone else he’d rather be on a date with. But he couldn’t tell anyone that yet. Plus, he thought it’d be nice to make Jiyoung feel happy. And after his turn, he knew he’d tell Jimin to go next. Jungkook could tell exactly how much Jimin cared for Jiyoung. Never had his brother acted like this.
Jungkook wanted to take Jiyoung to have fun, but he made sure that whatever he did wouldn’t outdo whatever his brother would plan. So he decided to keep it simple. They started with a late lunch at a small family restaurant, different from the one Taehyung had taken her to. While they ate, Jiyoung asked Jungkook about what college was like.
“Ugh. Sometimes it’s okay, other times, it’s killer. It’s like every teacher thinks that they’re your only teacher so they each give you a ton of work.” Jungkook laughed at the face Jiyoung made. “It’s hard work, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. What I want to requires a lot of schooling. Our parents started making us do college courses while we were still in high school. That’s why the other guys are already done and I’m almost finished. Except for Namjoon-hyung, he’s a genius so he’s already—“ Jungkook gestured with his hand far above his head. Jiyoung laughed.
“That must’ve been a lot of work for you guys. Did you even get to have any fun? The others told me that most of their childhood consisted of school and preparing to take over their family businesses. Was it the same for you?”
“Mmm...kinda. I actually got it easier than my hyung. Because Jimin-hyung is the oldest, our parents put a lot of pressure on him.” Jiyoung felt bad for them. Before she met them, Jiyoung thought that rich people just had it easy. They had money, property, and all the time in the world. Or at least that’s what her adoptive mother used to always say. After she met the eight, she realized that it wasn’t all fun and games. But even then, she didn’t realize how much work they had put in to get to their position already. Jungkook had a rough guess of what Jiyoung was thinking.
“I know, most people think that rich people screw around all the time. While that may be true for some, especially for families who are crazy rich and have their money due to inheritance. But a lot of us have to work really hard. Especially for people who invest their money back into their businesses and don’t abuse the law. It’s hard work to be a law-abiding citizen,” he laughed. “Our families haven’t given us complete control of the family businesses, of course, because, even with our experience and training, we’re still too young and inexperienced to be fully responsible. For the others who are finished, it’s more like a temporary position until they can prove that they deserve the spot. Which might not be for another decade or more.”
“Wow...I had no idea.” Jiyoung looked up at Jungkook. “It must be hard for you guys. That must be why when you play, you play hard. To make up for all the time you don’t get to have fun. That’s a lot of missed childhood...”
“You too.” Jiyoung cocked her head questioningly. “Even though you’re not in the same place as us, you worked just as hard. The things we went through were different, but equally tough. Just as you probably wouldn’t have wanted to be in our shoes, we probably wouldn’t want to have been in your shoes. Every person manages their life and hardships in different ways.”
Jiyoung smiled. “Y’know, for a kid, you’re pretty mature. Though I guess you have to be.”
“Actually, that’s something hyung once taught me. That we all suffer in different ways and that no person’s suffering is the same as another’s. Similarly, no reaction is the same. Humans are made to be resilient and they cope in different ways.”
“Jimin said that?”
“Mm.” Jiyoung thought that that explained a lot. Why Jimin didn’t try to ‘fix’ her, he just let her talk. Because he probably knew that he couldn’t understand exactly how it was for her, so he probably didn’t think it was appropriate for him to give advice. Jungkook watched the look on her face. When she let out a small smile, he knew it had to be because of his brother. That made him feel better.
At first, Jungkook was worried about his brother’s behavior towards Jiyoung. Recently, however, he began to realize that his brother felt differently about her than he did towards his other women. And that gave him hope for his brother. If Jiyoung could help Jimin...he wanted them to work out. And with that, he felt a little guilty. He knew that if Jiyoung were to get involved with Jimin, things wouldn’t work out in the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend way that Jiyoung would probably be expecting. That innocence and purity she had would likely change. Jungkook didn’t want that for her, but at the same time, he wanted his brother to find happiness. If it were for anyone else, Jungkook would make sure she steered clear of the person. But it was his brother...
After lunch, Jungkook took her to watch a comedy movie marathon at a movie theater that played old movies all day. In between, they allowed 20 minutes for people to get up, stretch, use the bathroom, etc. The two ended up watching two of the movies. After the movies, Jungkook took her down a small boutique shopping street. Jiyoung allowed him to buy her one thing just so that he would buy JiEun something. While Jungkook and JiEun hadn’t said anything, she was pretty sure the two liked each other at the least, though it was likely they were dating.
Because they had eaten popcorn during the movies, neither of them were very hungry, so they opted for street restaurant snacks. Jungkook ordered one of everything so that the two of them could share. A couple of bottles of soju in and Jungkook finally changed the subject to what he’d been wanting to talk about all day.
“Do you think my hyung is a good guy?” Jiyoung just looked at him confused.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean...a lot of people like to say bad things about my hyung because of the way he is with...” Jungkook made a vague gesture towards a group of girls sitting close to them.
“Ah..” Jiyoung had to think about what she wanted to say without giving too much away. “I don’t think he’s a bad guy or good guy. He’s just...Jimin. Like you said, we all suffer in different ways and we all react in different ways. What Jimin does is ethical in that it doesn’t break any laws, but morally... it’s very subjective. Some would say he’s bad, others would say it doesn’t matter. The girls consent and he doesn’t give any false pretenses. They know exactly what will happen.”
“So what do you think?” Jungkook asked, holding Jiyoung’s gaze.
“I...I worry for him.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that, right now, there’s nothing really bad for him. I mean, there’s a chance of contracting something or getting one of the girls pregnant, but he has a long time to change. I’m worried that he’ll be too comfortable in that behavior and that he won’t want to change. When you’re young, it’s different because everyone will just say ‘Ah, they’re young, they’ll grow out of it’. But once he’s older, he may decide that he wants to settle down. But what if he doesn’t know how? Or what if the only women around him are ones simply looking for that one or two nights or whatever?
“What if any woman he eventually wants to look at to marry only thinks about his past and doesn’t give him a chance? You know what I mean? I’m worried that sooner or later, he’ll get hurt. And he’s a good guy. I don’t want him to get hurt...” But was she willing to be that girl who would take the chance? Did her feelings for him even go to that extent? Jiyoung was too confused and the alcohol wasn’t helping.
Jungkook looked at her and thought that maybe his hyung really did have a chance. Jiyoung was kind and caring enough that she would likely be able to overlook his past. If she really did care for Jimin, that was.
Poor Jungkook. The kid's so sweet, looking out for his brother.
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