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17-붐붐 Santa version My reactions, why is DK wearing a 리락쿠마 onesie? They're so silly! Those darn boys! I love those cute dorks! Last but certainly not least, Merry Christmas!
Also, I went to the hmart in Plano, Texas and I saw the hello fancy gift shop but I didn't really go in because it was closed. Is there by any chance K-Pop CDs at that part of the supermarket? Please let me know as soon as you get this because I'm desperately searching for yet another K-Pop store in DFW. Also, I went to Zari today and it was my second time going there, and every time I go there, it's always closed; meaning the door is locked every time I'm there! Like, it also says "closed. Be back at 11:00" or something! Please tell me what is up with that place?!? Okay, I'm done with my short rant here, sorry folks! Anyways...
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