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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Angst. Comedy. Thriller. Smut. Long ago the four genres were read in harmony then everything changed when the Thriller nation attacked the Smuttatar master of all things Smut could stop them but when the world needed Smut the most it vanished. A hundred days have gone by and you find the new Smutatar, and although the Smut is great there's lots to read before Smut can stop anyone but if you believe, The Smutatar can save the world. Story: N/a
You walked out on the terrace to get some peace from the party. The dress you were wearing wasn't meant for cold weather. Far too short and much too revealing. The red made you notice able and still somehow you were able to sneak away. All of AOMG participated in Jay's stocking stuffer challenge. Everyone brought a stocking with their name on it and through out the night people could sneak little gifts into whoevers stocking they choose. So whoever gave you a gift, you wouldn't know who it was but at the very least everyone was walking away with something. You got Simon a bunch of lollipops and you got Jay mistletoe. You figured he'd use it to kiss someone that was something he might like. You didn't really want to come to the party anyway Seonghwa and Hyukwoo guilted you into coming. You were able to mingle a little and figured you could stay another hour before you came up with a reason to go home. "You know you'll probably catch a cold out here." You turned around to see Jay walking up behind you with his coat slug over his arm and his hand in his pockets. He didn't even have a shirt on. You laughed, "You're one to talk." You said. "Yeah well I've had a few drinks tonight so I'm allowed to do stupid shit." He said fanning the out the coat and placing it around your shoulders. You laughed and said, "Jay you don't have to do that I'll go back inside in a few minutes." "Well while you're still out here keep it on." You rolled your eyes muttering a thank you as you looked back out at the world below; Seoul was lit up. You had to hand it to him, renting out this entire venue for the AOMG Christmas party was really generous then again he took care of his family so it made sense. "Thanks for the mistletoe by the way." He said. You looked up at him, "What mistletoe?" You said. "Oh come on Y/n I was watching you all night I saw you put it in there. Hoping I'd use it on you were you?" He said suggestively. You laughed, "I figured you of all people could use it as a play to pick up a girl but believe me I am the last one I want you to use that thing on." "Why is that?" He said bending down to your height. You stared at him with big eyes and suddenly felt breathless. Jay was good looking but some how you were just noticing how attractive he was. The shape of his nose, his nose ring. His big grin and beautiful teeth and his hair. He was, by all accounts, beautiful. You looked away and said, "You're not my type." you lied. It was his turn to laugh, he snaked his hand around your waist, his height made him tower over you. He lifted your face so you could look up at him. "What's your type baby girl?" He whispered lowly against your lips. You felt slightly self-conscious as he closed the distance between your bodies. You looked him in the eyes feeling your heart race and then the doors to the terrace opened up startling you. You quickly moved out of Jay's grasp to see Loco coming through the doors wildly with a beer in his hands. You laughed at his wildness as he came over to you with alcohol on his breath. "Woo! Jay this is an awesome party!" He yelled. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder making you laugh but you had to cover your ear with your hand because he was yelling in it. "Hyuk come off the terrace before you get yourself hurt." Seonghwa said coming to fetch him. "Come on Y/n let's go party." Hyukwoo said pulling you with him as Seonghwa pulled him away. You laughed at being dragged away and peeked back to look at Jay watching you three leaving. He looked at you walking away with the boys almost as if you were prey he'd capture no matter what the cost. Seonghwa and Hyukwoo were just temporary obstacles for him to move past. Hyukwoo had you dance with him, he was grinding against you and all you could do was laugh. He took pictures with you but he was a total maniac as usual when he's drunk. It took Seonghwa and Kiseok both to get him to the car to take him back home by the end of the party. "Listen Y/n I'll come back to get you I need Simon to help me get him back in the house." Seonghwa said to you. You nodded, "That's alright I understand." "Don't worry about getting her." A voice came from behind you and you looked back to see Jay walking back up to you. His shirt was back on and his jacket was on too. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder making you feel electricity shoot through your body. "I'll get her home don't worry Gray." He said. You could sense his intentions were far more devious than he was letting on. "Okay, are you okay with that Y/n?" Seonghwa asked. Not wanting to give him any trouble you smiled and said, "Yes I'm sure I'll be fine." "Okay. See you tomorrow then." He said. Seonghwa pulled off with the other two in the car. You looked up at Jay who had taken his hand off of your shoulder and turned to walk away. "Follow me." He said. "Uh- wait if you're taking me home now I have to get my purse." You said. "I already have your purse and stocking in my car. Come on." He said. You followed rolling your eyes at the easy defeat. He had planned to steal you away from them anyway. You followed him back to his car and he drove you two back to his place. "Why did you bring me here Jay?" You said sitting in the car parked in his driveway. "I didn't want to run the risk of being interrupted again." He said. "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about this Y/n." He said. He took your chin and brought you closer as he leaned into you. He turned his head and pressed his lips to yours. His lips parted allowing his tongue to snake out and swipe across your bottom lip. You took a surprised breath, parting your own lips to give his tongue access to your mouth. The way his tongue worked magic in this kiss had you under a spell quick and moaning in his mouth. A little resistance came back and you pulled away from him, "T-this isn't right. You're my boss." You said startled. "Tonight let's not think about that." He said. "And what do you suggest I do tomorrow?" You chuckled at his obvious dismissal of a very big problem. At least for you it was. "Y/n I've liked you for some time now. Even if you don't want me by tomorrow it won't effect your job I wouldn't let it." He said. "I don't want to be someone's one night stand Jay not even yours. Look I'm sure you're a nice and all but -" His lips found yours again and he had wrapped his jacket back around your shoulders. He kissed you deeper than before. His hands cupped your face and then one hand came to the side of your neck holding you firmly. His lips ravished yours and had you gasping for breath and your heart racing. He pressed his forehead to yours and pecked your lips once more before his eyes flashed up to meet yours. Immediately the look in his eyes had you pressing your legs together and rubbing them together. You bit back a whine threatening to leave your lips. "Y/n I want you." He said. You nodded. Jay got anything he wanted, by now he was probably used to such things. He got out of the car and came to your side of the car. He opened your door and took your hand pulling you out of the car and then he went to retrieve your purse for you and your stocking in his trunk. He held your items out to you and took his stocking with him and held your hand as he led you up to his place. You two got into the room and his place was just as extravagant as you thought it would be. Still you didn't have time to take in the place because his lips came back over yours. He let you drop your things on the floor and things seemed to get heated quick. He got you to his bedroom after stumbling a few times. A few times he slammed you into the wall and practically ripped your dress off. Your clothes one by one along with his were being stripped from your bodies and tossed to the ground without a second thought. Once you were in his room he pushed you down on the bed and crawled over you. He kissed your clothed core making your back arch and you took in a sharp breath. Your hands quickly came to his head to stop him but he grabbed your hand and laced his fingers with yours. His tongue teased your clit through your panties making you moan loudly. He smiled and crawled over your body. Blood rushed to your face making you blush incredibly hard. "Baby girl you're so sensitive." he said. He kissed you again and your palms came to his chest. The feeling of his muscular pecs had you moaning more in his mouth. The coil in your stomach even stronger now. His fingers slipped passed your panties and moved down your slick folds. He hummed and took his bottom lip between his teeth. "So wet for me already. You said I wasn't your type." He teased. "Shut up." You looked away embarrassed. He brought his lips down to your neck placing light feathery kisses on there to relax you. You made light moans and your hands made it around his bare shoulders. Each muscle you felt on his body was turning you on more and more. "Shit." You whispered. "Didn't think someone like you had such a dirty mouth." He said just below your ear. His fingers stopped rubbing your entrance and instead slipped inside of you and curled up. You griped his arm and the bed sheets as his fingers moved quickly to attack your core. You could hear the wet smacking of his fingers ramming into your soaking core. "J-Jaeb-beom." You said through broken pants. "I like you Y/n, you react easily and I haven't done much to you yet." He said teasing more. How did you let yourself fall into this trap? You could've just waited for Seonghwa. You liked it though, you liked feeling his long fingers slam into you, creating such lewd sounds making you even more turned on. He slipped his fingers back up and out of your panties and licked them in front of your face. Your eyes widened at the sight and he touched your lips with those fingers. You blushed still heavily embarrassed. You knew Jay liked sex but he was your boss and you were in bed with him! You scooted up on the bed and he watched your wild eyes. He pulled your bottom lip lightly away and let his fingers gain access to your mouth. He ran them across your tongue and you took in a deep breath once you tasted yourself. "You taste good." He chuckled. He slowly pulled his fingers back from your mouth. He came up and kissed you, you could hear his belt buckle coming undone. You pulled from his lips to look down and saw him pulling his pants down. "Are you going to ask me to stop Y/n?" He said judging the look on your face. You shook your head but it was still embarrassing having him touch and kiss you and reveal himself to you like this. "Jaebeom oppa you can't just fuck me. I'm not someone to just fuck." You said. He looked up at you and placed his hand on the side of your neck and pulled you into his lips at first giving you a peck then making the kiss deeper. "Baby girl when you're in my bed I'm not fucking you. I'm making love to you." He wrapped his arm around your body and brought you back down on the bed. Your head rested on the pillow and he pulled his pants off. He came to your panties and pulled them off your legs. He tossed them to the side and licked his lips. "You'll make a mess on my bed." He smiled. Your hands went to cover your lower region and he laughed and grabbed your hands and raised them to his lips. Each palm he kissed and on one arm he kissed all the way down to your shoulders. You felt him meet your heat, his elbow came to the side of your head. His other hand came to your leg and pulled it up onto his shoulder. "You'll like this." He said. He pushed inside of you hard; you took in a sharp breath and breathed out broken excited moans. He brought his hand to your neck to hold your head up and you looked at him while he slowly rode into your body. "Jay." You said through laboured breathing. Your hands met his chest and he kissed you. His other hand kept your leg raised on his shoulder. His movements became a little more sharp, and slightly faster. He was getting so deep inside you it felt amazing. "Oh my god Jay." you moaned. "You feel good don't you baby girl?" He said breathing heavy too. You nodded quickly, gripping his shoulder at the same time. "Touch yourself." He said. Your other hand came to your clit to rub in circles and your head moved back at the pleasure enveloping your body. "That's it baby girl." He said into your neck. He kissed your neck slow and sensually. Your heart felt like it was going to explode. You were breathing so hard. He let your head lay back on the pillow as he moved deeper and harder into your body. "Jaaaaay." You moaned. "You sound beautiful Y/n." He let your leg down and rose up on his knees putting your weight onto your shoulders. He moved deep inside you from your partial bridge position. Your hands gripped the sheets as you called out his name. His hips thrusting into you so powerfully hitting spots that made you shake. Your legs had begged for friction moments ago and now you felt his hot erection rubbing your insides. Your walls closed around him getting him to groan and then say between thrusts, "So fucking tight." You moaned as your hips began to grind up into his thrusts, you were partially ashamed of your actions. Your bra was the last remaining article of clothing you had on meanwhile your dress and shoes where out in the hall scattered with Jay's clothes. You whispered curses, running your hand through your hair. "Amazing." He moaned. "You call this- making love?" You breathed. You had to blink hard to maintain your vision he was hitting such amazing places. He stopped for a second to look you in your face. "How do you want me to make love to you Y/n?" He said sweetly. That was such an odd question to hear from your boss. You grew quiet and shy, "Come on Y/n speak up, you felt good didn't you?" He said. You nodded while shifting your eyes. He chuckled and came closer to your lips, "Alright angel face, I've got something for you then." He said. He released your legs and picked you up from the bed. He went to sit back against the head board and crossed his legs in a yoga style. He used his finger to beckon you over to him and you came over curiously. He grabbed your hips and pulled you over him, having you sit in his lap facing him. He licked his lips and looked into your eyes. That intense look made your body shudder and he seemed to like that. You bit your lip and his hand came to your cheek, your hair now on the outside of his hand instead of to your face. "Jay." You whispered. "Start rocking Y/n, it's all for you." He said lowly. You hugged his neck and started to move on him; you rocked your body back and forth and it felt incredible to have him this close to you. You felt him going for your bra and he unhooked it. You moved back so that he could pull it off of you and he tossed it to the floor. Being this exposed to him didn't feel weird anymore or at least not embarrassing. Now it felt more intimate and more personal and that was something odd to you. It was something you didn't know Jay was capable of. "You feel so good Y/n." He said against your breast. The way he said your name was intoxicating. Your rocking picked up a little but his eyes never left yours. You both stared into each others eyes deeply and he tried to help in your rocking. With one hand on your hip, he aided your body with his moving in rhythm and hitting the most amazing spots. You were moaning his name and running your hand through your hair. He was so beautiful. Your hands came to his face, from sitting on his lap you were higher than him, you dipped your head down to kiss his lips. You kissed him softly, kissing hard wasn't tour thing. He knew just how to read you. He deepened the kiss but didn't make it rougher. His finger trailed down your spine making your tremble from the tickling sensation. You parted your lips for breath then he came back to kiss you again. He wrapped his arm tighter around your body and rocked forward until your back was on the bed again, your legs were wrapped around his waist and he was riding into your body again. He moved hard into you but he wasn't moving fast. The slow build up of your orgasm was close to its peak. He kissed your neck and collarbone then came back to your lips. Your back arched off the bed from his powerful thrusts. His hand came to yours and he laced his fingers with yours. "Is this the kind of making love you like baby?" Jay said looking you deep in the eyes. You nodded. You could feel yourself closing in, he licked his lips at how you tightened around him. "You know how long I've wanted you?" he whispered "How long?" "From the moment Simon hired you." He came down to your ear licking you ear lobe. You let out a loud moan, your body shaking more. "I'm gonna cum." you whined. "Go ahead I want to feel you." He said against your lips. He kept his face so close to yours this intimate eye contact and touching, the way he was thrusting into you all of it brought you closer to the edge. He placed his finger on your clit and started making circles on it and your body shook as you tried to hold back your mewls. "Fuck." You squeaked. You reached your climax and bit your lip feeling so amazing. You watched as Jay kept riding into you and he brought your hand up to his lips to kiss the back of it. He was closing into his own orgasm, you could tell by how fast his hips began to thrust but how uneven they were becoming as well until you felt him release inside of you. "Jay! I'm not on birth control." You said becoming aware of what had happened. "Y/n be mine." He breathed in your ear. "Aren't you listening? You can't just do that, what if I get pregnant?" You said worried. "Be mine." He repeated softly. You blinked as he rose up to look in your eyes. "I want you to be all mine, if you are then it doesn't matter what happens next. I'll be with you." "Why me?" You asked. He brushed your hair back gently with his fingers as he looked at you below him. "I find you amazingly beautiful, you're smart and I'm extremely drawn to you. I've paid attention to you for a long time Y/n. There must be something about me you like other wise you wouldn't have slept with me." He said. You looked away with a sigh, "Be mine." He said again. "Okay, I'll be yours." You said. He bent down to kiss you again... You were in the hallway a few days later with Seonghwa and Hyukwoo when Jay walled past the two of them. He smiled when he saw you. You looked up at him from your phone and you gave him a small smile back. He slipped something in your hand as he passed by you and you rolled it open to read: I want you baby girl....
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hell naw not Smuttatar lmao I love it
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Welllllllll that's Jaebeom for you....
This is literally the best I've ever read!! It wasn't so rushed, it was so intimate and detailed! Amazing 😩😩
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@dimplequeen thank you I will try
OMG you d would be ashamed of yourself!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hahaha that was steamy
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