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rated PG This is a story about how a connection is something more then connection flights. It could be how you connect with people. I hope you enjoy reading it. A Christmas Connection Flight {BtoB Holiday One Shot} So here you are at DFW International Airport. You are the arrival gates for Korea International flights. You are so nervous about meeting up with your boyfriend from Korea. You both agreed it time to meet his family. He so happens to be from Chicago, Illinois. You both agreed to meet in Dallas, Texas. Then get a connection flight to his hometown. You are going to his family for the first time. It's going to a Christmas gathering. You are pretty nervous about meeting his parents for the first time. You bought Christmas gifts for his family. You are hoping they will like them. You ask for help on what to get them for Christmas. He was glad to offer suggestions for your shopping spree. You meet your boyfriend in Korea, while interning for a company that has ties with Cube Entertainment. At first, you resist because your Korean wasn't really good. But Shin Dong Geun spoke fluently in English. You became really close in the short time you spend together. It was time to go back to Texas, but you stay in touch. You always meet up when he was in the States. You decided you want to move to Korea to be closer to Dong Geun. That's how the decision to meet his family came about. You both want to move in together, but you need his parents approval first. Now you are at airport waiting for his flight to arrive. There was a delay, in which causes you to get more nervous. You force yourself to sit down and relax. Everything is going to be fine. You mumbled to yourself. You keep telling yourself that while flipping through a magazine. You were too focus on trying to calm yourself down that you didn't notice someone come behind you. Of course everything is going to be fine, Y/N Dong Geun whispers in your ear after giving you a tight back hug. He was so happy to see you again. He stands you up and turns you around to give you a proper greeting. You were so startled that you let him kiss you in public. You quickly push him away. Dong Geun, you better behave. You scolded him lovingly. We better go to our connection flight. We will miss our Christmas connection otherwise. He says jokingly as he leads you to another terminal where your flight to Chicago was fixing to leave. You both just barely made the connection flight. You both sat down in your seats. You don't show public affection in case someone was watching them. Your relationship isn't public knowledge yet. Once you have his family approval, Dong Geun will make an announcement about their relationship. For now, you aren't worried about that. You are so happy to get to spend Christmas together. The bonus is meeting his family and friends. It's going to be a wonderful Christmas.
awwww!! that's so nice! I used to live in TX so I could picture the DFW airport.
Cool! I live in Texas so I thought of DFW International airport is a good midway to meet 😊
Thank you!