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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my fellow Vinglers. I made a card showing an amazing and adorable fanart I found on the web and thought about doing a one shot, scene, imagination idk what to call it. So I did....and it's my first time doing this.

***Also there is no particular guy it's about for I love them all. This is more of a heart felt description for picking a bae. And BTS happen to be the artwork and so hence the BTS imagination.***

I may do a scenario for each pero I don't write well and this may not be good so.


(optimist opinions only) This is the card with the fanart ->>>>>aquí<<<<<-

Picking Bae

Being faithful to one is tough. Especially when they all show 7 ways to cherish and love you. Seven ways of showing you the world, seven ways of making you feel pretty, seven ways of picking you up and seven ways of justice. Justice of all types: happiness, self love, selfishness. My heart did not flutter more or less when I saw him, the beating within helped it grow. It grew in size, it grew in feels of love, appreciation and respect. It withheld so much respect for him that I was self conscious and self considerate of my actions and of his. Yet seven was a big number and seven were the boys of whom to pick. Neither fought or harmed the other for me, neither lost respect for the other or said they loved me more. No, on the contrary, their actions grew more sincere and tender. A display of affection that I never once thought to experience during my tender lifespan. Yes, seven of whom to choose from but only one to call bae. Now neither one or the other waw unworthy of being picked but he was the only worth picking. He was the one who showed me self love and self care. Though uncertain of his own path and choices he was certain of one thing: me. He never deviated from my mind, he never looked away, he never put himself first but always me. But if all seven did they same why him? How is it that he outshined the others? How did he uproot himself into my mind? How did he go about conquering me? How did I end up picking him, the one whom I'm to call bae? I can't say for certain when, how or why but I can confidently proclaim that what he did was worthy and unselfish. He made me feel aware, he showed me my beauty through his glassed eyes, his voice was vibrant whenever we spoke, his aura shown brighter around me, his pureness spoke volumes, his touch was strong and safe. His voice empowered me and for that and his ways is why I chose him as bae.
Too cheesy? Like I like cheese but too much? It was heartfelt soooooooo...Yeah. I tried.
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woman I am going to beat you! I love your stories! and I love this 💗💗💗💗💗