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Merry Christmas eve to all and a happy holidays to everyone else
What anime
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Dangonronpa or a combination of those letters xD probably Donganronpa Dx
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Danganronpa but trust me this anime will mess you up Dx
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@JRomero3205 I did say the name of it do you even read the comments? @XProtocolxPicsX And to both of you I did name the anime I just couldn't spell it correctly it's been awhile since I watched it and I'm not out to win any contest you obviously can't read or just want to nitpick my comments. And for the last time no I'm not taking this seriously in fact the topic was altogether dropped until you commented. Also how am I losing and what am I losing in? Because I have no clue xD also if your blocking me doesn't that mean you wish to not engage in conversation? And how is this conversation "stupid"? I'd love to know but dueces douchebags :)
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this looks hot ;)
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