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These boys are SO extra, even more so on Christmas!!! xD

So on todays V-app the boys decided to give each other gifts and this is what they received .....

Jungkook received perfume from V ! ♡

Jimin got underwear! YES! Underwear from Hobi ! xD

*He was too embarrassed to show his gift , it was adorable! But he ended up showing everyone*

As for our leader, Rap Mon received wet tissues and dried squid from the one and only Jin !! ♡

Suga received jelly vitamins from Kookie. ♡

TaeTae received a bag full of snacks from Jimin. ♡

Jin got none other than a acrylic stand of Suga, from Suga himself ! xD

Hobi got a taste of his own medicine by receiving underwear from Rap Mon ! xD

BONUS: Bangtan Christmas songs to enjoy this beautiful holiday weekend ! ♡♡

1). A Typical Idol’s Christmas 2). Awake (Christmas ver.) 3). Christmas Day (Jimin&Jungkook)

Happy Holidays !! ♡♡

Thanks! I couldn't tell what it was that Jin, Yoongi, and Namjoon recieved (aside from the snack part of Namjoon's). Also... Wow, Yoongi. That's my bias right there, lol. *slow claps* 😂❤