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Hiya peoples
Characters- Shin Nayeon-(Main) Min Yoongi-(Main) Ryu Daehyun-(Support) Bae Nari-(Support) Park Jina-(Support) Park Jimin-(Support) Jeon Jungkook-(Support) Kim Taehyung-(Support) Won Sanghoon-(Support) A/N-The other part of the hyung line will be in the second story...IGNORE WHAT I JUST SAID IT WAS A SPOILER -- First day of school what could happen? Anything could happen. Anyways, I was looking through the crowd to find Jina(My best friend), but that didn't work, so I tried to find Jimin since they were twins. I finally found him and saw Jina sitting with him. I walked over to them and saw Nari and her followers with them. When I went to sit down next to Jina, Nari said "That seat is taken bitch, so go find another seat far away from us" and said that with a bit of sass I hate Nari so much that I wanted to punch her in the face, but I kept my cool. I dragged Jina away with me and found us a seat "I hate Nari so much!" That was the first thing I told her "I know, but we have all our classes together!" Jina told me so that I could forget about Nari "No we don't. I got my schedule changed" I then showed her my schedule and she pouted "Too bad we don't have classes with each other anymore" She sighed and then we were told to go to our classes We walked together, then we separated. But something caught my eye...it was a boy "No Nayeon, you can't fall in love or else you'll be heart broken again" I told myself and sighed -- The day went on and the boy that caught my eye was in all of my classes. And you know what happened, I gave up on myself because I knew that I was going to fall in love with that boy anyways. I learned that his name was Min Yoongi I stare at him all the time whenever I have the time to(That sounded creepy) He was just too perfect -- Days,weeks went by and I became a outcast. I got bullied by this guy named, Daehyun. He calls me names, but I try to ignore it. At times like this, I wished that Jina was by my side like in all the past years Oh and Yoongi...I caught him staring at me one time, when I was stretching. I think he might like me though -- Present Day "Nayeon is a weirdo! I heard she cuts herself for fun!" Daehyun said out loud and everyone laughed at my expect for Yoongi "Stop!" I yelled out and lost to my emotions and started crying I ran all the way to the restroom and went to a stall, then started crying all my teas out. I didn't care about anything anymore right now. I'm just going to let anybody do whatever the want to do with me. I walked out of the girls restroom and everyone was at their classes, but Yoongi was waiting outside "What are you doing here?" I asked him and he stared at me "Waiting for you what else." He told me and I just nodded "But you going to be late because of me" And he just sighed "Can I show you something?" He asked "Sure, show whatever" Just like that he grabbed my hands and led my somewhere -- He brought me to the schools rooftop that students weren't allowed to be "I thought we weren't allowed to be here" I told him and he shrugged "I come here all the time and you know, it's peaceful" He said looking up at the sky "But why did you bring me up here?" I asked "I just felt bad about what happened an that I need to tell you something" He stared into my eyes "What..." I said carelessly "I-I like you every since the first time I saw you, but seeing you hurt, hurts me too" He suddenly confessed to me -- This is my own written story
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