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Hey it's Jenny. Here is my Holiday oneshot for the Holiday FF contest.
Zelo X Reader “Y/N, I'm bored.” Junhong tells me. We have been dating for a year now and I am celebrating Christmas Eve with his group members. We just finished making everything and finished cleaning as well. The other group members went to the store to get last minute things and left us here. “Don't do anything crazy.” Bang Yong Guk told us before he left. “Well what do you want to do?” I ask. “I don't know.” Junhong says, upside on the couch. “Hmm.” I try to think. I see flour and sugar on the counter. “Let's make cookies.” I tell him. “Ooo. Good idea.” He says. He gets up and comes into the kitchen. “So what do we need?” He says, putting on an apron. “Well, we need flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder, and powdered sugar. We get all the ingredients and set up the mixer. “What do we mix first?” “We mix the butter and sugar. You can do that while I sift the flour and baking powder together.” I tell him. “Ok.” I start to sift both ingredients together when I see Junhong struggling. “How do I turn on the mixer?” He asks. I point to the switch on the side of the machine and turn it on to the low setting. “Oh. Thank you.” I continue sifting until I am done and the sugar and butter have turned into a light brown. “What do we add next?” “The milk and the egg.” He adds both and turns on the mixer. “Once those are well combined, we add the flour.” I tell him. “Ok. My cute baker.” He says. “Ha. Ha.” “It mixed together now.” “Now we add the flour, slowly.” I tell him. “Ooo. I can do it?” He asks. “Yea.” He slowly puts some flour in the bowl. I guess he was so excited to make cookies because when he went to turn on the mixer, he set it on high instead of the low and all the flour went all over the place. “Ya! Turn it off!” I tell him. He turns it off and we are covered in flour, from head to toe. “I'm sorry Y/N.” Junhong says “Don't be. This is fun.” I say, starting to laugh. We clean our faces and brush off the flour and continue making the cookies. Once we made the dough, Junhong rolls it out. “Do you have cookie cutters?" I ask. “I think in that drawer.” He points to one of the drawers. I open it and see dinosaur shape cookie cutters. “They are dinosaur shaped.” “Yea about that. Jongup hyung sent me to go buy cookie cutters last year during Christmas time. He told me to buy Christmas themed cookie cutters and I saw the dinosaurs ones and bought those ones instead. I thought they were so cute.” “Awww. So cute. We'll use these ones.” After he rolled the dough, we cut out dinosaur shaped cookies, them on baking trays and put them in the oven. “Let's make frosting!” Junhong says happily. “You're so happy just making cookies.”I say to him. “It's because I'm making them with you.” I feel my cheeks warm up. “Stoppp.” I tell him “Oh. You're blushing.” He says. “No. I'm not.” “Yes you are!” He says laughing. “Didn't you want to make frosting?” I tell him. We get all the ingredients and make frosting. We made different colors like red, green, ice blue, light purple, and yellow. Once the cookies were ready, we let them cool so that we can start decorating. We made really cute and funny designs on the dinosaurs. Once we were done, we started cleaning the mess we made. We were done just when the other members arrived. “What did you guys do?” Bang Yongguk asks. “We made cookies, hyung!” Junhong exclaims. “They're dinosaurs shaped.” Himchan says. “We didn't have Christmas ones.” “Well if you listened last year, we would have Christmas cookie cutters.” Jongup says “Leave the kid alone. They're cute anyways.” Youngjae says, taking one. “And good too.” Daehyun says, already shoving cookies in his mouth. “Ya, you're going to ruin your appetite.” Bang Yongguk says. “Yea. Let's start eating.” I say. We have our little Christmas Eve dinner and after eating, the guys go and watch a movie, while Junhong and I dry dishes. “I had fun today.” I tell him. “Me too.” He say, kissing my cheek. “Ya! No kissing!” We hear Bang Yongguk shout from the living room. “Leave them alone. It’s young love.” We hear Daehyun say. “Sorry hyung.” Junhong says, but we both end up laughing. “I love you.” He says. “I love you too.” I tell him back.
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So cute!!