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Alrighty I have a few days off and it's time to start writing so off I I hope everyone is having a great Christmas eve... If you missed the last chapter click here Also had to post today because me and panda hit 200 day streak on snap chat lol
Belle knew she didn't have an animal, but she was more upset of the feelings that she had locked away...or more of the feelings of what suga had said to her that night. How the heck did she Even remember just that one event? She wasn't watching where she was going and walked into someone. She looked up a started smiling. "Hi." She said all cheery forgetting what she was thinking about. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Oh just leaving those two alone." She said and pointed behind her. He looked behind her and understood. "Come with me." He said and grabbed her hand and walked the opposite direction of the two. "What are you doing?" Belle asked even as she was enjoying holding onto his hand. "I just wanted time with you. Since you know I like you, but there seems to be many fighting for your heart now so." He stopped as they got out of the building. He turned to face her. "So? what?" Belle asked wondering what he was going to say. "I'm taking you on a date." He smiled that smile that made her heart flutter. "Kookie even if I like any of you, I'm not allowed to date anyone." She said trying to make sure he knew where this would go. "I know I always heard the 'I can't like any of them it's a rule.' Even after time and time again you got kissed by each member." "What!?!" Belle was shocked "Yeah, I believe Jimin was the first one, then you were drunk and kissed me and then some time it was Tae and Suga and I know Jin kissed you once and...well I'm assuming Jhope because of the situation I saw you two in." "No Namjoon right!?" She asked. "Nope he's full Eliza only. Suga is now too but that one time I caught you two cozy in the stairs well, but you were adorable running after me." He lifted her head up to look him in the eyes. "I don't care if you kiss all the members I just hope I can win your heart in the end." "When did you become so smooth?" She giggled and smiled. She enjoyed being this close to Kookie. "I don't know." He laughed "I like you Kookie." Before he could say or do anything she Pressed her lips to his. He pulled away. "I know you like me in this mind frame but I want you to like me more when you get your memories back." Belle and Kookie then proceeded to go on the date that Kookie had planned. ❤ ❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤ ❤ "Yeah hang it there!" "That's the best spot!" "What's the best spot for what?" Eliza asked walking into the door frame where Jin quickly got off the ladder and moved it out of the way. She looked up and saw mistletoe. "You know the likely hood of two people stopping in the doorway at the same time is slim." She said looking at the few boys already in the room. "Well you and Jin are." Tae said trying to hold his laugh in. Eliza and Jin looked at each other. "You two have to kiss it's the rule!" Jhope said causing the two to look away from each other. "Well if it's a rule." Eliza said and turned back to Jin and closed her eyes in his direction. He glanced at the guys and then back at Eliza. She was too cute, he felt odd doing this in front of them all. He quickly pulled her close and kissed her lips. she pressed her lips more into his so he wouldn't break away right away and then they separated and walked into the room. "I really did just see that right?" Belle said from the hallway. Her and Kookie started to walk through the door when Kookie was shoved through and Jimin was standing next to Belle with a smile on his face. Belle looked at him and he pointed up. she glanced up and saw the mistletoe. "Now you have to kiss me." Jimin said smiling and doing a cute little dance. "Jiminie!" Belle said laughing and doing the same dance as him. "That's not fair it would have been me if Jimin didn't shove me through the door." Kookie whined. "Oh like you deserve all of Belle's kisses." Jimin said and pulled Belle's face to look at his. "Jimin." "Yeah?" "Stop making my heart flutter." With that he smirked and closed the distance between the two. His tongue ran across her bottom lip and she allowed him to deepen the kiss. It was a quick kiss but intense. When they pulled apart she blushed and covered her mouth to hide her smile. "Where have you two been?" Eliza asked "On a date." Belle said sitting next to Eliza.
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hehe that was so cute! love how kooki takes her away. I knew it would be kooki! oh Jiminie you stole her away!
Ah...Jin...finally getting something. Jimin is such a sneaky puppy and the doorway is now going g to be the boys's favorite spot.....until PD Nim gets caught in under the mistletoe.
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that would be too funny!!!