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Sorry it took so long. Too much stuff was going for me to upload it and this chapter I think is the longest one so far. Anyways I hope you like it.
So this is the one you left me for? A voice said startling both of them. What are you doing here? Jiyong asked defensively standing behind Seunghyun What? I can’t come and see you? Are you afraid I might do something? The voice asked. I heard about you and I know what you did to Jiyong so you better stay away from him or else, Seunghyun threatened. What could you possible do to me? I can tell you don’t have a mean bone in your body. So don’t act like you will do anything to anybody especially me, The voice shot back. You won’t do anything so stop trying to sound tough when you’re just a coward, Jiyong yelled shocking the other two in the room. You’ve gotten a little tougher since you left, The voice said as he slowly started to walk towards Jiyong. Seunghyun stepped more in front of Jiyong and told the other guy to back up but he refused and got closer and closer to Jiyong. I said back up I’m not going to say it again, Seunghyun threatened. The guy reached his hand out and touched Jiyong’s face. Next time we meet up I might just let you touch me whenever you want, The guy said with a smirk as he brought his hand off of Jiyong’s face. You’re a monster Park Jaebum, Jiyong yelled out before the door shut behind Jay. Seunghyun slowly turned around to face Jiyong to see if he was okay but all he saw were tears rolling down his cheeks. He must have been terrified when he saw that creep, Seunghyun thought to himself. Jiyong felt a little push against his body causing him to open his eyes to see what happened and noticed Seunghyun had wrapped his arms around him in a hug which made him feel nice and warm on the inside and it made him stop crying. Thank you Seunghyun, Jiyong whispered as he wrapped his arms around Seunghyun returning the hug he was given. The next day a.k.a first day of collaboration There they all stood in the same studio, Taeyang, Jiyong and Seunghyun on one side of the studio and Park Jaebum on the other side by the door. Just so you know this collab isn’t going to last longer than a week so any thoughts you have in that fucked up head of yours better disappear, Taeyang said as he stepped forward, and WE run the show since we are using OUR studio not yours got it? Jay pretended to listen but took no interest in what Taeyang had to say. He was going to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted whether it had to do with Jiyong or not, it was completely up to him. If you try anything I swear I will end you in more ways than one, Taeyang promised. I’d like to see you try, Jay said back. Seunghyun? Jiyong said. Yes? Seunghyun replied. Whatever you do don’t let him push you around this is our studio we’re not going to allow the likes of him think he can come in here and run it, Jiyong said. Don’t worry about it Ji I got this, Seunghyun said with a smirk. Ji? Jiyong said quietly. Yeah do you not like it? I can just call you Jiyong if you don’t like it, Seunghyun said real quick. No I like it, it just threw me off for a minute. Jiyong said. Then I will keep calling you it. Seunghyun said as he stole a quick kiss on Jiyong’s cheek. Seunghyun! Jiyong whispered in shock. Did you see Jay’s face though? Seunghyun whispered back with a chuckle. Enough you love birds! Taeyang hollered with a smile. He thinks he’s going to make me jealous by acting all lovey dovey with each other? He’s gonna have to try harder than that, Jay said to himself. Okay, let’s get this thing started, Taeyang said. Seunghyun walks into the booth and puts on his headphones and begins. I be the official pimp T.O.P Older women wish they could meet me just once The thing that makes me different from you lot is my superiority Besides, in the end she’ll be lingering by my side anyway In the warmth of a warm car Listening to some sticky Ray Charles music together I can make even flowers that don’t bloom, bloom With just this rap, I’ve already turned her rough Stop! Stop! Excuse me? Jiyong said. I don’t like it. We need to change it. You have no say whether it needs to me changed or not. That was the best he has done since he started recording the song so it stays the way it is. Taeyang said before Jiyong could say a word. It’s suppose to be a collab so I do have a say, Jay said. YOU can’t change the lyrics though. All you have a say in is the arrangement, Jiyong shot at him which shocked him. Okay, have it your way Jiyong, Jay said which made Jiyong shudder with disgust. Don’t call him that! Seunghyun said coming out of the booth. Woah calm down. All I said was his name, Jay defended. YOU can’t call him Jiyong you have to call him G Dragon or Mr. Kwon, Seunghyun shot at him. Or what? Jay asked as he stood up. I will have to ask you to leave, Jiyong said. You have grown up quite a bit. You have the guts to tell me to leave now. You should know that that is only going to make me want you more, Jay said to Jiyong as he stepped closer. I don’t think so, Seunghyun said as he stepped in front of Jay. You’re not getting any closer to him. I already said you weren’t going to do anything even if I did do something. Why won’t you listen when you know it’s true? Don’t worry though I won’t do anything right now, Jay said with a smirk before leaving the studio. Jiyong? Seunghyun said as he turned around. Jiyong threw himself into Seunghyun wrapping his arms around him. I was so scared. I thought he was going to do something to you, Jiyong said burying his face into Seunghyun’s chest.