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First chapter of my Yoonmin fanfic. Hope you enjoy.
10 Years Earilier I'm moving to Seoul Jimin, Yoongi said Why? Jimin asked Dad has a job offer and we have to move. Yoongi lied. But why? You're my only friend, it's not fair. Will you come back? Jimin asked Probably not but I know we will see each other again. I will miss you, Yoongi said before kissing Jimin on the forehead and leaving. Yoongi had a secret that he couldn't even tell his best friend because he knew Jimin wouldn't feel the same way. Yoongi loved Jimin more than just a friend more than just a brother and he knew that's what Jimin saw him as was just a friend. It tore him up inside. Yoongi was still young but he knew he liked boys instead of girls and that's the real reason he has to move. His dad found a notebook more like a diary and it was filled with nothing but Jimin. Yoongi had everything planned out in that little book for the two of them. Yoongi would confess when they were in Highschool hoping Jimin would feel the same by then and eventually runaway to elope. Knowing his parents would never allow them to get married eloping would be the only answer. I'm so sorry Jiminnie, Yoongi whispered as him and his parents drove away. Suga- Jimin whispered. Present "Okay everybody settle down we have a new student. Go ahead and introduce yourself." "Hello, my name is Park Jimin and I'm a first year it's nice to meet you", Jimin said as he bowed. "I think you got the wrong classroom. First years are down the hall", a kid blurted out. "No he has the right classroom", the teacher said. "Yes I'm a first year but I will be taking third year classes", Jimin said quietly. "Hey Yoongi we have a new kid wake up", a boy said. "I don't care Namjoon leave me alone", Yoongi shrugged. "He's a first year taking third year classes, are you sure you don't care cuz if he's that smart you're gonna have to keep your guard up before your spot is taken", Namjoon continued. Yoongi's head shot up to see who his competition is going to be for now on and who he saw shocked him but also put a smile on his face. "Why are you smiling?" Namjoon asked. "Because I have nothing to worry about anymore", Yoongi said as he put his chin on his hand and continued to stare at the boy up front. "You can sit right there by Yoongi", the teacher said. "Yes sir", Jimin said. 3 hours later "You think you're better than us huh? Come on answer me!" "I didn't say that. I just said you shouldn't smoke." Jimin said. "So you're trying to tell us what to do now is that it?" the kid yelled back. "No that's not it-" Jimin said before someone interrupted him. "What's going on here?" A voice said. "What's it to you? The boy asked. "It's nothing to me but when it's two against one it seems a little unfair don’t you think?" "Shut up and get out of here kid, it's none of your business" one of the boys said. "It is my business when there's one helpless kid getting bullied by two ignorant ones." "What did you just call us?" They said before running towards the guy. "I called you ignorant," he repeated before throwing his backpack at their faces and grabbing Jimin's hand and started running. Jimin was so shocked and flustered he didn't know what was going on until the boy started to talk. "You okay kid?" the boy asked as they hid in an alleyway. "Uh yeah thanks for the help-" Jimin said. "Yoongi. My name is Min Yoongi" the boy finished. Yoongi? What a nice name. Jimin said quietly. "Thank you Yoongi." Jimin said. "You're welcome Jimin," Yoongi said. "You know my name?" Jimin asked blushing. "Yeah we're in the same class so why wouldn't I know your name?" Yoongi said. "We're in the same class?"Jimin questioned. "Yep and we sit right next to each other." Yoongi continued. "We do?" Jimin questioned again. "Are you seriously saying you don't know that we sit next to each other?"Yoongi started to say before he realized. "Wait of course you wouldn’t recognize me cuz I usually have my head down on the desk sleeping." Yoongi finished. "You know you will never have good grades if you always sleep." Jimin said. "Maybe for most people but do you want to know a secret? Well it's not really a secret cuz I'm quite famous for it."Yoongi said. "What is it?, Jimin asked. "I'm number one in our class and in the school. That's why if you see me asleep the teachers don’t get onto me." Yoongi said sounding proud. "Hey Yoongi!" "Oh hey guys sorry for being late I was just about to head over there when I saw the new kid getting bullied." "That's fine, the other two are late too so don't worry." "New kid, this is Namjoon and Hoseok." Yoongi introduced. "My name is Jimin, nice to meet you." "Yeah same here. Quick question?" Namjoon said. "What is it?" "Do you know how to play basketball?" "I haven't played it since I was little and even then I wouldn't really call it playing basketball." Jimin said embarrassed. "What? Were you like five or something?" Hoseok asked. "My sixth birthday was the last time. Then my best friend said he was moving away and I never played it again." Jimin said looking down. "Well today is your lucky day. You are going to play again and it's going to be with your new friends." Hoseok said as he threw his arm around Jimin's shoulders and pulled him to the basketball court. "Can I just watch? I'm not that good." Jimin said. "Just throw the ball into the net." Yoongi yelled. "Okay here goes nothing." Jimin whispered. Jimin stands in front of the basketball goal and throws the ball but he fails and the ball hits the ground half way in between the goal and him. The guys just stood there for a moment and then burst into laughter. "It's not funny I told you I wasn't good!" Jimin whined. "It's okay don't worry about it Jimin." Yoongi said while still laughing. "I told you I wasn't good." Jimin repeated "It's okay just sit down and watch." Yoongi said finally calming down from his laughing. The next couple of hours Jimin watched Yoongi make shot after shot mercilessly. Never missing one shot. It was like watching an NBA pro. It was so amazing Jimin kept his eyes on Yoongi the entire time and didn't quit staring until Yoongi came up to him and asked if he was okay. "Oh. Yeah I'm okay. That was just amazing, it was like watching an actual basketball game. I was so mesmerized." Jimin said. "It couldn't have been that great." Yoongi said. "It was beyond great." Jimin said with excitement. "Really?" "It almost make me want to learn how to play but I'm not very athletic." Jimin said. "Well I could teach you." Yoongi said. "Love the offer but that's okay. If my parents saw me doing anything else besides studying I would be grounded for the rest of my high school career." Jimin said. "It could be a secret." Yoongi suggested. "Hey Yoongi, we're gonna go ahead and head home see you tomorrow." Namjoon said as he finished putting stuff in his bag. "Okay see you later." "You're not gonna go with them?" Jimin asked. "No I figured I would walk you home so you don't run into any more bullies along the way." Yoongi said with a smile. "You don't have to." Jimin protested. "You're right I don't have to but I want to." Yoongi said.
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