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The Company will send you an authorization access code to your cell phone, with which you can log into your back office of the official website and will get your new ID or username. Of course, you can set your password and email etc.. But the geneology shall remain same. This will happen in early January 2017, I guess, after finishing all the free entry registrations from all over the world into the system. So, please wait for this, and be patient! Please save the code massage and do not delete from your phone, and tell your downlines what I am saying here! The free entry registration to get promotional gift of 1,000 LCF Coins is possible until December 31, 2016, only by manual registration services by your leader group sponsor. Until then, you can build your downlines too. All manual transmission of registration data to the Headoffice in China is made in Excel File Forms. If you can give me the free registration info about you and your downlines in excel file, including: Full Name: in all capital letters Passport or National ID or Driving License Number: Sex: Male or Female Country: Country Code: Your Mobile Phone Number: Sponsor's Full Name: if not, I allocate Sponsor's ID Number: Then, I can register for you and your downlines, only if given to me until December 29, 2016 in excel file! After that day? No guarantee at all. Please contact me using one of these: himyfellows@gmail.com sandyahn002@gmail.com whatsapp +821022534121