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In case you haven't seen it Viki has the full eng sub ready to watch already :) Man the episode felt like it all happen in a couple of minutes, but I have to say that I was pretty satisfied with this episode even if though there were some frustrating parts it was overall good. 1) I give brownie points to the Uncle because he's just hilarious for being a tic, he enhance the truth a little more then it should have been but it was funny... 2) I love how KW was there to help support her while she was going through her hardest time (although she really never did use him as help) 3) I want the creepy Madam to go away, she smells like trouble to me... 4) So they finally figure out who and where Hanna is! (Hopefully on the next episode they stop her) 5) Poor JW throughout the whole episode he look like a lost puppy, but it was so cute how he kept saying that he felt a bitterness whenever he thought about Tae being away from his side! 6) WHY is Chae insisting to use Tae's body? What is her plan? (Hopefully we find that out on the next episode?) 7) For once I didn't mind the Madam being on the scene considering she gave JW some clues onto why he lost his memory... 8) We can all finally let out that breath that we have been holding, because JW has finally regain his memory, FINALLY! After all that painful moments and he finally came back to her, it would have been epic if they kiss (in my opinion) but hey at least he remember and he came back to her to confront of her! YOU guys there is only TWO episodes left! I know there is 17 BUT they said episode 17 is only about the BTS and NG so that means there is only two episodes left and then there is no more Master's Sun! T-T What a sad world....well go ahead and leave you thoughts on what you thought about tonight's episode or what your predictions are for the next episode. Peace :)
@evelyn... true... really frustrating but that's is what the scriptwriters wants... the reaction that they expect from their viewers... fingers crossed...^^
watching epi 15... no subs yet! But cant wait! In tears already!!
@cocodiva328 yeah I can see what saying man, I love cliffhangers but at the time they are frustrating. @nylamrehs I hope he's good too the twin is enough trouble.
@cocodiva... totally agree!!
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