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I'm sorry this shoukd have been posted an hour ago and I didn't get it out I'm so sorry....but now enjoy some Tao time.
"I'm finally going to confess to the guy I like." I said to my best friend. "Yeah, I bet hell be glad." "You believe that?" "Yeah you are a great catch, If he rejects you I'll go beat him up." I smiled "Is that so." "Yes best friends do that." He smiled at me. If only he knew what his smiles did to me. "Yeah, I guess I mean if a girl hurt you...I'd just be a bitch to her." I laughed realizing guys and girls take care of things differently. "When are you going to confess?" Tao asked "Tomorrow." "Christmas eve?" "Yeah I think it's finally time. I've had this secret for a very long time." "Who is it?" He asked "I'm not telling you." "Why not?" "Cuz he's your friend." "Oh it's Chanyeol." He stated. "No. I mean I bet he's a great guy but not my cup of tea." I said shaking my head. "Ugh just tell me. I have alot of friends." "You will never guess. Anyways I'm going to go home I'll see you tomorrow right?" I asked grabbing my things. "Yea, let me know how it goes." "Ok then meet me at our coffee place at 2." "Alrighty." He smiled and I slipped my shoes on and walked out the door. I got home and picked out my outfit for the next day and then had issues falling asleep because how nervous I was. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 11. I stretched and yawned. Today was going to be an important day. I took a shower and ate and got ready. When I was done it was 1. I will admit I got distracted by YouTube videos so it took longer than it should have to get ready. I walked out the door and headed to my destination. I got there and sat for a half hour. I was getting nervous. The door opened and the bell dinged. I turned and saw Tao walking in with a mile on his face. He waved and walked over to me. I took a deep breath. "So how did it go?" He asked right when he sat down. "Um..." I looked down. "Did he reject you?" He asked "Tao." I said finally looking at him. Our eyes locked. He was worried. "What happened?" He asked not breaking the eye contact. "First off." I said finally looking away. I reached into my bag and pulled out an item for him and handed it to him. "What's this?" He asked "A Christmas gift." and with that he opened it up and pulled out a stuffed panda. "Why?" He smiled "Cuz your my panda." I smiled "Forever." He smiled and once again we stared at each other. My smile slowly faded as I realized what I was going to say could destroy us. "I need to tell you something." "What's that?" He was now setting the panda down. "I'm going to say something that is very important." "Ok?" "We have known each other for several years, and I didn't want to tell you this but I can't keep it a secret anymore." I stopped and took a deep breath before continuing. "I love you. I have for a while and I was always afraid to tell you but I couldn't continue to lie to myself anymore." Tao's face was shocked. He stared at me for what felt like forever. Finally I couldn't take it. "Ok that's all. I'll see you later." I got up and ran out of the coffee shop real fast. I knew he didn't like me and yet I still did it. I finally got a bit away and stopped. It was a bit chilly but it felt nice with how hit I was now. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "You did good (y/n), that took guts." I said to myself and then opened my eyes and started walking. I didn't get far when I heard someone running. I turned around to see what was going on and there was Tao running towards me. He ran into me and hugged me tight. "Why did you just leave. I didn't give you a response." He said holding me tight. "I figured I didn't need to hear it." "You do!" He pulled back. "I love you too." He said and quickly placed his lips against mine. It was a quick peck. I stood there shocked. "I wanted to tell you today as well, but I thought when you said you were going to confess to the guy you liked, I thought I lost my chance." I started crying. "Don't cry." He said and wiped away my tears. "I'm sorry I'm just so happy." I said and hugged him. He hugged back and started laughing. "Well as long as they are tears of happiness." He patted my head as I clung to him. We stayed like that for a few minutes until he pulled back. "So would you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "Of course!" I said happily.
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