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Who:Reader x Kwon Hyukwoo What: On Broadway a new play comes out called a tail of two Smuts. One is a high class Smut with all kinds of kink while the other is Smut of a softer, intimate level. Either way you're getting the best of both worlds so enjoy watching Leonardo DiSmutrio and Kate Smutslet star in this Smutty play. Story: N/a
With all the dinner plates set out and the table covered in the soft white cloth, you were ready to eat dinner. Hyukwoo was coming by from a formal event and since you wanted to see him afterwards he decided he wouldn't go home and change which was what you wanted. You wore a short red dress that glittered in your Chandelier lights. The rest of the room was dimly lit and a few candles were laid out to give the perfect atmosphere of a beautiful romantic dinner. Hyukwoo came inside seeing you placing the rest of the food on the table. You looked up and smiled at him. "Mr.Kwon." you said. "You look good." He said. You walked over to him and grabbed his arm. You led him to the table and to his seat. You slightly leaned over him to reach for something on the table and you felt his hand touch your back where your tattoo was. A cherry blossom branch at your shoulder with a cherry blossom in full bloom at the end of the branch. Petals came up your back but the dress probably blocked it. Hyukwoo liked the tattoo, any time he saw it he was turned on. You felt his finger trail down your back and you moved away from him quickly before anything could get started. "I worked hard on dinner tonight you can't just go starting something and putting this to waste." You scolded. "Then don't show it to me." He said. His eyes flashed up to yours with a slightly dark look in them. You stepped back out of the danger zone just to be careful but even as you took your seat across from him you felt like you weren't safe. He was eyeing you as you two began to eat from your plates. He took in every gesture you made. You caught the way he placed food in his mouth: slowly. He pulled his fork out of his mouth even slower and even licked his lips incredibly slow. Things like that heated your body, you anticipated his touch on you even more. The cute fluffy Hyukwoo wasn't all cute and fluffy when he was turned on. He was sexy and unbelievably demanding. You had no complaints in that department. He was looking at you dangerously, chewing his food slowly. You shifted in your seat and looked away turning red in the process. "Look at me." He said. The demand in his voice too strong to resist, you turned to face him. He had the wine you had pulled out. You hadn't paid attention to how much he drank but it was enough that his dominant side was coming out more, not enough that he was going wild though. Once you had looked back at him he took another sip of his wine. His stare was frustrating your body and making you hot all over. You couldn't deny the wetness growing in your panties or the harsh coil in your stomach. His eyes alone made you want him on top of you fucking you deep and hard. You swallowed some of your own wine and went to finish up eating. Each time you looked away from him he cleared his throat drawing your attention again. By the time you two had finished dinner his wine glass was empty, as well as yours. Your heart rate had stepped up a bit. You stood up to get his plate along with yours and he stopped your arm once you reached over him. "Leave them there." He said. He snaked his hand around your waist. "I don't want them to stay on the table, I'll just clean them up." "What did I just say?" He said. He'd stood up by now and whispered it in your ears. His tone was strict, his cute face was deceiving, Hyukwoo was an animal. You sighed and rolled your eyes, you looked away from him and he grabbed your chin and made you face him again. "Did you just roll your eyes at me princess?" he said. You swallowed at the animal look in his eyes. He bent you over slightly, sticking your ass out and his hand came to the back of your exposed leg. He slowly drove his hand up your dress exposing your royal blue panties to him. He lifted your dress just above your stomach, revealing the bottom half of your tattoo. His hand disappeared then came down hard on your ass. You moaned out in pleasure at the loud hard slap. "Count." He demanded. "One." You said. He slapped your ass again making you grip the table cloth in your hands. "Two." You said. Your lip caught between your teeth. Your core was starting to drip, making your panties wetter. Your heart was racing and then his third slap came. "Hyuk." You mewled while bending over the table more. "Count Y/n." He said. "Three." You whimpered. His hands roamed your clothed butt before he decided he'd pull them down. He pulled them over your heels letting you keep them on. You could just imagine him licking his lips looking at the sight of your red naked booty and your bare smooth legs looking twice as sexy with your red heels still on. His hand smoothed over your ass and he went and slapped your right cheek again. "Four." You counted. You felt his body lean over yours and his hands clasped around your stomach to keep you close to him. He whispered in your ear. "You'll watch your tone when you speak to me and you are not to roll your eyes at me again do you understand?" You nodded, "Use your words princess or I'll smack that ass again." He warned. "Yes Hyukie I understand." You answered quickly. "Good." He said before he kissed the nape of your neck. His hands unclasped and made it to your exposed core. One hand spread your folds while the other came to your clit to tease the nub. You let out a surprised gasp that soon turned into a long moan. You pushed back into his body by reflex and your ass rubbed up against his erection still clothed but hard as hell. "You got this wet from a spanking princess? What a dirty little girl you are." He said. "Oh my god." You whispered amazed by the tone of his voice and his words. He chuckled running his finger down your slit to get to your core. From his angle he wasn't going to get in deep so he teased your entrance by drawing circles at your rim, slowly he dipped his finger in and out of you as if he were dipping a toe into the pool to test the water, only this way was making your senses go insane. Your heart was racing now and his body pressed to yours and you up against the table made it hard for you to move around. You felt him continue his tease; his fingers coming back up to your clit to pinch it making you cry out. "No please." You said weakly. "It's cute that you say no but you're this turned on." He said. He pulled you up straight and made you face him. He grabbed your chin and brought his face close to yours. "Go into the bedroom and get naked. You're not to have anything on when I get in there except your heels, do you understand?" "Yes Hyukwoo." You said obediently. "Put your hair up too." He said You nodded. He released your face and you turned to hurry into the bedroom. You quickly threw your dress off and unhooked your bra. You moved quickly grabbing the first hair tie you saw. It had a giant bow at the top and you quickly put your hair into a ponytail. You turned to see Hyukwoo walking into the room taking off his tie and tossing his suit jacket to the side. "Get on your knees." He said. You got on your knees where you were standing and he kicked off his shoes and took off his pants. The way he slowly revealed himself to you had your core aching even more. He took a seat on the bed and looked at the spot in front of him. You crawled over to him and when you looked up at him you saw the excitement in his eyes. He liked seeing you crawl. He placed a finger on your chin, making you raise up on your knees. He licked his lips and came down to your lips. You wanted him to kiss you but he wouldn't grant you such a kiss, not yet at least. "I want you to touch yourself in front of me." He said. You felt blood rush even faster to your face. Your heart was racing but you didn't deny his request. You sat back on your butt, opening your legs wide, the heels to your shoes propped up your feet. You licked your middle finger and forefinger and brought them down to your heat. You pushed them inside yourself calling out his name as you did. You moved your fingers while throwing your head back and rocking your hips a bit to add to the sensation. Your head came back up and you saw his hand around his own member moving up and down as he watched you work to get yourself off. "Move slower." He said. You nodded and moved your fingers out of you bit by bit. Your core tightened around your fingers wanting a much faster pace but you had to deny yourself that pleasure. You wanted his mouth on you or his hot rod inside of you; either would do but your body wanted far more than what it was getting. He watched while he continued to touch himself at the same pace as you touched yourself. You gently rocked your hips onto your fingers curling them up in search of a g spot. Your fingers perhaps weren't long enough which only made you want more. "Go faster now." He demanded. You moved your fingers faster happy at being able to gain a new speed. Your hips rocked faster onto your fingers. Your voice filled the room and you threw your head back again in amazing pleasure. Your legs shook in their position and Hyuk quickly said, "Don't you fucking come." His curse was so damn hot! "Ahhh Hyuk." You moaned. "Keep going don't stop yet." You brought your fingers out of you and looked back up at him sucking on your fingers. You saw him swallow at the sight of you tasting yourself. Your eyes were probably as dark as his. Your fingers came down to your clit and rubbed circles on the nub but after a few moments circles weren't enough. You started making alphabet letters on your clit finding H to be the one that you liked the most. Just when you were getting into it he said, "That's enough stand up." You whined as you made it to your feet. You walked up to him and he said, "You're going to taste me while I taste you." 69 not bad. He laid back and you moved over top of him so that your heat was in his face and his was in yours. Your mouth went down on him while his tongue flattened out and locked you up. He smacked your ass, making you buck your hips on his tongue meanwhile you were taking him to the back of your throat. Your hand fondled his family jewels just as his fingers pushed inside your core. His tongue flicked endlessly on your clit then he quickly wiggled his tongue on your heat making humming sounds as he did. You hummed in pleasure on his hot dick while you continued moving up and down. Your hand coming into play when your mouth came off him. Your thumb rolling over his tip and spread his precum and everything else you made wet on his dick. You teased his tip licking only that spot, your tongue rolling around it. He sucked on your clit harshly making you cry out. "You taste so fucking delicious." He said into your soaking heat. "T-thank you Hyuk." You said. "Get up." He said. You moved off of him and he pulled you into his body and kissed you hard, mixing the taste of himself and you in both your mouths; he played with your nipple while he kissed you. He then turned you around and pushed your head down into the mattress. He found your entrance and rammed into your body. He moved without giving you time to adjust and your walls only tightened around him. You moaned into the bed while he pounded into you hard. His hand running up your back where your tattoo was and he snaked his hand around to grab your neck. He lifted you against his body pushing into you harder. His grip on your neck making you slightly light headed. "Hyuk. Hyuk. Hyuk!" You repeated. "Ah fuck Y/n you so fucking amazing." He said in response. He let go of your neck to grab your ponytail and lift your head up. Your other hand came down to the bed to keep you up. His other hand slapped your ass three times quickly as if he were riding you like a real horse. "Fuck!" He moaned loudly. You gripped onto the bed sheets. "I'm gonna-" "Don't." He quickly demanded. Your legs were already shaking furiously. It was a task just to have them keep you upright. You tightened more around him trying to contain the oncoming orgasm. "Your fucking body is amazing princess." He moaned. "Hyukie." You whined coming closer. Your cries were loud in the room. You felt him slap your ass again. He let go of your pony tail and pulled out of you and flipped you around and pushed you onto the bed. He lifted both your legs high on his shoulders and bent over you ramming into your body as quick as he could. His hips worked faster than bunnies. "So- fucking-amazing." He grunted through each thrust. "Hyuk I can't." You mewled. You were getting closer and you shook your head not being able to take it any more. He came to your clit rubbing it, making you grip the bed sheets and his arm. "Hyukie!" you drew out trying to get him to give you permission. "Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh my god. Oh fuck." You screamed as your body exploded. You couldn't hold it any longer and your body just erupted in the most powerful orgasm ever. It tensed up and quaked violently. "Shit." He said still thrusting into you. You were squeezing him so tight he came right inside of you and your body milked him for everything he had. "Bad girl, you didn't wait." He said as he came down but his hips continued moving. You were still whining, the effects of your orgasm weren't gone just yet. His finger came and pressed down on your clit and rubbed circles again. You cried out at the sensitive area being touched; you grabbed his arm but his finger kept moving. You cried as you said, "Please- no -more." "You should've waited shouldn't you?" "Yes Hyukie- please." you whined. Your legs continued shaking hard. "Oh my fucking goodness." You screamed. Your body was still sensitive and right now he was torturing you by over stimulating you. At this point you expected yourself to come again and that's what you were begging for. "No, no- no more Hyuk!" "Shush." He said. He moved his finger to push back inside you his mouth came around your clit and you hands went to his head immediately pushing him into your core. Your hips bucked up grinding against his face while you cried, "Fuck, please." His single finger was joined by two more that curled up and searched for your g spot. "Oh! Hyuk I'm going to cum!" You screamed. "Then go ahead princess. I'm not stopping you." You would've called him a Jackass if your body wasn't screaming for a second release. You came a second time, this time around his fingers while his mouth still kissed your clit. Your body was shaking so much. He finally came up from between your legs and he licked his finger clean of you. You were fighting so hard to breathe. He came over your body to give you a quick kiss on the nose. Your hands curled up on his chest. "H-Hyukwoo." You breathed. "Next time do what I say." He said. Oh, next time. Next time you weren't serving wine at dinner, fuck that! You felt his hands come up your body and bring you closer to him in a gentle embrace while you caught your breath. He kissed the top of your head and you said, "Happy Birthday Hyukwoo." "Thank you princess, you're the best present I could ever ask for." You chuckled into his chest and he brought you closer while he covered both your bodies with a blanket....
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