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HelIo don't know if anyone remembers me but I'm back from the dead. I MISSED EVERYONE HERE SO MUCH! And I couldn't wait until January to come back without wishing the Vingle Family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
-I am a bit biased and since I'm wishing Yoongi for a speedy recovery he's a Christmas special for Yoongi and you!
* Also on a side note I will be going through my notifications and start updating From Here to those who have requested an update. AND A BIG HUG to those who still read from this collection! <3
-I don’t get it- you said trying not to sound as angry as you were feeling. –I even bought couple christmas sweaters-
-Just don’t count on me for too much stuff- your boyfriend answered like it wasn’t a big deal.
Yoongi was being unreasonable, this wasn’t just a simple thing for you, this was christmas and being that he was your boyfriend whom you adored you wanted to spend all the possible time with him, you wanted to go on romantic dates where you could take strolls down the city to watch the snow fall, you wanted to make snowmen and then drink hot chocolate together, you wanted him to hold your hands to keep them warm, you wanted everything winter and christmas related with him because you loved him. So how was it that he was being a douche saying things like that?
-I told you this before didn’t I? I don’t like christmas-
You crossed your arms trying to remain calm, but with him being like that how could you? –Why? Christmas is fun and romantic, don’t you want for example to go with me ice-skating? -
Yoongi sipped a bit of his tea and then smirked. –You would fall on your ass in no time, I know you don’t know how to skate-
You groaned. –That’s not the point here! You knew I was looking forward to christmas time and now you tell me this-
Yoongi breathed in. –I’m being honest with you Y/N, it’s not my fault you had already made plans without notifying me-
-Well I’m sorry- you said sarcastically. –I made those plans thinking about you because you’re my boyfriend-
Yoongi ran a hand trough his hair. –Look, I’m not saying we won’t do anything, but I don’t want to do all that crazy Christmas stuff-
-Are you calling me crazy? -
Yoongi sat quiet not quite understanding where was this argument going. –I didn’t say that, It’s just that all those things are so complicated-
You tried not to roll your eyes, you knew this was because he was being lazy. –How is it complicated? -
Yoongi finished his cup of tea and looked at you with uncomfortable eyes, he knew there was going to be a discussion over this, but now he didn’t know how to handle it. –It’s just is- You huffed, finishing your cup of coffee. You grabbed your purse and started to put on your scarf, Yoongi at first didn’t realize what was happening until you were on your feet. –Are you leaving? -
-Yes- you answered taking your jacket. –Since you are being like this is better if we think about this separately, we aren’t going to win anything fighting-
Yoongi squinted his eyes, there was a trap in here. You would never say that, you liked to discuss things as it happened not leave them for later, even less think separately; he came into the conclusion you probably wanted him to beg and regret what he had said. But you weren’t going to succeed.
-Alright then, text me when you get home-
Your calm demeanor wavered for a second, your eyes burning him, Yoongi just knew you so well he wanted to chuckle. You breathed in dramatically. –Well then, I’m going, I would wish you a Merry Christmas but you hate it- you threw him one last look and walked towards the door of the coffee shop that was so tiny Yoongi could hear you when you muttered “Grinch” before going out.
Your improvised plan had failed. Yoongi didn’t go back on his words, he didn’t beg for your return, he didn’t even went after you. It had already been two days since the discussion at the coffee shop and you still hadn’t seen each other, nor did you talked about the Christmas things; you talked about other stuff though, even if you had this argument you still cared for each other, you loved Yoongi and he loved you in his own way, he still texted you frequently to know about your well being and you shared the activities you had done on the day.
Seeing the box of the christmas tree you had placed on your living room you frowned, it hurt you that he didn’t want to do couple stuff on this season, you were anticipating December the most, all the things you could do, all the places you could visit, you could wear that new long black coat and Yoongi could wear the big scarf he loved, he looked so hot with that scarf. You shook your head, he was being so narrow minded about this it frustrated you.
Snuggled in the couch you could hear the sound of the wind hitting your window, there was a storm outside and snow was falling heavily, public transportation was cancelled and many roads were blocked for the snow. Surely tomorrow you wouldn’t have work so that meant you would have time to set up the tree. It was the last thing you had to do for your entire tiny apartment to be decorated as the current season.
Your doorbell rang startling you, standing up you wished you had a peephole, you were not expecting anyone and couldn’t think of someone who would come unannounced.
-It’s you- you said after opening the door.
-Surprised? - Yoongi wasn’t on a festive mood, he actually looked terrible, he was wrapped in scarfs and coats but he was slightly trembling, his cheeks were pink and his lips lacked color, you didn’t like that. –Can I come in? -
-Of course babe- you stepped aside so he could go inside, you noticed he had brought a bag with him. –I’m just surprised of seeing you here-
Yoongi sat on the couch and you went closer to him, your hand going to his forehead and neck instinctively. –You’re too cold, what happened? -
He sighed, taking your hands when you sat next to him, his fingers were ice cold. –My heater broke-
Well that explained a lot, and with this storm having no calefaction was suicide; luckily he didn’t live very far so probably that was the reason he could reach your house. –That sucks-
Yoongi nodded and then looked at you. –Y/N I know that you’re angry with me right now… but could I stay here? -
You placed your palms on his cheeks this time and you could tell he appreciated your warmth. –Of course you can Yoongi, this is your house too- He smiled a little, you were too kind to him sometimes. –But with a condition-
Of course, everything had a price –Tell me what you want-
-Tomorrow is christmas night, for the whole day I want us to make fun christmas things-
Yoongi knew you were going to ask that and he knew that even if he refused you would let him stay, but Yoongi was impressed of how passionate and insistent you were about this. –We’ll do as you like-
You clapped and then threw yourself in his arms, that caught Yoongi off guard but he hugged you back a couple of seconds later. –Thank you Yoongi-
-You have to warm me up tonight though-
You hit him on the shoulder and laughed. –Not so fast Min-
You woke up at noon the other day and you prepared brunch. Yoongi hadn’t noticed it the night before, he hadn’t paid too much attention to your new home decoration but now he could see how seriously you took this christmas/winter season. You had little christmas lights on every room, the sofa had reindeers cushions and a snow fluffy blanket to go with it, even the coffee mugs had happy christmas and new year’s phrases, but something was missing and when he saw the box on a corner of the living room he shook his head.
You frowned cutely. –You promised-
-I didn’t exactly promised- you glared at him, he knew you tried to look fierce but with that pout Yoongi only found you cute. –Alright, I’ll do it, just don’t make that ugly face-
You stuck out your tongue and told him to follow you.
Yoongi wasn’t much help setting up the christmas tree, you did everything and he just sat by your side reading the instructions; but you didn’t say anything, maybe he could help you decorate it. Yoongi helped you getting some boxes from a high shelf so you thought he was starting to warm up to this activity but you were wrong; he handed you the box and after that he went to his spot and took out his cellphone.
-You know, you aren’t helping much-
Yoongi shrugged. –I just don’t know how to do it-
You arched an eyebrow. –What is so difficult? It’s just hanging balls and stuffed snowmen-
-You do it better jagi, I’ll just watch you from here-
You shook your head. –If you’re going to do this halfheartedly then don’t-
-What? We are just decorating a tree Y/N-
There you went again, you didn’t want to fight with him again over the same thing; maybe you were pressing too much on all the christmas thing? You didn’t want to be an annoying girlfriend, but it hurt you seeing him so disinterested in something you obviously liked.
-I think we ran out of wine for tonight- you announced standing up. –I will go buy some-
Yoongi stood up too, his eyes watching your every move, he had a conflicted expression on his face like he didn’t know what to do. –I’ll go with you-
You refused his company. –I’ll go alone it’s not very far, don’t worry-
And just like that you grabbed your purse and putted on your coat, in a few minutes you were ready to go out, you told him you’ll be back soon and went out of the apartment leaving Yoongi feeling like the worst boyfriend ever.
He turned around and stared at the half decorated tree, you had even left without completely hanged all those red and gold balls.
Why couldn’t he be a bit more complacent? It wasn’t like he was going to die if he cheered up a little. Christmas wasn’t his thing, that was a given, but he could do an effort for you who for some reason were kind of obsessed with it. You always adapted to him and his ways so why couldn’t he? He loved you, and even though he was sure he wouldn’t transform into a Christmas enthusiast, he would make this evening special for you.
It was almost six of the afternoon when you arrived home, you had gone to the store to buy wine and ended buying three bags of gifts and other miscellaneous you were sure you didn’t need, but that time served you to think and reflect, it didn’t matter if Yoongi didn’t want to celebrate Christmas, the important thing was that you were able to be together, everything else you could figure out later.
The first thing you noticed when you came back was that the Christmas tree was fully decorated and all the little colorful lights of the apartment were on.
It smelled nice, when you reached the kitchen you saw your boyfriend in front of the stove, he was fully dressed now, he wore dark skinny jeans and an oversized green sweater, the one you had bought for him.
-Yoongi? -
He turned around and you were even more surprised, he was wearing your christmas apron, he looked very funny with it and his embarrassed face was adorable. –You’re back-
-What…- you were going to ask what he was up to, but he didn’t let you finish.
-Go and take a shower, I’m making dinner-
-What are you…- Yoongi didn’t let you approach more to the stove, he took your hand and got you out of the kitchen.
-Today you have chef Min at your service- he said very seriously. –Go and take your time bathing- he pushed you to the bedroom not letting you argue. –I took your sweater out of the closet as well, just in case you want to wear it-
The smiled that bloomed on your face made Yoongi smile too, you stole him a kiss and ran to the bathroom.
Your sweater was red with green letters on the front that read “Christmas time”, it made contrast with Yoongi’s that had the same letters but in red. He had already set up the table when you got out of your room, everything looked so pretty and well done you couldn’t help but smile. Yoongi instructed you to take a seat and then went to the kitchen to come back with the dishes he had made.
He placed everything on the table and then opened a bottle of red wine before taking a seat.
-Yoongi this is my favorite- you said looking down at your plate, he had made Japchae, your ultimate favorite Korean Christmas dish.
-I know it is- he said handing you your chopsticks. –Y/N I…-
-Yoongi you don’t…-
He shook his head and interrupted you again. –I was being stubborn I know that, but I wanted to show you that I do care, I wanted to take you to a fancy date but there will be another blizzard tonight-
You looked at the Christmas tree and then at the table full of food, he wasn’t a chef or anything, this was hard work for him and that made everything more valuable. –Thank you babe, this is perfect-
He nodded and then you thought he wasn’t going to say anything else but he did. –I just wanted you to know that with you I don’t want to make things halfheartedly, you’re important to me Y/N and even though I don’t say this enough I want to show you that I love you-
You took his hand a moved closer to him, this was the man you loved and right now all you wanted was to kiss him endlessly. –I love you too-


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