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I chose only 1 song per drama to be fair for this list or else I would have at least 2 songs from 3 dramas. Here is my list of my favorite 2016 K-drama Ost's, ENJOY!

12. "Like A Dream" - Ben (Another Miss Oh)

It gets catchy after a while and I couldn't help but sing along.

11. "Would You Come To Me" - Brother Su (Jealousy Incarnate)

Gorgeous voice, this song fits the image of the drama. Especially the male lead.

10. "I'll Pick You Up" - Standing Egg (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

It has a school feel to it. A really pretty flow song that makes me want to sway.

9. "U & I" - Sumin (Bring It On Ghost)

Amazing build up, my favorite thing about the song is the breakdown of it.

8. "In The Illusion" - Basick & INKII (W - Two Worlds)

A great combination of vocals and rap. Fits perfectly for the drama.

7. "Today" - Kim Bo Hyung (The K2)

Simple yet pretty song. I wish there were more OST's for this drama like this one but oh well.

6. "A Little Braver" - New Empire (Uncontrollably Fond)

I love this song a lot! I sang along every time it played. I really enjoy when dramas put English songs in them, it's easier for me to learn the words and sing along.

5. "For You" - BTOB (Cinderella and Four Knights)

Very upbeat and powerful song. I have so many favorite ost's from this drama so it was hard to choose just one.

4. "Can You Hear My Heart" - EPIK HIGH ft. Lee Hi (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

This song made me tear up whenever it played. Another drama with a great soundtrack!

3. "Stay With Me" - Punch ft. Chanyeol (Goblin)

This drama is still airing and I marathoned it today, all 8 episodes and all I have to say is I'm obsessed with everything about this drama including the music. This is by far my favorite ost from this drama and it will definitely be climbing it's way up on my favorite ost list. I love the beat, the voices come together perfectly and it's a really great song!

2. "Tiger Moth" - Monsta X (Shopping King Louie)

I am still obsessed with this ost. I loved the drama and this song went perfectly with it. It's upbeat and fun. I think I love the acoustic version a little more than the original version but both are really good. I just like to admire the vocals of Kihyun and the acoustic is so pretty.

1. "Always" - Yoon Mirae (Descendants of the Sun)

I have ALWAYS been in love with this song! I loved the drama and the music was just as great. I really love this ost so much. I can sing along with it. It has a nice flow and Yoon Mirae's voice is so beautiful that I can't help but replay the song. It's addictive and a pretty song! It's definitely my 2016 favorite k-drama ost, I always listen to it.
Dots forever and always in my heart......😍😍😍
my favorite is Baekhyun Chen and Xiumin For You from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
That's a good one too!
I love all of them, there are so many great OST in Kdrama
Yay and agreed, there are so many great ones!
I'd have to add the main OST sung by CN Blue's MinHyuk from the drama Entertainer.
I still haven't watched that yet but I know Minhyuk has a beautiful voice, so the song is probably good!
I love most of these OST! The other Kdrama I haven't seen yet.
Yay and that's ok!
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