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so excited...
they were both hurting and it kills me watching them like that... i don't why taeyang decided to live joong won... it's less than 3 hours here and i'll get to watch ep 16.. super excited!!
i am not sure i can see the screen...i just finished watching episode and seeing her walk away from him again is torturin me...isnt her heart hurting...mine is....go back to your man
Hahahah totally agree with you! :)
yeah... hi acting is just amazing... he is one of a few actors who doesn't care what he looks like when crying.. he acts beautifully.. yeo jin go and kim so hyun's like him.. they give it their all.. and i bet the ending will be terrific.. we can see now that even if park si ohn is like that.. dr. cha is falling for him... i love happy endings.. and i'm glad that dr. kim and the manager were together again.. the manager ain't that bad..
Yes the even if it's ending they better end it really well! Haha yeah good doctor has 20 eps. I can tell you like him because he's your profile pic :p haha. :D I like him too, I think he's also a REALLY good actor I love how he acts! I'm actually watching his drama Bridal Mask and I like it too. Hopefully good doctor also has a cute ending.
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