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[A/N: Okay basically i'm sorry , I have been on a hiatus since like the last update, its not making it any better that i keep separating them in two , but i feel it grabs the readers attention because they end up wanting to know what happens~ But i'm a bit worried because i don't really get a lot of feedback on the oneshots but i get like 180 reads each chapter everyday. Anyways this is for JayOmetric(on wattpad) and i hope she loves the shit out of it , and if not she can message me everyday for the rest of my life on how disappointed she is] " Dude i didn't do anything calm down, I was to lazy to walk all the way to my bedroom, Remember?  You said I could crash in your room for the night." "I so don't remember saying that Jay , plus i was drunk--I could've said anything last night for crying out loud!" "Who's fault is that ?" "Technically its yours because you told me to loosen up a bit" I retort. " But i didn't tell you to become stupid drunk, that's just not how Park Jaebum rolls!" "Jay just shut up you're useless to argue against ~ I can never be right when it comes to you." " Huh what was that?  Was that the sound of me hearing Jynnie saying i'm right ? I cant believe my ears right now!" " Really Jay ?!?!" I say as i smack him on his arm. " Why are you hitting me, I didn't do anything wrong' "Yes you di-" 'Unless you want me to" he finishes. "What did you just say?" I say confused. "Nothing." He retorts. "Okay I'm going to the kitchen." I go downstairs to the kitchen and I get out some stuff to make breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and potatoes. Check. I start to prepare the food so I can cook and get lost in thought. Then I eventually feel someone slap my ass. I look back to see Jay. Typical Jay, always obnoxious and immature. "Jaebum , what did I tell you about doing that!" I exclaim. " Jynnie come on you know I hate when other people call me that." He whines. "You're fault." I retort obnoxiously. I try to get a pan to cook in when out of nowhere I get pushed against a wall by Jay. "Jay what the fuck !?!" I yell. He gives direct eye contact for what I assume is a few minutes. Then he kisses me passionately. I start to kiss back finally giving in , slowly getting lost in the moment, until I come back to my senses and realize we're still in the kitchen. " Jay, we can't do this here in the kitchen" I explain in disgust. Him being the impatient guy he is, drags me towards his bedroom in a hurry. He then proceeds to open his door in a rush and throws me onto the bed roughly. " Jay when did you get so rough?" "The moment I first laid eyes on you." And automatically my perspective on Jaebum has changed. He starts kissing me again more passionate than when we were in the kitchen. He then goes from lips, down to my neck and starts kissing me on my collarbone. He stops and looks at me realizing my shirt is in the way. He then proceeds to take my shirt and bra off. After doing that he continues back onto kissing me chest and when he suddenly starts sucking on my breast. "Ah~ jay , stop being a tease" He chuckles sending vibrations I through my body, making my womanhood even more wet. "Jaebum let me pleasure you." I complain. "No Jennie, I've had feelings for you for while now, and I'm gonna show them to you today, I don't care if the neighbors end up hearing." He goes back and suck on the other nipple, making me giggle and moan at the pleasure I was currently getting. He then proceeds to go lower at the most slowest pace ever. "jaebum~ah stop ...being ..such a..tease.."I moan in lust. "What did I tell you calling jaebum? Can't you follow directions baby girl?" He than proceeds to pull my underwear off me ,lust clearly in his eyes , but he's still fully dressed and by fully i mean he still has his pants on. So I pout. He looks at my face and then at his pants finally getting the message and takes them off along with his boxers. He then enters me without any warning. "Jay~ " I moan out loud passionately. He starts to thrust at a slow but quick pace. He starts to speed up and the room gets filled  with the sound of skin smacking together. He continues thrusting as I move closer to climax and I start to tighten around his shaft.. " Jay~ah I'm...close.." I moan in pleasure. " Me too babe" he grunts sexily. Few minutes later and we both release. He lays next to me on the bed and cuddles right next to me. "Well that was something, wasn't it? Although put more effort in next time" "JAEBUM!" I yell while smacking his on his arm. " I was only kidding!" He chuckled sarcastically.