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I'm happy! My nerd side is happy! Christmas is NOT my favourite holiday, but I'm happy to get anything anime anyday! And that is one of those times!

You can see my Fairy Tail shirt, here.~♡☆
I'm definitely taking this to Sacanime!
Attack on Titan live action part 1 & 2! Yas! I'm so happy! Even my dad, who doesn't like anime, is interested and wants to watch it with me! ~☆
Aaahhh!!! I'm so happy! I just watched the Christmas special yesterday and this makes it better! Did I mention I have volume 2 of the DVD! ❤❤❤
A Pokémon blanket to watch my live action Attack on Titan! So happy!~♡ Time to snuggle up and watch this two part movie of humanity trying to save itself!
Even a kitty cat that changes color!~ That's the nerd stuff I got, plus purses, shoes, fuzzy socks, gloves, candy, and a few other things! I hope you all got something you wanted! ~ Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Oh my gosh you're so lucky! Merry Christmas everyone! 😄
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Season 2, here we come! ✊
merry Christmas
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@Silverfang Merry Christmas to you to!