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So recently I've been thinking, I want to make a pentagon fandom chat.. mostly because I can't seem to find any of the pentagon stan on this app ( or the fact that I've been on such an annoyingly long hiatus). So if anyone wants to create a chat where we can talk about the boys and Kpop as well , please feel free to hit me up ๐Ÿ’•
sounds good to me plus I could learn more about them
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@aaliyahnewbell , wanna help me promote this since your tag list is a bit more bigger than mines ?
I love this idea!!!
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Send them to me in a private message
They recently got a community so hopefully they'll get more attention soon! Jinho and Hongseok are my biases for the group! Wbu?
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I love how most pentagon fans have at least 2 biases and 2 bias wreckers