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To Hoseok and Taehyung Thank you for always making us ARMYs laugh and for always giving the rest of BTS the energy they need to continue any schedules that they had. Thank you for always acting like the fool for the sake of making us laugh. Thank you for being the sun that shines in our fandom ♥
To Namjoon and Yoongi Thank you for creating the wonderful music that us ARMYs enjoy everyday. Thank you for creating music that allows us ARMYs to connect with you emotionally even if we can't be there physically. Thank you connecting BTS to the ARMYs ♥
To Jungkook Thank you for giving us your love and showering us with wonderful covers. Thank you for trying to learn English for us international fans. Thank you for always trying your best in everything. Thank you for the memes. Thank you for being extra just to make the members laugh ♥
To Seokjin Thank you for taking care of the members. Thank you for always trying your best even though people shoot you down for not being talented enough. Thank you for staying. Thank you for being the mother of the group even though you didn't ask for it. Thank you for trying your best to improve so you won't disappoint ARMYs ♥
To Jimin Thank you for being the cute squishy human being you are. Thank you for loving the members. Thank you for the amount of heart attacks that you have given us ARMYs. Thank you for continuing to sing for us even when some people say that you just screech. Thank you for showering us with cute moments ♥
To BTS Thank you for loving us ARMYs. Thank you for showering us with love and respect that god knows we don't deserve. Although I can't speak for other ARMYs I promise to make sure that BTS will be protected from Antis and those smiles continue to shine. Love a fan who will forever be an ARMY♥♥♥

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Yes thank you BTS for everything
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Most definitely!
a year ago
Oh my gosh I love this sooo much! Thank you for taking your time to make this card. And thank you BTS for always remembering us ARMY'S even when you're having a tough time. Like when Tae said he even thinks of us when he's on the toilet 😂😂💖
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They really do. Sometimes I wonder what we did to deserve such amazing caring people like them.
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