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Well I was going to make you guys wait until Christmas but I decided not lol. So there another mystery boy in our midst. I'm ready to see what's going to happen. Oh warning you may shred some tears
Mystery 2 POV I watch as the guys left the room. The nurse came in and gave Young Jae some medicine. You can tell that it was pain pills because he start to relax more. "I'll be right back I gotta go to the restroom." I said to him as I walk out. I saw that Jackson caught up with JB. Yugyeom was standing and talking to our manger. He looked over at me and smiles. "Hey Mark!." He waved at me. "Hey Yugyeom. Hey Jung Hyung can you take me home?" He shook his head. "Yea I'll take you home. Yugyeom I'll be back." I got in the van with Jung and and left. We arrived at the dorms. He was on his phone texting when I grabbed a cloth and put it over his face. He struggled until his body went limb. I push him out of the van and drove away. "I'm sorry hyung" I said driving away. all the cars have been passing JB since he got in the street. I looked at him and get the accelerator smash into him. I look over and saw his face. He had a grinned so big you knew he push him. But he thinks he not the only one that's after somebody. "I know who you Mr. I hope you ready for a ride I have." I said to myself I speed off into the next street. I dumped the car and head back to the hospital to see Young Jae. I open he his room. He looked at with a smile. I grabbed a napkin from my pocket. "Hey Yo..." Was the last thing he said as I covered his face. I wrapped Young Jae in a blanket. I heard somebody come in the room and it was a male nurse. Before he could say anything I knocked him out. I put on his clothes and put a mask on my face. I grabbed him and put him on the bed. and I cover him so he looks like Young Jae. I saw that he nurse have a laundry baskets. I put Young Jae in it and left. I took the laundry basket to the back of the hospital and took Young Jae out of the basket and out him in the van then I drove off. I went to Y/N house and knocked on her door. She open it up with a smile. "Hey Mark what's up?" I didn't say anything I just push right pass her. "Something happen to JB!" I began to fake cry. She rush to me worried. "What happened?!" "He got hit by a car." She stood in shock as I said that. "Take me to Jackson. Please take me to Jackson." I nodded my head and we went to the van. She looked confused as she saw I had the company van. "Were is Jung oppa?" "He stayed at the hospital with Young Jae." She really didn't understand but she still got in the car. When she got in, she was about to put on her sit, belt until she saw Young Jae in the back seat tied up. Before she could say anything thing. I put a cloth over her face and watch as she passed out. I put her seat belt on and left. I looked at her and smile. "Now Jackson can be mines"
Jackson POV I looked in shock as JB body was laying in the ground. He was bleeding from his head. "Somebody call 119!!" Somebody yelled. I ran to JB and held him. I looked around and screamed. "Please help him!! JB wake up, come on JB wake up!!" My tears just kept coming down like a water fall. "JB please wake up." I Cried holding JB. I could tell by the way JB was he had already pass on. But I won't to believe it. The paramedics came and tries to revive him. But after five minutes later they shook their head. All I could do was hold JB dead body in my arms as I cried. My heart broke into pieces. He was like a brother to me and this happens to him. I look around and bambam wasn't nowhere to be found. It didn't bothered me that he wasn't there at first. Because of JB. The the corner came and took his body away. I watch as the van drove away. I hurried and ran to the hospital. When I got there. There was doctors, nurse and Police man around Young Jae room. I Went to the receptionist and asked what had happened. "Well somebody kidnap one of our patience. They left a bloody note for you though." She gave me a note and it read. **If you ever want to see your friend or your girlfriend alive come to that abandonment building on the east side.** My anger grow in me when I saw that they said my girlfriend. Why would somebody hurt Young Jae and Y/N. I ran out of the hospital and went to Y/N house and saw she was there. I ran to the dorm and saw Jung Hyung getting up from the ground. "What happen?" Before he could have talked he look like he was choking. I started to see blood come out of his mouth as he fell to the floor. "Jung!!" I looked up and I saw BamBam smiling with blood on his hands. "Sorry I had to kill him, he was in my way to get you." Then I felt something hit the back of my head as I fell I looked up and I saw....
R.I.P To Kim Jae Bum In The Story (So you guys know he just died in the story right because in real life he doing just fine.)
Here another Christmas Presents lol. What the living hell just happen? Mark kill JB? No not oppa JB!! Now we know that mystery boy is bambam. Who hit Jackson in the head? I feel so scared I don't know what to do. Well see you Tuesday.
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I knew it was one of the two but not both wah
@JacksonWangxme I think it was Jr
@BTSxEXO so who do you think hit Jackson in the head
@JacksonWangxme I know!! why did he have to die!?! 😭😭😭
@BTSxEXO well yea I feel sorry for JB😞😞
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