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Seoul is filled with themed cafes.

From puppies to raccoons, even to airplane themed cafes, my favorite will always be flower cafes :)
These cafes tend to double as a florist where you can buy flowers, arrange your own, and even take classes!

I spent my Christmas Eve in the most beautiful flower cafe in Seoul, and I never wanted to leave!

If you could open a themed cafe, what would it be?

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I'll probably do a candle cafe or fairy lights cafe
Merry Christmas....and so cool. Angela is wants to visit the Sheep Cafe for some reason. Me, I'd do a Science Fiction Cafe.
oooooh that's beautiful, idk what kind of cafe I would want to open. Maybe a cutesy type of cafe.
If I could open a cafe, its theme would definitely flower cafe. I think that would be neat to go somewhere where a cafe can double as a flower shop.