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BOMIBOX Subscription Review!!

Hello there my Beau's Nana here for another Subscription BOX! aren't you guys excited? Because I am happy to announce Bomibox! I found this box by browsing in the internet in search for Korean subscription boxes and guess what? I found this beautiful box~
Let me state out that i will be adding my own personal thoughts of this box and also for each product that was inside this box. The reason it took me a long time to make this review is that I really made sure each product was doing its job!
Should we get started?
When I received this box it came in a minty color with gold letters "Bomibox" the detail is really pretty! when I opened the box I saw this beautiful paper and this card on top of it as you can see in the picture below.
Let me state out that the card was so helpful since I know a bit of Korean, but everything was well explained.

Presentation: ♥♥♥♥♥

Now for the size of the products I was mesmerized by the size of the products. Honestly, I thought they were going to be sample sized. But Bomibox fooled me in a good way~

Overall Review:

Full Sized Skin Products: 5
Full Size Make-Up Products: 1
Masks: 2
Samples: 1
If you want to subscribe to this cute and awesome box you can find all the correct information here. Let me also mention that this monthly box value is $37, they give you eight full size products and they will always add a bonus to the box! How awesome is that?

1. Benton

Snail Bee High Content Essence

This Essence is high concentrated snail filtrate and bee essence provides mega hydration, nourishment, healing and anti - bacterial properties for smooth, healthy and glowing complexion.


This Snail Essence can be used after toner.
Massage gently with fingertips and pat the rest around the face for more absorption.

Personal Review:

This essence is really great, for those who have really dry skin. The reason why I say dry face I tried this essence on my sister that has normal skin she hated the feeling but loved the after effect of it while washing it off in the morning. While me on the other side it made me break out and almost made fried fish on my face. My sister said "the only CON about this product is that it gives out way too much moisture for those who have normal skin it will give you oily skin in the T-Zone area, the after effect of this product leaves the skin beautiful and radiant!". Me and my sister recommend this product for only DRY skin.
Preferable Skin type: Dry
Rating: ♥♥♥ out of 5

2. Skinfood

Rice Mask Wash Off

This mask is only to be used once a week as an exfoliate after cleansing for a super hydrated and dewy GLOW.


After cleansing apply the rice mask around the face avoiding the eye area and gently exfoliate then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Rice extracts both moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Personal Review:

This Rice wash off mask if perfectly for DRY SKIN only! I'll tell you why, when I first tried out this product it felt nice and smooth but then 10 minutes later my face exploded in sebum!!! I was almost crying.. once you wash this off and use your daily toner you will stop bleeding oil from your face. This mask is specially for those who have horrible dry skin this my people will help. Nevertheless, this product can also be used when the weather is dry!
Preferable Skin type: Dry
Rating: ♥♥♥ out of 5

3. Nature Republic

Super Aqua Max Watery Cream

This product provides rich moisture with marine minerals it also provides freshness and hydration with a wonderful result of radiant skin during colder months.


Use the Super Aqua Cream after toning or first essence.

Personal Review:

This watery cream from Nature Republic is the best product out these so far I am pleased with the result of NO SEBUM! It's watery con-texture is very satisfying to the skin. At first it might feel dewy but once the skin absorbs the cream, it will ease the redness from the skin with a cooling effect! and will leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I really recommend this product to everyone out there!!
Preferable Skin type: All Skin Types
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5

4. Heimish

White Clay Foam

This product may be used as an alternative to your second cleanser. This cleanser is for all skin types.


After applying an even amount of the cleanser around the face rinse thoroughly. Use a pH balancing toner after use. The natural Amazon white clay removes impurities while hydrolyzed silk & three types of hyaluronic acid ensure ample moisturization. This foam will not leave tightness or dryness it will leave you skin more refreshed than ever.

Personal Review:

Every time I see Heimish I think FANCY! the package of this is so fancy that it hurts to even use it or open it. This white clay foam works miracles this cleanser will make your blackheads soften, for those who have a lot of blackheads on the cheeks, nose & chin area this will be your best friend. I extract my blackheads, as nasty as it sounds and looks I do it and the results are amazing.
- Less painful - Easy to extract the black heads - Leaves skin smooth & refreshed - No dryness
I really recommend this product to anyone~
Preferable Skin type: All Skin Types
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5

5. Holika Holika

3 Step Pig Nose Clear

These nose strips are perfectly for removing blackheads and minimizing pores.


After Cleansing your face,
Place Step-1 on your nose for 15-20 minutes then slowly remove and rinse.
Step-2: Place the nose strip for 10-15 minutes then remove slowly.
Step-3: Place on the nose and after 10 to 15 minutes remove and gently tap it for better absorption.

Personal Review:

I have a few things to say about this product. This Holika Holika 3 step pig nose clear has been on my facebook and instagram feed. I will be saying the good and bad things of this product. The first step while leaving it for 15 minutes for my pores to un-clog faster without any pain, the longer the wait the more it worked but it stinged because of the products it has that opens up the pores and loosens the black heads in a hardcore way. Once you wash it off your nose is so irritated, when you add the second step with a bit of water it hurts even more. I will mention that it only took some black heads out not all of them. Third step is the gewy effect where this patch helps reduce the redness of the nose, more like a cooling effect.
Pro's: - Takes deep blackheads - White heads - Smells good - cooling effect!
Con's: - Stings - Too many Steps!

Over all experience:

Do you recommend it?
I do recommend it, but to those who do not have sensitive skin like I do! although this product is for oily skin.
Preferable Skin type: Oily, Normal, Combination
Rating: ♥♥♥♥ out of 5

6. It's Skin

Babyface Natural Brow

Color: #2
This popular and bestselling brow pencil contains Vitamin E for a fluid yet nourishing application.


Fill in the empty areas of your eyebrows in upward strokes, then use brush tip to brush for an instant accentuation for a natural brow.

Personal Review:

Girl! This is the magical wand every girl would die for, the consistency of this eyebrow pen is thick in a way that you don't have to be pressing on that pen for a noticeable effect instead it gives out a NATURAL LOOK as you can see on the last picture there is a major difference. After brushing that eyebrow it gives out a perfectly groomed eyebrow that is to die for!

Quick Tip:

Add eyeshadow primer to your eyebrows for a FLAWLESS long lasting eyebrows ;)
Preferable Skin type: All Skin Types
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5

7. DearPacker Jeju

Flower Mask

This mask is 100% pure cotton with a rich of nutrients and moisturizing effects.


After cleansing your face thoroughly use the mask for 20 to 30 minutes


This mask has no mineral oil and it is suitable for all skin types.

Personal Review:

DearPacker Jeju mask did an awesome job by reducing the oiliness of my face except for the nose area. The consistency of this mask was so watery that I had to put the extra liquid all over my hands, neck and arms it was too much! but worth it. The after effect of this mask was so refreshing. It is Nana approved!
Preferable Skin type: All Skin Types
Rating: ♥♥♥♥ out of 5

8. My Beauty Diary

Mexico Cactus Mask

This well known Taiwanese mask brand is much loved over the world. This cactus essence repairs, nourishes, refreshes and hydrates your skin for a healthy and vibrant looking complexion.

Personal Review:

This is one of my favorite masks, I was in mask heaven... I totally recommend this mask to oily skin. One of the reasons why I fell in love with this mask was that its so refreshing and it did calm the redness from my skin it didn't leave a dewy sensation but it gave me a very bright complexion and hydrated which is hard to find a mask for oily faces. I am in Mask HEAVEN!
I highly recommend this product!
Preferable Skin type: Oily / Acne and prone
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5


Secret Essence

Product Description:
More than 80 kinds of naturally fermented plant elements full of natural vitality penetrate into deeply into the skin to restore to make your skin healthy and brilliant.

Personal Review:

This I would totally buy this in a full size, this controlled my oil and made my face normal without any oil on my NOSE! I almost cried its a miracle worker so if you suffer from oily skin this product will blow your mind! Now if you have dry skin there is a similar product but in red that product is more concentrated in moisture.
Preferable Skin type: Oily, Acne-Prone, Combination
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5
This is it...
i'm a very satisfied costumer~ and I highly recommend this box to anyone. The products that they offer varies from oily to dry skin! and the price.. it's worth it Beau's~

Also I want to thank BOMIBOX for featuring my picture in their webpage and liking our pictures in Instagram YALL ARE AWESOME!!!

(Eggs-sential skin care set picture second row fourth picture on the right~♥)
Make sure to subscribe to our K-beauty & Fashion section for more awesome box subscriptions and reviews! we have reached the 300 mark lets aim for 500! who knows if we reach a 1000 mark we will do a huge giveaway ~! This has been it for today my beautiful people till the next one!
Remember to stay FLAWLESS BEAU'S
Hasta la Vista~ NANA♥
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BomiBox seems pretty awesome
It seems similar to the Doki Doki box
This is an AMAZING review. Thanks so much for this.
Thank you for reading liking and sharing this card Beau stay FLAWLESS~ Nana 💖
how do you get these boxes???
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These examples are not limited to these artists but these are just some examples of people who have done these. Sistar's Soyou ate only one meal a day, IU ate one apple, one sweet potato and one protein shake a day, After School's UEE eats only 1000kcals a day (that's half the recommended daily calorie intake!), 2AM's Changmin ate 2 blocks of tofu and ran for 6 hours everyday, Sistar's Dasom ate only cucumbers for 3 weeks, Park Boram is probably one of the more extreme examples of the chaos the kpop industry produces in the minds of young and growing people. She participated in Super Star K2 at the age of 18 and placed in the top 8! Afterwards, though, she eventually lost 70 pounds in order to debut! While this may have taken place over the course of 4 years that is a ridiculous amount of weight to lose! She released an album last year called "Celepretty" revealing her completely changed figure. But the Kpop industry is changing, a bit too slowly, but it's changing. 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Dry skin? No longer a problem! Amazing results!
Did you know that skin’s surface layers have between 10% to 30% water content, and maintaining this level of hydration it should be your main priority? Most of the time, having dry skin is due to genetics, but can also be influenced by external factors like pollution, personal lifestyle, diet, hormones, climate, medication. A major job has been conveyed by the kind of skin-care items you use, as hurtful and drying fixings can irritate the skin's surface. Despite the reason, the outcome is your skin can't keep up its typical hydration level. Your strategy to restore the skin's surface, so it can remain flawlessly hydrated, is to begin giving your skin what it needs to stay hydrated, unblemished and smooth. Naturally, what you should do? Drinking a ton of water consistently is an useful thing, yet on the off chance that you have dry skin, this speaks to avery significant factor for the degree of dryness. Eat steadily, keep up an eating regimen is the thing that each specialist would state. I state that as well. I won't get into this subject as there are a lot of articles out there that approach this point with increasingly itemized and helpful data. Speaking of beauty, what you should do The most important thing in your beauty routine is to gently exfoliate your complexion twice or three times a week to get rid of dead cells. Because of these, an additional layer of skin is formed, so preventing the build-up of dead cells you allow treatments and moisturizes to go effectively into your skin and maintain the level of hydration longer. Use an efficient natural foundation for dry skin. Why organic makeup? Simply because it is natural, has more healing and hydrateting properties and does good to your skin! Another interesting fact is hot water strips oils from the skin faster than cold water, so I suggest you skip the long, hot showers or baths, I know is more than difficult, but try to limit yourself to a 5-10 warm shower a day to help your skin retain more natural oil into it. You should get worried when... Having dry skin can also be a sign of dermatitis if your skin presents some flaking along with redness. In this case, I recommend you go to dermatology. You might face a serious medical issue that needs professional attention. How to keep your skin hydrated? Using the right products, designed for dry skin, even better if organic and natural, and following a strict daily routine are important steps in keeping your skin hydrated. Restoring hydration to the skin is also important, so there are some things to be avoided if you want to keep your skin smooth. Stop damaging your skin by avoiding the following things: 1. Soaps in bar form 2. Drying cleansers 3. Products with hard or skin-aggravating ingredients like alcohol denat., citrus, fragrance, mint 4. Hot water, as it breaks down the skin 5. Abrasive scrubs or exfoliants 6. Stiff-bristled brushes as it can cause micro-tears in the skin’s surface Conclusion Hope you enjoy my writing and I will be very happy if this article helped at least one of the lady out there. Love you all!