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hahahah... @callie.... here it is callie.. the film that we've all been dreaming of.. song seung hun in a 19+ erotic film... we'll get to see a lot of his body.. and how he can justify making love passionately!! hahahah i sound like a pervert... and that girl really rocks erotic films.. just look at the film that she is in it... the servant/housemaid.. you'll see...^^ Well, you ask and you shall receive. Song Seung-heon (When A Man Loves) has confirmed that he’ll be taking on his first 19+ erotic film, called Human Addiction, the new project from director Kim Dae-woo of The Bang-ja Chronicles and Forbidden Quest. Jo Yeo-jung (Haeundae Lovers) will be reuniting with the director to play the heroine. The movie is set during the Vietnam War, where Song Seung-heon plays a superior officer who falls in love his subordinate’s wife (Talk about an abuse of power. Just don’t tell me he sends the guy off to die on purpose!) and Jo Yeo-jung plays the wife who falls for Song Seung-heon. The two have a torrid, scandalous affair, since this is an erotic melo after all. Historical erotic melodramas are certainly a retread for Jo Yeo-jung after Bang-ja Chronicles and The Concubine, so I see exactly why she was cast, even if it feels rather repetitive. This’ll be new territory for Song Seung-heon, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s a good career move or a bad one. Somehow I don’t think Song Seung-heon in less clothing will be considered a bad thing by anyone around here. Once it completes casting, Human Addiction will start shooting in October for a release next year.
GOT DAMNNNN!!!! im late but im here, present!!!! well my my my heyyyyyyyyyyy.....wow, im just a little disappointed b/c now the whole world gets to see his YUMMY bod besides me...but its okay ill share just a little bit, for now....i know, i shouldnt be greedy all the time, (*_*)....yes, yes, yes, i cant wait either, lolz...
wonderful but movie will have long time to watch it
heyyy heyyyyyy....ive been kind of busy...staring at walls of his pic and i didnt hear you, my bad, lolz
callie!! i posted this almost a month ago.. lol.. but yeah at least you are here now.. ain't it exciting? hahaha
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