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❧ Day 7: How did you Discover Boys Republic:

I discovered Boys Republic through the YouTube God's. ✧ I was minding my peaceful business one day, and the YouTube God's suggested a new song to me. . .I clicked and I was snatched up by 5 guys I wasn't ready to love just yet. I was still a recovering Cross Gene Addict. . . Had been for a year and I was side swiped. I was intrigued. I decided to ask the deity to forgive me of my errors, and fell hard.

❧ Day 8: How did you Discover NCT?:

I discovered NCT through my Friends Jojo, Ariza, and Krissy. They were keeping up with them and kept mentioning about them before they debuted. I got curious and clicked on their video. I fell hard ever sense and knew that I was about to have a bad time.

❧ Day 9: What is your favorite Boys Republic Video and why?

My Favorite Video is Video Game. I'm a huge gamer so I love any references to video games. I think the video/song is fun and Catchy. The boys look strapping and loveable (but when do they not?) The choreography is fun too, so it stuck as my favorite. Can I just have them please??

❧ Day 10: What is your favorite NCT Video & Why?

Firetruck is my Favorite NCT Video. Just like Video Game, this song is Catchy. I really like their faces in this SO precious. This is also the Video that Taeyong decided to wreck me.

Cause red pants: That is all

❧ Day 11: Which Boys Republic Member do you wish was your Older Sibling?

Well, since I'm older than all of them except OneJunn, I'd have to say I'd want him to be my older sibling. He seems like a genuinely sweet guy and the protector.

❧ Day 12: Which Boys Republic do you wish was your best friend?

Sungjun Should be the BFF. I have watched the variety shows they have been on, and Sungjun has a great personality. He's funny, sweet, and seems like someone I would want around me 25/8.

❧ Day 13: Post your favorite group photo of Boys Republic.

I know it probably means only one, but I don't ever have just one favorite. It's hard for me, so I have 5 ♡ These are all my favorites.

❧ Day 14: Post your favorite group photo of NCT:

❧ Day 15: Favorite Boys Republic Hairstyle:

My favorite hairstyle for them is during their Video Game Era & Party Rock Era

❧ Day 16: Favorite NCT Hairstyle:

The Hairstyle in Firetruck is my favorite for the boys. Tae killed me, Taeil & Yuta as well.
*Phew. . . still getting Caught up, but I had this in the drafts for a few hours.*

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