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Alright this is my last exo one shot for the year and quarter. I hope you all enjoyed it and had a good christmas.
"Oh let's go try some wine!" I said looking at my phone. Dani and I decided to go to a different town and explore. It was a cute little town that seemed friendly. All along the main road there were little shops and lots of Christmas decorations. It wasn't quiet Christmas yet but it was close. "Alright, sounds fun." Dani agreed. As we walked down the road there was music. "Where is that coming from?" I said trying to see where the noise was coming from. "The trees." Dani pointed to one we were passing. There was a speaker attached to it and coming out of it was Christmas music. "Oh my gosh I love this town. I want to move here!" I exclaimed. "It is very cute and it's got a nice vibe to it. Omo red carpet!" Dani said and took off to a shop that had a little red carpet out front. I laughed as she asked for a picture. After Dani's photo op we found the wine tasting place. We walking in and it was a very cozy place. they had 2 bars on either side of the tiny shop. We sat down at the closest seats to the door. The lady working talked to us for a bit and then gave us our own wine glasses. We were going through the wines and discussing which ones to try for a good few minutes and then finally started trying the different wines. "I'm glad we did this." Dani said tasting her sample of wine. "Me too, I feel so sophisticated. " I giggled as I took a sip. Wine wasn't my thing but these were tasting good so far. We were poured our third sample when the door opened and in walked two guys. We both glanced at the door and smiled at the two that walked in then quickly looked away and at each other. Both of us had smiles on our faces. "So um...what do you wanna do after this?" I asked trying to get the smile to die down a bit. "um.." Dani started thinking. "You should go to the chocolate shop." We both looked at the guy next to me. I bet my eyes got huge. "That's actually what we did first." Dani said since she could think. Me not so much. She was safe and had picked the seat against the wall so Noone could sit next to her, while I had the spot next to me open. "Oh and the coffee shop next to it?" the other one said. "Yup been there too." Dani said and I looked at her and started laughing. I didn't mean to it just came out. Her face was so red. "" I said between laughs. "Stop it (y/n) you know how I get around....." She stopped and looked at the two guys. " You know." She finished "I know that's why I was shocked by you." I said started to calm my giggles. "So your names Dani?" The dude next to me said getting my attention back. "Yup." She said "What's your name?" He asked me and I just stared into his eyes for what felt like forever. "'s (y/n)" I said not looking away. "Fits you very well." He said smiling. "What's your name?" I asked "Chanyeol and this guy is Kyungsoo." He turned and patted the guy next to him. "So why are you to here?" I asked finally looking at my glass in front of me. "2 reasons." Chanyeol said "What are they?" I asked intrigued "1 was to try some wine and this place looked cozy." chanyeol said and I could hear the smile in his voice. "And the 2nd?" Dani asked "Um the 2nd isn't important. " Kyungsoo popped in. "ok." We both said and finished drinking the sample we got. Over the next 20 minutes we talked to the two. It was nice. We had finished the rest of our samples a while ago but didn't want to stop talking with the two so we stayed. Finally they finished there's and we all left together. We stood outside. It was a little Chilly but not that bad. "So what are you two ladies doing now?" Chanyeol asked. "Probably just gonna walk around and check out the little shops." Dani said "Yeah...oh and maybe the museum." I said pointing down a hill to a building that said museum on it. "Mind if we join?" Kyungsoo asked. "Sure the more the merrier." I said smiling. This seemed like a double date. As soon as I said they could come kyungsoo started walking with Dani and talking with her. "So are you two going back home after this?" Chanyeol asked "No we actually got a hotel room so we could spend more time together. " "Why is that?" "Well we live in different areas and have busy schedules so it's hard to meet up all the time so we try it see each other at least once a month." "That's cool." "Yea a new adventure every month. How about you?" "We are normally busy all the time but we finally got a break and I begged Kyungsoo to come with me." Chanyeol said laughing "Why'd you have to beg him?" I was intrigued. "Oh he wanted it rest at home. But like you I got him to stay the night here." "Cool maybe we are in the same hotel." We walked and talked for a bit more until the Christmas lights came on and then we said our goodbyes. We planned on meeting up in the morning at the little coffee shop we went to this afternoon. We went to the hotel and first checked in then started grabbing our stuff. Once we were settled we looked around the hotel to see where the pool was and where we could get breakfast in the morning before we left. That's when I bumped into someone. "I guess it was fate we stayed at the same hotel." I looked up to see chanyeol. "I guess so." I smiled. "This time we better exchange numbers." "Why?" "I'm not leaving you up to fate anymore." He said and caused me to blush and look down at my feet while I handed my phone over to him.
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Aww I think I like this one the best! ❤❤