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"Look, just cause she's an American doesnt mean you should go pushing her around. She'll be here for a while and will need a good plan and a good phone," GD, the G-Dragon, Kwon Ji-Yong in the flesh. WHAT?! My mind exploded. "Ah…of course," the man replied hastily while quickly securing me, what he explained it as, was the lowest and fastest plan for my phone for the next year. Within a few minutes Id secured my new phone, my plan, and was walking out stiffly with GD at my side. When we got out of the shop, I turned to him and I think the shock was still on my face, because he laughed, "I haven't done that for a while." "You're …you're…Im a huge fan," I got choked up and he laughed at me again. "Yeah, I figured when you froze up in there." If I was the fainting type, I'd be fainting. As it were, my brain was still playing catch up with my eyes and body, "I cant thank you enough, and it's such an honor, and I can't thank you enough and it's such an honor and…oh my gosh I'm making a fool of myself," I was blushing like crazy. Then something occurred to me, "Wait, why did you help me?" "Your keychain," he said. Puzzled, I looked at my keychain. All it had was my apartment key to my new apartment, my house key to my parents house back in the US, and my Jellyfish Ent. Keychain charm that they give to all of the employees. "My keychain charm?" I asked, looking up at him. "I make it my business to know as much of the comings and goings of other record companies as possible. That's a charm given only to employees working at Jellyfish, which means you've been hired for some special reason, and for a decent amount of time." "You deduced all of that from my keychain charm? What are you, Sherlock Holmes?" (Sorry, I was watching Sherlock Holmes when I wrote this. You know how inspiration just kicks you sometimes, right?) "Well, I am brilliant. But I also have a friend who works there and he was talking about a new employee from the US who is an English teacher," he shrugged with a grin. "Oh. Well that makes more sense but still this is really a coincidence. We probably shouldn't be standing out in front of the phone shop, should we go to a café or something? Maybe to the park nearby? I think I saw one on the map I printed off of the area." "I can show you around if youd like." I nodded, tongue-tied and he laughed at me again. And so I had GD as my personal tour guide around my neighborhood and a bit beyond as well. "So, how did you end up here?" he asked. I tried so hard to contain my squealing fangirl side and concentrate on the conversation at hand. Maybe I could just get one picture with him during the course of our walk…
"I graduated with my degree to teach English Literature, but was always interested in Asian cultures, and I got into KPOP pretty early on, so I had an inclination for either Japan or Korea and there was a job opportunity here as I was finishing my degree to teach English as a Second Language so I applied. I didn't think I'd get the job but…I did. It was probably the most exciting moment of my life to come here," fulfilling my dream. He nodded and I blushed, "Well, meeting you is actually now top of my list because despite my new job, I didnt think I'd ever get close enough to actually meet you except like, maybe across a table at a fan meet event or something," I admitted. GD laughed at me again, and I blushed again. Gosh, I never blushed this much! "You're very honest, even for an American." "My sister always said I was too rude because I was so blunt and honest. I'm Im sorry if I offended you "No, I find it refreshing actually. Can I see your phone?" he asked. I quickly handed my phone over and he typed something in, then took a quick selfie with me (I looked like a moron as he grinned), typed a bit more, and then handed me back my phone, "There. So, as I said, its not necessarily bad to be so honest with others. So how long are you going to be here?" "My work visa lasts for two years, but I'm hoping to renew it pretty easily as long as I'm still employed with Jellyfish. I hope so," I crossed my fingers, "it really is a dream come true. I've always loved music, and VIXX is my bias group. Not to say that you're not one of my biases, obviously. It's because of you and Big Bang that I really got into KPOP, you were my gateway group to other groups. My first song I ever heard of yours was Monster. I've always loved it." "Really? That was a while ago." "Like I said, I got into it pretty early, but not so early that I can boast about it. I like your newer music too, but there's something about a person's first song of a new group, you know? Especially if its as good as Monster was." "Thank you." "Do you know, I actually had a friend of mine when I was at college, the first Korean I'd ever met. She was so nice and very smart. But she found out about my love for KPOP and all things Asian, and showed me your music video on Youtube for Monster, and later commented that I was more Asian than she was," I smiled at the memory. "Oh gosh, I'm blabbering on, Im so sorry," I felt majorly embarrassed. "No, it's fine. It's cute." Embarrassed even more, I looked away, gazing at the buildings and the people around me. It must be because its during the morning work hours and school hours, but the streets werent as busy as I thought they'd be. "So, may I ask, what were you doing in the area?"
"I like to walk around Seoul sometimes in different areas and reacquaint myself with the people. If I'm going to be a good artist, I have to make sure that I am not only aware of all the new gadgets, cool fashions, and trends, but also to be a trendsetter and lead the innovation." "Oh, that makes sense. So it was just coincidence that you were in the area?" "Yes. Although I saw you gripping your keys tightly while gearing yourself up to face the store clerk before entering and found you entertaining." "Well, I suppose that blessings come in many forms then. I really can't thank you enough for your help, I'm not a very confrontational person you see, and its difficult for me to hold my ground when someone is pushing me. Especially given that Korean is my fourth language, and I'm not nearly as familiar with the culture as I want to believe I am." "Fourth language?" "I speak English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean," I grinned proudly. "You have many talents then." "I hope so. It would be ever so boring to have only one talent after all. I mean, you're a singer, rapper, record producer, songwriter, and a fashion icon…I've always been so interested in how you keep up with everything. I really admire your adversity and hard work." "Thank you," I think I saw a blush this time from him. Score one for me! "How was your military service? You probably won't actually tell me, but do you think that you will be working as Big Bang again anytime soon?" "I'm afraid I cant disclose that." I shook my head with a smile, "No, its fine. I didnt expect you would. I was just curious." I was getting a little more comfortable talking to him (don't ask me how), and I was glad that I wasn't gushing like a fan girl so much anymore. "My military service was fine, but I missed my work here and doing what I loved. Its nice to be back." "Well, I can tell you, and I'm sure it's been quite obvious from adoring fans, that everyone is happy to have you back as well. My best friend back at home is a huge TOP fan, obviously she really likes you too, but I think TOP is her bias; anyway, she thought your most recent album released was very good, but it was maybe a bit too…tame? I think it was fabulous, but she's always believed that you can set the trend and step up." "I can see why shed think that. I suppose I did want to try getting back into the swing of things after being gone for so long. She's very observant." "That she is." "You must miss your family and friends?"
"I've only been here for two days, this is my first day to myself since I moved here actually. I haven't had time to miss them. But, not getting to share so many cool things with someone is rather difficult. I am afraid to talk about my work, and there are a whole bunch of rules about social media and information leaking, so I'm super paranoid." "It will get easier the longer you stay here, I'm sure. And you'll soon make some friends. You're cheery enough to do so." "But I'm so shy, I find it really hard to reach out and make new friends," I admitted. "You're doing just fine with a KPOP icon," he chuckled. "Ah, well, yeah, but that's because you helped me out first. I would have been too afraid to approach you, whether you were GD or not." "Very well then." He stopped and I stopped as well. "This is my stop," he said suddenly in front of a café of some sort. "It's been a pleasure to meet you Miss Smith," he bowed slightly and I returned it. "The pleasure has been all mine. I can't thank you enough for taking care of me, and then for showing me around and taking the time to talk and meet and…really, how can I thank you?" "By working hard at your dream. That's the best way," he smiled and I melted. How was it possible for him to be so…everything? "I will absolutely be the best at my job, just you see. I won't let you down," I gave a victory pose and he busted up laughing again. "You should be able to get back to your apartment using the GPS on your phone. Bye," he walked away. I watched him disappear into the café, then very slowly walked away, retaining my dignity until I had rounded the corner and then I yelped and jumped up in the air. YES! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just talk to him. This is like, the best day of my life! Oh my gosh! After I had a mini victory freak out (lasted longer than it should have honestly, and in public, the shame!) I pulled up my phone GPS and put in the directions to my apartment. Had we walked that far? Well, that was fine, now I knew the area a little better. Oh! The picture he took! I pulled it up in my pictures menu and exclaimed in despair, I can't show that selfie to anyone! I looked like an utter moron, and GD looked amazing. Well, forget telling anyone I met GD with that picture as evidence. As I was muttering darkly at the picture I got a text message. Looking at the contact, I nearly fainted again. It was from GD. - Hey cutie, dont get lost. Text me sometime~GD My life was truly going to be exciting from this point forward.
TA-DAH! My third chapter is out. I'm so sorry I didn't get anything out sooner. I randomly changed my plot the last time I wrote part 2 (it wasnt part of the original script), so I had to add an entirely new section and subplot. Sorry! Also, please don't hate me, because I know this wouldn't happen in real life, but it IS fanfiction after all. Ill try to make this as realistic as I can make KPOP fanfiction, but it seems almost impossible to do, lol. Also, Merry Christmas!! (this is a VIXX fanfic, btw, not a BIGBANG or GD fanfic, I promise) @Lexxcisco, @BBxGD, @Tigerlily184, @SweetDuella, @Mediamonster, @KaiLuhan4ever, @twistedPuppy, @ElleHolley, @EliseB, @ScarletMermaid, @Helixx, @Isolate, @VixenViVi, @StefaniTre, @Viresse, @Gaarita100, @JaxomB, @Tweety19, @SugaKookieV, @NasiaWright, @ashleyemmert, @kpopandkimchi, @JiyongLeo, @KAddict, @byeolbit, @MandyNoona, @Atomshair, @StephanieDuong, @clandrea170, @Miss148, @panouvang123, @amberg171997, @HanbinsWife, @LemonLassie, @QueenLee, @kelseyblair, @honeysoo, @lovetop, @KaceyDodge, @PrettieeEmm, @SugaOnTop, @kpopINT, @heidichiesa, @CrookedShadow, @SNBlackRose, @sukkyongwanser