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Who:Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Far off the coast of South Smutrifac is an island called Smut. The population of Smutizens are far more than can anyone can count there's Smut in every direction, the island is over flowing with Smut that the waters themselves have become Smutty. Story: This is part two to Sugar plum you don't have to read Sugar plum to read this honestly.
The smell of fresh baked cookies filled the apartment. Kiseok was in the bedroom still washing up. You placed the cookies on the table and whistled as a call to get him out of the bedroom. He came out with his long gray sweat shirt on covering his hands. He was sucking on a lollipop. You picked up a cookie and walked over to him taking a bite from one side and then placed the other half in his mouth when he pulled out the lollipop. He chewed the cookie slowly while staring you in the eyes. His free hand came to the side of your neck. "Ready for you present?" He said. You smiled, "Well it is Christmas, it's time to decide the true winner." You said. He leaned down to kiss you. "Fitting that you made cookies today." He said. "Why is that?" You asked. "I was craving something sweet. Now go into the bedroom you'll find your gift." He said. You walked towards the bedroom door but looked back to see Kiseok grabbing the frosting can and sprinkles for your cookies. You smiled thinking of what he had in mind for those two things. You got into the room and saw a sex swing in the middle of it. You smiled big and laughed a little. You started to undress until nothing but your fishnet thigh highs were left on you. You looked down at yourself and the box that you had on the night stand all wrapped up for him to see. You sighed and took your place in the swing. Kiseok walked in and smiled seeing you all prepared. He closed the door behind him and then came over to you. He began to slowly spread icing over your nipples and once they were covered he put sprinkles on them. He smiled looking down at you doing the same thing to your core. "Now this is a cookie I can enjoy for a long time." He mused. You chuckled and watched him get on his knees and he began to lick you up slowly. His eyes kept flashing up to see you each time he did. His warm tongue traced small circles around your clit then went to making Hangul characters on your clit until he found the perfect one to make you moan deeply into the room. You gripped onto the swing to keep your balance, although you leaned your head back. He kissed your lips below making sure to take up the taste of icing completely. "We should put you in edible panties." He said from your heat. "Uh-we?" You questioned. "You and me." He clarified. You hummed deeply when his tongue pushed inside of you. He began swinging you slightly so that you'd move onto his tongue. His warm wet muscle wiggling inside of your core making you moan louder. "Oh fuck jagi." you moaned. "Hmmmmm." He hummed as he moved his lips over your clit. He began to suck on your little clit making you bring your legs in to hold his face there. His kiss was loud enough you could hear the wet smacking from your core. "You taste so good baby." "You sure that's not just the frosting you're tasting?" You chuckled. He licked the white frosting on the side of his lip away and smiled, "Oh baby you always taste good. You're my favorite kind of cookie." His tongue flattened and licked up your folds again. His tongue teased by your entrance and he pushed in you again. His tongue felt like it was trying to wiggle in circles in your core. The feeling was amazing, the more he licked you the wetter you became. He stood up to finally kiss your lips and you tasted both the sweetness of the frosting and the sweetness of yourself. His hands came to just under your breast to fondle them while him mouth covered over one nipple sucking away to get the frosting off of them. His tongue played around on your breast licking around your nipple as a tease and you moaned loudly just wanting him to bite, lick or suck on you. You moaned louder feeling amazing. "So good." You moaned reaching with one hand to bring him deeper onto your nipple. Kiseok moved away for a moment to get rid of his sweater and his pants. He went over to the drawer and pulled out a vibrator it was smaller than the last one he used on you. He pulled out a condom but you quickly said, "No leave it. I want to feel you." He smiled and placed it back in the drawer. He came up to your entrance and placed himself in the right position. He grabbed your hip and pulled you onto him making you moan out loud. Your legs locked around his waist and he turned on the lowest setting of the vibrator and placed it on your clit. You mewled while gripping tight to the swing. He began to rock into you while he pushed the vibrator harder onto your clit. He bent over slightly letting his tongue run across your nipple to lick up the frosting on the other side. He was moving slowly on purpose to build up your big O, the rocking motion wasn't just fun it was amazing to feel. You loved how he snapped his hips into you hard but slow. His hand helping you swing down onto him. He groaned at the sight of your amazing naked body below him in the swing rocking back into him. He leaned over a bit so he could suck on your nipple and he brought the toy up to your other nipple letting it tease the nub till it was hard again. He let the vibrator trail up to your lips and he pushed it into your mouth making you suck on it. He watched you suck on the small device while he sucked on you and you did so willingly. Your tongue swirled around it and sucked on it, your teeth refrained from coming down so that you wouldn't feel the vibrations. He popped off of your nipple making you give an excited gasp then he placed the vibrator back on your clit this time speeding up the vibrations. Your body tightened around him and he fucked you faster; he moved harder on you truly making you swing. "Oh fuck Kiseok." "Shit." He moaned. You had tightened around him even more loving the angle and how fast he was going not to mention the stimulation from the vibrator. "Oh- fuck me." You mewled. His hand left the toy on your clit and ran up your stomach. You felt a tickle run up your body as your stomach sank in to flee from his touch. You loved the way he was touching you though it was amazing. He pulled out of you to get you off the swing. You let him free your legs and he took your hand and pulled you over to the bed. He stood in front of you placing his hands on both sides of your cheeks and he kissed you. You sat down while his lips ravished yours, his tongue gaining access into your mouth to dominate over yours. He continued kissing you leaning you back while slightly shifting your body on an angle. He lifted your leg leaving the other one extended and let himself find your entrance. He broke the kiss and looked down at you. He wrapped the leg he lifted up on to his waist and he'd slipped deeper inside of you. "Oooooo, fuck Kiseok." You moaned. Kiseok rocked his hips into you going as deep as he could. His hot member rubbing your walls quickly searching for the perfect spot to make you scream. He leaned over you, his hands planted on either side of your body while he fucked you harder and faster. His lips came down to your neck and he sucked marks onto your body. He sucked multiple marks on your collarbone remaking marks he already made days before that were trying to go away. You moaned his name while he continued his movements inside you. "Lick me." You moaned. "I'm going to eat you up cookie." He said. His lips crashed over yours and he kissed you hard. His hand came to your stomach. Then he dipped down to kiss your lips again. His mouth moved to just below your ear and he licked a slow sensual circle on your skin. "You taste so good." Your arm wrapped around his feeling yourself tighten around him, "Kiseok oppa." "Y/n. You sound so good baby." "Gonna- come." You managed to speak out past your moans. "Me too." He said. He switched his position 'so that he was laying on his side behind you. He lifted your leg up so that he could get a better angle. He quickly pushed into you again. He moved quickly inside you, his body slapping into yours. You gripped onto the sheets on the bed while he kissed the crook of your neck. Your hand went to your clit running circles as quick as his fast thrusts. "Sexy, Y/n. You're so good cookie." He called you. "Shit, shit, I'm cumming!" You screamed as your leg shook in his hand and your body tightened up around him still thrusting in and out of you. Your body jerked at the feeling of still being touched, Not long after he was spilling inside you too. You were panting heavily while he pulled out of you and cleaned you both up. He smiled as he cleaned you up and you said, "I win." He looked up at you confused. "Because of your fishnets? No this win goes to me." He said. You were still catching your breath but you shook your head. "One, we only used the swing for one position, two you used the vibrator for a second and three I didn't give you your present yet." He looked at you oddly. You pointed at the box on the night stand and he looked up and went over to grab it while throwing away his trash. He looked at you and then at the box unraveling your ribbon and taking off the lid to reveal a pregnancy test. His eyes got wide and you looked at him with a faint smile, "Merry Christmas." You said. "We're having- you and me?" he said shocked. You nodded. He came back over to the bed crawling over your body and he kissed your stomach. "We're having a baby? I can't believe it." He said smiling hard. You nodded and repeated, "I win." "Yes you do cookie, you win everything. I'll take care of you both. I love you." He said. "I love you too." He kissed you while running his hands through your hair. His lips ravished yours. Outside your window snow finally started to fall. The best Christmas gift ever, your first expected child....
awwwwwww!! that whole story was so tender and sweet.
OK, now I want some milk and cookies
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What the hell
Oooo don't call him daddy Simon for nothing!! πŸ™‹πŸ’‘πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§
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