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Twas the day after Christmas and all was a bliss, not a single drop of suspicion lurked within the company blitz. As the staff gathered and celebrated together, little did they realize that one of their own was plotting revenge for her own pleasure.
So come one or come all, for the tale of fangirls and deaths, because honestly, who doesn't like some good holiday MacBeth?
Please, enjoy! <3 ;)
“Yaaah! Ladies! Sail is back with food!” Jojo yelled down the hallway to lure in the staff then walked back to help Sailynn distribute the burgers out to the smiling guests in the room. “Did you get any animal fries?” She asked Sailynn.
“Pfft. Of course. Your shake is over there too.” Sailynn pointed at the small table, causing Jojo to grin from ear to ear as she slid past her and scooped up the shake. “Nana, here is your lemonade like you like.” Sailynn stated, handing the giggly Nana a sealed cup.
“Yaass, thanks girl.” Nana took it with both hands and immediately placed the straw in between her lips.
“Chill child, we know you're thirsty but you don't have to finish it in one sitting,” Jojo teased, making full eye contact with Nana then flickering her eyes to the quiet guests.
Nana coughed, “What? I'm not that thirsty. I just like lemonade.”
“Mmmhmm, then why you choking?” Sailynn grinned.
“What? Er- ugh! Cannot you not?” Nana continued to find the proper words to retort, failing after a few grumbles and going back to her silent state.
“Are they not hungry? It's In and Out, seriously.” Sailynn muttered to Jojo.
“Beats me-”
The girls and the guests immediately look up towards the entrance, spotting Taemi in the door way and catching every second of her shriveling up into her shy shell.
Jojo smiled as she walked over to Taemi and encouraged her inside, “come eat while the burgers are warm and the cheese is still melty.”
Taemi bowed her head politely to her eonni then made her way to sit on the couch by Nana, bowing politely to the guests as she walked by- Nana giggling at Taemi when her cheeks decided to stay bright red instead of cooling down with a sip of soda.
“Is that In and Out-” Sky stops in the door way like the eonni before her, eyeing everyone in the room before she pivoted right back around on her heels and marched back down the hallway without another word. If it wasn't for Jojo lurking near the entrance way, Sky may have escaped successfully, but luck wasn't on her side.
“Sky! Don't be shy! Say hi to our wonderful guests today!” Jojo sang happily as she pulled Sky back into the room and forced her to sit down besides Taemi. The two of them sitting quietly without looking up at the dozen eyes staring at them- Nana still giggling in between bites.
The presence of another body in the room draws everyone's attention towards the doorway. Elayne stood, half in shock, half in process of trying to comprehend what exactly was going on as she looked around from corner to corner, but luckily, Jojo was there to guide Elayne to the couch too.
“Aishh, I should have bought more animal fries. At this rate, I'm gonna end up eating them all before Shey gets here,” Sailynn complained.
“Before I what-” Shey finally appeared, frozen in place with her jaw on the floor until a spark lit in her eyes and threw her hands up above her head in defeat. “WHY IS MY HUSBAND HERE!?” The moment the words left she knew there would be no going back to a normal life. Her eyes popped out of their place almost immediately after she spoke, making her hands to fly up to her mouth and clasp around it, as if desperately trying to pull back the words into her mouth. But regardless, it was obvious that her death was near.
“What? V can't come visit you whenever he wants? I thought you two were married,” Jojo smirked.
Everyone turned to look at the blushing V who had now scooted over and patted the space next to him. “Come over wifey, come sit with me.”
The rest of his brothers laughed along with Sailynn and Jojo while the girls continued to eat quietly, feeling for their dying coworker who was now sitting besides a smiling V.
“Sail, did you get any special sauce?” Jojo asked.
“Yeah, it's in the bag, did you look?” Sailynn answered.
“This one right?” Namjoon peered into a paper bag then handed it to Jojo.
“Thanks Namjoon. You guys have had In and Out burgers before right?” Jojo asked the boys.
“They're my favorite,” J-Hope smiled.
“Noona, could you pass me the salt packet?” Jungkook asked Nana, who silently slid the packet in his direction.
Sail and Jojo watched as Jin stared at the quiet girls on the couch like a curious puppy then instantly switch to Eomma Jin and push forward a few burgers in their direction.
“Please, eat. Girls are prettiest when they are eating and healthy,” He smiled warmly at them.
“Take some of my fries too,” Jimin beamed at Elayne as he pushed the small basket towards her but Elayne only turned as red as the ketchup on the table and looked away.
“Oh no,” Jojo sighed. “You've been waiting for that smile and now you're looking away?” She walked up behind Elayne and turned her head back towards Jimin. “Look! Your bias is smiling at you! Smile back for him honey!” As if on cue, Jimin begins to chuckle shyly while his cheeks filled with color.
V grabbed one of the burgers and began to unwrap it carefully before handing it to Shey. Shey jumped with a yelp at his gentle tap on her shoulder, turning pale as the walls in the room when V reached out to wrap her fingers around the burger.
“You have to eat wifey!” He teased with a wide smile. The rest of the members chuckled along until Shey finally caved and began eating .
Sailynn waltzed over to the muted Sky and slithered her arms around her neck for an affectionate hug. “Skkyyy!” Sailynn sang. “Now that both of your biases are here in front of you, let's settle the pending question of who you bias most! Joonie or Yoongi?”
Sky immediately began to cough.
“What are you talking about?” Jojo stated then walked over beside Sailynn and wrapped her own arms around the girl. “Yoongi obviously belongs to Taemi!”
Out of curiosity, Yoongi looked up and made direct eye contact with Taemi, causing Taemi to flare up in color and look away from Yoongi's intense gaze.
By now, Sailynn was no longer behind Sky. Sailynn had moved over to her original spot by Nana, allowing Sky to shoot Sailynn a death sentencing glare.
Namjoon chuckled, “a pretty girl like you shouldn't glare so harshly.” Sky committed the ultimate mistake of glancing over at Namjoon the moment his dimples made their appearance, and as if someone had snapped their fingers, Sky sunk back into the couch, avoiding any and every eye contact.
Nana straightens up from leaning on the couch. “Why do you guys have to be so mean? You two have biases too! Sail likes Namjoon and Jojo likes Yoongi!”
Sailynn grinned brightly. “Yup!”
“Yaah! I do not like the sugar cube!” Jojo retorted.
Sailynn scoffed. “But you add so much sugar to your daily diet!” She winked playfully.
Jojo faked a hurt look. “What? No I do not! I like Jin.”
Nana hugged her stomach as she laughed loudly.
“Pfft. You don't look good in pink darling. Black is your style-”
“Exactly, Jin wears the pink, I wear the black. That's a balanced relationship.”
“You can't have a balanced relationship with all the sweet suga you're addicted to!” Sailynn announced.
“I am not addicted to sugar!” Jojo yelled back.
Sailynn looked around the room. “Where's your candy stash bishh?”
“What does that have to do with this!?”
“Well if you tell me, we can settle this and get Nana to stop laughing like a maniac over there!”
“I know how to shut her up! Hobi! Aegyo, now!”
On cue, J-Hope began to pull his best aegyo, shutting up Nana instantly with how bright her face became the moment she looked over at him.
Sailynn and Jojo laughed, earning another spiteful look from Nana.
“Okay okay, now that we've all had something to eat, now it's time to discuss why Bangtan is visiting us here at KpopINT today,” Jojo announced.
“We're playing games!” Sailynn shrieked in excitement.
Jojo looked over to her, “Was that necessary?”
“What? I'm excited!”
“But you didn't have to spoil the fun like that.”
“It's not my fault you're jamless.”
“Excuse me?”
Sailynn winked at Jojo playfully before pulling some aegyo. “You love me.”
Jojo looked away from Sailynn and continued explaining the events. “Before I was rudely interrupted, yes, we will be playing games so the guys can get comfortable with us and the entire staff so when you decide to come back for future promotions and interviews, you'll be able to walk in like family.”
“That and because who doesn't like playing games?” Sailynn smirked at the girls on the couch.
Sky rose her hand slowly. “Do we have to play?”
“Yes.” Sailynn and Jojo answered simultaneously.
“So everyone, go to the rest room if you have to, say goodbye to loved ones, and finish up eating! We'll be starting in a few minutes!” Sailynn beamed.
“S-say goodbye to l-loved ones?” Taemi repeated low enough for only the girls to hear.
Sailynn glanced over at Taemi and winked. “You heard me.”

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Um, yes please. this is gonna be fun!
I can't wait to see the girls reactions to the games we picked out. it will be fun
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