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Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is a request from @Anime4Life20 so enjoy!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Dance with me! (A Jeong Jungkook oneshot) You were at the club with your friends, jamming out to the music until a young guy came up behind you. "Will you dance with me?" He asked you, taking your hand. "OMG! Yes! Of course!" You replied. You couldn't believe you saw your bias in front of you asking you to dance with him! Jeon Jungkook. He was a cute guy, he was funny, sweet, and of course handsome! You follow him to the center and he swept you off your feet by showing off how good of a dancer he was. Then he grabbed you and he danced with you until he spun you around and dipped you to where you were about to fall and he kissed your neck and you rolled your head from one side to the other. He pulled you back up and hugged you. "Let's go to my place later." He whispered in your ear in a quiet and seductive tone. "You got it babe!" You replied. He picked you up and carried you to the ice cream truck nearby. "Hello, what flavor would you like?" The server asked. "Can I get one banana split fit for the two of us?" He asked the ice cream man. "Sure! I'll be out with two spoons with it!" The ice cream man replied. Jungkook placed you down and he leaned you against the wall as he kissed you passionately. The server whistled very loudly at Jungkook as he was startled and looked at the server. "Thank you sir." He said to the server. "You're welcome! Good night!" He replied. You both walked around the block looking for a table to sit at. You both find a restaurant with a patio of tables and you both sit down by the side of the patio. Jungkook opens the dessert and feeds you a scoop, you then feed him a scoop and an employee at the restaurant spots the both of you sitting at the side of the patio on the street and grabbed your attention. "Do you two want to sit at a table?" The waiter asked. "Only if the manager will allow it." You replied. "All right, I'll let him know!" The waiter said. He went off to tell the manager. The manager then went to you and Jungkook and led you two to a table in the patio. "If you're gonna sit here with your dessert, you have to order something here, it's our policy." The manager said. "Alright, we understand." You said politely to the manager. "Ok, I'll bring out your waiter." The manager replied. He then went off to find the waiter that found the both of you. "Alright, what can I get for your drinks?" The waiter asked. "I'll have water." Jungkook replied. "I'll also have water." You replied. "Alright, I'll have it out shortly!" The waiter said. He went to grab your glasses of water and brought them over to your table. He then set them to your table. "Thanks!" You said. He then went to seat other people. You look at your menu and so does Jungkook. You then set your menu down and stare at Jungkook. He looks at you while holding his menu and you look down as you blush to yourself. "What?" Jungkook said. "Nothing! You're just so cute!" You replied as you blush to yourself again, this time, Jungkook does the same thing and he stares at you. You were both staring at eachother, admiring eachother until you two blushed to yourselves. "Ugh! Jungkook you're just so adorable!" You said to yourself loudly enough to where Jungkook could still hear you. "You're pretty!" He said. You blush to yourself again at his comment. "Thanks!" You reply. "Anytime girl!" He responded. The waiter walked up to your table. "Would you two like some appetizers to start out with?" He asked. "Sure, we would like the fried calamari please." You replied. "Alright and for you sir?" He asked again. "I'm fine with that!" Jungkook replied. "Alright I'll have that out eventually!" The waiter responded. "Thanks!" You replied. "That sounds delicious! What does it taste like?" Jungkook asked you. "Do you know what octopus tastes like?" You asked him. "Yeah I've had it before." Jungkook replied. "It tastes similar to that." You answered. "Oh ok!" He responded. "Here is your calamari! Enjoy" the waiter said. "Thank you!" You replied. The waiter walked away and served other people. You grab a ring, dip it in ranch, and eat it. Jungkook does the same thing. You then grab another ring and dip it in marinara sauce and eat it. Jungkook follows suit. "They're great, aren't they?!" You say. "Yeah, I like these!" Jungkook replies. You then grab a tentacle piece and dip it in ranch and then eat it. Jungkook does the same thing. You then grab another tentacle icee, dip it in marinara sauce and eat it. Jungkook follows suit again. You two continue this pattern until there was no more pieces left on the plate. "Wow! We really killed it!" You say. "Yeah! Totally!" Jungkook agrees. You sit there, stare at the plate until the waiter picks it up and takes it back to the kitchen. He then walks back to your table. "Are you guys ready to order?" He asked. "Yes, we'll both have the spaghetti and meatballs plate for two." Jungkook replied with confidence. "I just want salad and breadsticks." You responded to the waiter. "Alright, I have that out as soon as it's ready." The waiter said. He then went to the kitchen to place the order. "So what were you doing at the club?" Jungkook asked you. "I was dancing with my friends." You reply. "Did you plan it in advance, or did you just show up?" He asked. "We just went. There was a bar at the entrance and there was a shortcut to the party." You reply. My friends and I go there to meet up with singles and we talk about how much we love it!" You add on. "Do you ever feel lonely?" He asked you. "No, not really, I enjoy being single." You replied. "Well tonight, you're mine!" Jungkook declared. "Oh, ok! You're on!" You responded. "Here is your dinner. Enjoy!" The waiter said with a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs along with salad and breadsticks as well as plates. "Thank you" Jungkook said. "Shall we?" Jungkook asked. "We shall!" You said to him. You both take your forks and eat the spaghetti. You continue to eat it until you both grab a common noodle. You both suck the noodle until your faces got close enough for a noodle kiss. During the kiss, the noodle was bitten and you both returned to eating. You grab a breadstick and bite some of the bread off the stick. You put it down on your plate and continue eating the spaghetti. Once again, you both grab a common noodle and suck it in your mouths and kiss until the noodle was cut off. You both continued to eat the spaghetti like this until there was none left, but meatballs. You dip your breadstick in the marinara sauce and eat it up. You also ate your salad with dressing. Then you finished eating up your breadsticks. After you ate your food, you let out a burp. "Excuse me." You say to yourself. "Here is your bill. Have a great night!" The waiter said as he gave you both the bill. Jungkook pulled out his company card and placed it in the checkbook as well as tip the waiter. He then signed the receipt and took out the customer copy of it and place it in his pocket. You both waited for the waiter to process your payment as another waiter takes away your plates. The first waiter returns his card and you both take off towards his apartment. "So, where your pla-" you were cut off by his kiss as he leaned you against the wall as he kissed you out of nowhere. You hold his head and sink into his kiss until you had to gasp for air. "Place. Where is it?" You finish asking. "Right this way my lady." He responded as he took you hand and led you to his apartment. As soon as he reached his apartment complex, he opened the door, and went up the stairs to his apartment. You followed close behind as you held on to his hand. He pulled out his key, and he unlocked his door to his apartment. He opened his door, pulled you in, shut his door, locked it, and kissed you with eagerness. You kiss back, and he placed the dessert in the kitchen, and led you to the couch as he laid you down and hovered over you, his lips not leaving yours. You place your hands on his back, pulling him closer to you, wanting more of his touch. He kissed your neck and you rub his back, slipping your hands underneath his shirt until he sits up and pulls off his shirt. "Hold on just a second, I want to put our dessert in the freezer." You say to him as you get up and put away the dessert. You then return to the couch, but he gets up, and takes you to his bedroom as he pulls your wrist and leads you to his room. He shuts and locks the door, as he placed his hands on either side of the door and you as he kisses you yet again. You wrap your arms around his neck and jump on his waist, hooking your legs on his thighs as he holds your thighs and went towards his bed as he laid you down to pull off your shoes and thong. He slipped his hands under your long red dress and began to lick you until you were dry. He licked all over your buns and shoved his tongue up your hole. You pulled off your dress as he was devouring you until you were all dry and you stopped leaking. As he was continuing to devour you, you pushed his pants down until his back split and he undid them and pushed them off with his feet. He then climbs on the bed and kissed you eagerly and he slammed his front tail into your hole. You hook your legs on his lumbar and you lean on your side as you bring him down with you and you place your hands on his back. He also locked his feet above your butt and pulled you close as you kiss eachother until you both were gasping for air. You pull the covers over you to keep yourself from shivering as you pull them over Jungkook and you stare at him. You lean in and kiss his neck, his collar bone as you throw the covers over you and you kiss his chest muscles, stomach muscles, his v-line, and you kiss his crotch as you squeeze his front tail and shove your tongue between his black cherries and massage his insides. Once he was all dry, you moved your tongue out and you moved your head away but Jungkook had his hand on the back of your neck so he pulled your head back to his crotch and you sucked on his front tail. Licking it, gnawing it with your teeth until there were teeth marks and saliva all over. You then move your self back up and bang your pelvic bone on his crotch until his front tail was inside you. You then lean to your side and hook your legs on his lumbar and place your hands on his back as you kiss him and he returned the action. You were both in this position for half an hour until you both reached a high for about five minutes. When you both came back down from it, you both kissed for thirty seconds and then you both broke apart from eachother, gasping for air. "How about that dessert you bought me?" You asked him. "Oh yeah, I forgot! I was just so distracted by the dirty thoughts in my mind. I'm sorry!" Jungkook replied. "Well, now since that's settled, let's get to the dessert!" You said to him as you got up and wrapped a blanket around you. You then went to the kitchen, got the dessert, and sat on the couch and waited on Jungkook. "Dessert is out!" You told him. "Coming my love" he replied. He picked up a pillow and sat down next to you. You scoop up a spoonful serving and feed it to Jungkook. He does the same to you as you both feed eachother the sundae. Once there was no more left. You got up and threw it away and went back to the couch to sit down. Jungkook placed his arm n your neck and you laid your head on his shoulder and he kisses your head. You both fell asleep on the couch for the rest of the night.
I hope you all liked it!!!!!!! I worked diligently on this one to make it great for all of you that read my oneshots so this one is one that I'm really proud of! Also, if you want more, please suggest an idol!