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Oh man I meant to wake up to watch it and I didn't wake up for my alarm I'm so sad. but I squealed watching Jimin and the flip I love when he does that ugh bias wrecker needs to stop lol
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ahh see thankfully my bias hasn't been wrecked yet....my bias wrecker has been wrecked several times though lol
jinyoung, yugyeom, jimin, and n....a ahh how can my soul handle this
you're kidding me wtf is this and why didn't I know about this this video just became a part of my life now
Ik. I'm dead
N is such a beautiful dancer too. He's the guy that wasn't mentioned.
I agree in almost all media where I've seen this N is hardly ever mentioned. well I think he did beautifully
as beautiful as this was no one really mentions how beautiful N is. Both nailed the emotion behind this melody and the ladies oh wow their grace and poise was breathtaking this whole this was enchanting.