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Surpassing Kaguyas Power ?
Imagine this....... A child born from the cells of the greatest shinobis to ever live How powerful would he be ? Would he be equal to kaguya, Stronger, or weaker ? The first shinobi that the child would get cells from is Sasuke Uchiha
The second shinobi this child would be getting cells from would be Hashirama Senju
The third would be Madara Uchiha
And lasts but not least Naruto Uzumaki
So once again...... How powerful would he be ? Would he be equal to kaguya, Stronger, or weaker ?
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Well considering Naruto and Sasuke together defeated her (with a bit of assistance from "lesser" ninja) and you take into consideration that Hashirama was the most powerful shinobi alive, along with how powerful madras uchiha is... I would say the child would be more powerful. You also have to remember how powerful a shinobi would be with uchiha/uzumaki blood aswell. Throw senju in there and boom overkill. Kaguya would be so weak compared to the child.
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That Child would literally be a GOD
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but its just cells from them ya they would have uchiha and senju power but he would have to awaken the renigan and control his powers and then naruto cells would just let him live a little longer when a tailed beast is pulled out of him so unless the child is a jinjuriki that is controlled them then the child would be weaker
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