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Yes, he's 100% fabulous

Soooo Ive had the recent opportunity of meeting Jinho and have been recruited into being his English teacher for the 3 months he is in the USA!! We met because his aunt makes sushi at the grocery store by my house and Im really friendly with her. Its been really fun and eye opening to have him as my student. Im 21 and he's 23 (Yes, I get to call him oppa). He just finished his 2 year military service!

This is a video from one of my first lessons with him, sorry not sorry.

Its always been my dream to be a teacher, and in the past few years Ive wanted to specifically be an ESL teacher, so having Jinho as my first student is a learning experience for me as well. He has a big freckle on one of his ears, so I was trying to teach him to say "freckle". LOL

He is my slave.

Other than being teacher/student, we've also became good friends. He's really funny and open minded; he even cooks for me!! (HIS VOICE IS SO DEEP YALL)

Jinho reads a story about crayons, this was one of my favorite books growing up. =)

Jinho's English is very limited, and he is nowhere close to being fluent yet, so we are taking baby steps. I make all of my own lessons and worksheets specifically for his needs/levels and he studies very hard and is serious about learning. Im so proud of him!
Happy birthday Jinho! (Sorry I suck at singing in Korean) You can tell Jinho was humored by my attempt at happy birthday haha~


While we study hard, we still like to play around a lot. He had never had Thai food, Mexican food, or Italian food before in his LIFE. I live in a really diverse area in the USA called Dallas, so I've taken him to a couple places to broaden his tastebud horizons.
Well, thats all for now!! Isn't Jinho absolutely adorable? He loves hugs and loves meeting new people!! I upload him on my Snapchat all the time, add me!! ID: Micahsaysnihao I dont have a taglist =( Let me know if you wanna be tagged!! <3 Micahsaysnihao <3
yay!! tag me
I will!!! Thank you for commenting!! =)
Awwww please tag me!! His voice is hella low like how is that possible?? He's adorable though and so sassy and fab af, "I'm not your slave" like DAMN GIRL YOU BETTER WATCH OUT THAT SASS LEVEL IS REAL😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
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That's hilariously adorable!
Awe you and him both are precious
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You're definitely welcome!