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More parts will be posted, but I feel like I need to post the intro first. (Duh) DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. I AM SIMPLY POSTING IT BECAUSE I KINDA WANT TO. CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL WRITER(S). THIS STORY CONTAINS MENTION OF SLIGHT VIOLENCE, SMUT, AND ANYTHING RELATING TO THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. © To Exobtssmutimagination Note* only the taglist will be posted on this card. The others, well you'll have to wait. heh
You stared at the illuminated sign; Garden of Evil. You walked into the club, the sound of music blaring into your ear as you walked into the dark, underground building. The sensation of music throbbing through the ground into your feet caused your legs to quiver. The club was clearly a play on the Garden of Eden, but opposites. The lighting was dim and flickered as though the room was filled with fire; like the pits of hell. People were dressed as though they were either angels or demons. That was the theme of the night after all. You wore a white dress that reached a bit below your knees and short sleeves that hung off the shoulders. As you came down to the main floor, a man dressed as a devil; a red mask and a black suit, came up to you with a pair of horns in one hand and a halo headband in the other. “Angel or demon?” He asked you as you came up to him. You smiled at him, a shy type of smile, and gestured towards your dress. “Angel.” You had to yell over the sound of the deafening music. He handed you the halo and gave you his hand. You hesitantly took it, still a bit unsure why you were there. You had heard about this club from some kids in your college class, but you had no idea about it. You were not one to come to a club like this, but after the lovely break up with your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but seek a distraction. What would be a better than a sinful club to keep your mind off your ex? You took your hand and continued with him further into the throngs of sweaty, horny young adults thrusting their bodies against each other in an orgy of rhythmic grinding. He brought you through the crowd, weaving meticulously through the bodies. You felt hands grazing over your body; pinching, pulling on your dress, and light caresses. You tried to not yank yourself away from them, not wanting to seem like a prude in a place like this, and just continued to make your way with your hand tightly holding the devil man’s. He stopped abruptly once you were out of the crowd. You were standing in front of seven doors, each with a symbol above it. Each symbol was a color matched with an animal. Violet horse, green dog, orange pig, red cow, black bear, yellow frog, and blue goat. The devil man came around you, placing his hands on your shoulders. You felt a shudder run down your spine at the proximity of him. He lowered himself so his mouth, or at least the mouth of his mask, was at your ear. “Pick your sin.” You held out your finger towards the… Violet Horse Green Dog Orange pig Red Cow Black Bear Yellow Frog Blue Goat
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black bear...please tag me
black bear o.o
I'll go with the Black Bear, but you may tag me in the future
Blue Goat?
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