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You held out your finger towards the door with the violet horse above it. “Pride, lovely choice.” He whispered as he pushed you towards the door. Your hand was shaking as you grasped the doorknob. You slowly turned it and opened the door. The room was spinning; causing your head to spin as well. Although the walls spun in a broken rhythm, the center of the room was still. There was a thin strip of floor that remained still, allowing you to walk up to the single table in the room. On the other side of the table was a handsome boy. There was something about his eyes though that read as someone younger than most at the club. The walls were made of mirrors and plaques, all of which were focused on the boy. You looked at a plaque as it rotated around you. Kookie, was written on it in gold script. “Welcome to the room of pride. Forever stuck on the broken wheel, a reminder that you are not perfect. Although, looking at you, I would have to disagree with that.” He said in a musical voice as he held out a rose for you. You could feel a slight blush coming across your face as you took the rose from his hand. You looked away from him; finding it hard to tear your eyes away, and looked at the mirrored walls. You stared at your own reflection staring back at you. The beauty of your eyes, the way your skin seemed to glow in the room. You turned back to the boy. You could see why he was here. A handsome boy, clearly aware of his own good looks. His voice was like that of a permanent song that was only meant to enchant you. “What is an angel doing here?” He asked as he took your hand in his, admiring you while still admiring the spinning mirrors that reflected his own image. “I am getting away from some troubles.” You told him in a soft voice. He smirked at that. “Then perhaps you would much rather spend the evening with me. One look at me and I am sure you will forget all your troubles.” He whispered. “The name is Jungkook.”
He informed you as he held your hand tightly in his. You couldn’t help but blush slightly. You wanted to look away from him, but looking at the rest of the room made you feel dizzy. But to be completely honest, you couldn’t pull your eyes away from his face. He looked so… angelic. Like a young saint who happened to get lost in a dark realm in which he did not belong. After all, who said pride was a bad thing? Wasn’t it the type of thing your schools and parents always taught you to have a lot of? No one loses, everyone is a winner just for trying, you are the best, you are worth it, you deserve the world. Weren’t these the types of things they were constantly saying to you? But apparently, no. It is a sin. Why? “It is a sin because no one should ever feel as though they are as good as a god.” Jungkook informed you as though reading our mind. You looked into his eyes in shock, and almost pulled away from him when you saw the way his eyes flashed a brilliant violet like the room in which he inhabited. He smiled at you, a cute smile that only extenuated his youthful look. If either of you should have been dressed like an angel, it would be him. “Would you say you are prideful?” He asked, pulling your thoughts back to reality. If that was even what you could call the situation. Nothing about this seemed real. You slowly shock your head. Feeling your own sorrow feeling you as your ex-boyfriend’s face filled your mind. You let your gaze fall from his, feeling as though you were nothing; just like you had when you had caught your boyfriend in bed with your friend. No, you were not prideful. You were the complete opposite. Who could feel pride in themselves when it was so obvious they were worthless. Someone that could be thrown away and forgotten. Someone who could come to a club like this to desperately escape their own emotions. Someone who could not look themselves in the mirror and find anything but flaws. Jungkook placed his hand on your chin, forcing your gaze to meet his as he spoke. “Then the serpent said to the woman, ‘You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.‘” He recited what you could only assume to be a passage from the bible. You were not one to exactly part-take in religious practices, but you knew the story of Adam and Eve. But didn’t everyone? A girl, tricked by a snake to eat a fruit of knowledge, seduces her husband to do the same, and banished from the Garden of Eden. “Eve was prideful. Wanting to be like God. Would you like to know all good and evil?” The way the words flowed out of the boys lips sent shivers down your spine. Despite his beatific face, there was something sinister in his voice. He came around the table so he was standing right before you and pulled you up to your feet. He stared at you, looking at his reflection in your eyes, and smirked. “I could show you all the evil in this world, and all the beauty. I can make you feel prideful, like the sinner inside of you.” His voice lowered an octave when he spoke the last sentence. Although he was a foot away from you, it was as though he was speaking directly into your ear. He took a step towards you, placing his hand on your shoulder as he bent down so he was at eye level with you. He held up his hand, and you watched as an apple appeared out of thin air. “All you have to do is partake in the fruit of knowledge.” He said, his eyes staring into yours like those of a snake. Hypnotizing. He held the apple before your lips. He leaned in closer, pressing his own lips against the flesh of the apple and taking a bite; letting the juice drip down his chin. Your mouth felt dry as you watched him. The way his tongue slithered out from between his pink lips to lick the trial of juice. You oculd almost taste the sweetness as you watched him. He rose a single eyebrow; almost challenging you, but knowing that he would win in the end.  You could feel your head numbly nod. His smile grew as he took your hand and placed it on the apple. With shaking hands, you held it up to your lips. You let your lips part slowly, taking the apple between your teeth and pressing down on the thin skin; tasting the juice as it exploded into your mouth. It was as sweet as you had imagined, but also sour. Sour from the sin it filled you with. Although it may not be the fruit of knowledge, the implication of narcissistic desire remained. Just as suddenly as it had appeared, it vanished. Leaving you holding nothing but air. You let your eyes fall on the boy in front of you. He grinned and let his arms snake around your waist. He pulled you closer against his body; his hands pressing against the small of your back. He pressed his lips against yours. The juice on his lips were sweeter than the juice that had filled your mouth. You were limp before him at first, but after a few seconds, you could feel your head spinning. It was as though you had just downed a few glasses of wine or taken a punch of sleeping pills. Your head felt light and you were filled with euphoria as you started to place your hands on his shoulders to pull him closer against you. He smirked against your lips. You had no idea what you had don, but you knew that you would not regret it. His hands trailed down your body, reaching for the hem of your dress. You wanted to push him away. This was not something that you did, but at the same time, you did not want to fight it. You wanted all the knowledge. You wanted to know what lie ahead for you. You wanted to know what it would feel like to be with a guy like him. Someone so dangerously enticing. Someone who could possibly win your heart, merely to know that he can. Someone who you couldn’t possibly say no to. His tongue slipped out of his lips once again; grazing over the bottom of yours as he pulled your dress up slightly. You gasped, allowing your lips to part slightly, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth; finding yours quickly and rubbing against it. You felt a moan make its way out from the back of your throat. With the sound of pleasure escaping your lips and falling into his mouth, he knew you could not resist him. He pulled away from you and pulled your dress over your head; leaving you exposed in your white strapless bra and lacy panties. You gasped at the suddenness of his action, but you had to admit; you could feel your core getting hotter with every second. You watched as his eyes raked up your body. The way he was looking at you made you almost want to smile. You had never seen someone look at you like he was at that moment. Never had someone looked like they honestly yearned for you. It was filling you with… pride. Just as the thought settled in your mind, Jungkook placed his hands on your hips and spun you around so you were facing the still spinning walls. You watched as your reflection circled around you, mirror after mirror showing you an image of yourself that you were unfamiliar with. Jungkook’s hands came around, one grasping your breast as the other slipped into the front of your panties with ease, as he lowered his lips to your neck. His grasp on your breast tightened as he squeezed. The fingers of the hand that was in your panties began to wiggle. The light pressure sending small jolts of pleasure through your core. You let your head fall back as you let out a moan. “Open your eyes. I want you to savor the image of the two of us. How beautiful we look. Like Adam and Eve.” He growled into your ear as your eyes fluttered shut. You opened them, staring at your reflection again. Your image stared back at you and or a moment, you thought you could see your own eyes flash the same violet that the boy’s had. You watched in the several mirrors as your legs slowly began to spread further apart as Jungkook slipped a finger between your folds. He curved his finger just right; silently applauding himself as he found your g-spot in record time. Your hips bucked forward slightly, adding more pressure to your sensitive. You moaned, louder than you had meant to. But despite this, you could not pull your eyes away from your image. There was something enticing about seeing yourself being touched like this. Something about the way your eyes darkened with every move Jungkook made. You let your eyes fall to Jungkook’s reflection for a moment. He was staring at your reflection as well. But you could tell it was not because of how beautiful he found you. No, he was merely admiring the reactions that he pulled out of you. He added another finger, moving the two faster, and watching as your eyebrows knitted together and your eyes widen in pleasure. Your mouth opened as you let out a silent scream, wanting so badly to feel more but being unable to voice your desire. But it didn’t matter. Jungkook knew what you wanted. Of course he knew, it was him after all. How could you resist? He pulled his pants off with ease, followed shortly by your panties as he let them pool around your ankles. He bit your neck; not being gentle, as he aligned himself with your entrance. Slowly, slower than you would like, he pushed himself into you. He wanted to go slow. He wanted to hear you say just how badly you wanted him. He wanted to hear you moan his name. You were all too happy to oblige. You placed your hand on the chair in front of you, using it to steady yourself, as you moaned. “Jungkook, please… I need more…” You begged as you felt his pace almost slow to a stop. He smiled at you, grasping your hair gently in his hand and pulling your head up so you were looking at the mirror still. You watched as he moved his hips faster, keeping to the rhythm of the club music that managed to leak into the room. You had almost forgotten where you were as you became fully engulfed in the sin. You watched as your two bodies became one; a mess of sweaty beauty. You almost admired the way he thrusted into you, bringing a new wave of pleasure with each movement. You could feel your release coming. The tightening of every muscle in your body. You let out a scream, your eyes still glued to the image in the mirrors, as you felt your climax crash though you. Jungkook continued to pump into you, moving faster as his own orgasm approached, but never losing rhythm. “Welcome to the Garden of Evil.” He hissed into your ear as he pulled away from you. When you looked up, you were alone in the room. The mirrors still rotated on the wall in broken tempo and the only other item in the room was the bitten apple on the single table.
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