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You held out your finger towards the door with the green dog above it. “Envy, lovely choice.” He whispered as he pushed you towards the door. Your hand was shaking as you grasped the doorknob. You opened the door and felt a blast of cold rush towards you. You stepped into the chilled room. The floor splashed, a small amount of icy water covering it as well as the walls. The ceiling appeared as though there was water floating above you .At the center of the room was a single chair that stood across from another chair. There were no tables, but there were sweets and drinks and books and jewelry that hung just out of reach above your head. Entering the room from a back door was a young looking boy. His eyes trailed over you, taking in everything about you. “Welcome to the room of Envy. Forever trapped in the icy waters that fill your heart.” He told you as he gestured around him. He placed his hand on the wall; shrugging as he stared at you. You placed your hand on the wall, pulling away violently as you felt the blistering cold water against your skin. “What brings an angel here?” He asked in an acidic voice, eyeing your halo as though he wanted to snatch it off your head. You shivered from the cold in the room, wishing you had brought a jacket. You looked at the boy, wishing you could just take his. “Escaping my troubles.” You informed him through chattering teeth. “How about you make your troubles my troubles.” He suggests ad he took your hands and brought them to his lips; letting his warm breath thaw them. “The name is Jimin.”
He said in a sly voice; his hot breath tingling your cold fingers. You felt your test chest tighten, either from the cold or from his breath, as you took a step towards him. Just as you did, he took a step back. You rose an eyebrow at him, but he merely smirked at you. The way his eyes closed to small slits as he smiled made you want him even more. You couldn’t remember the last time you had wanted something or someone this badly. You took his hands in yours and tried to pull him closer, but he managed to keep himself just out of reach. He brought your hand up to his lips again and kept them just close enough for you to still feel the heat of his lips but not close enough for you to get any sort of satisfaction. “Every other sin offers some gratification, if only in its early stages, but envy is an empty and desolating experience from beginning to end. It is the meanest sin in the book, which is why few people ever own up to it.” He said softly as he pulled you along with him; taking a seat in one of the chairs. You felt your body fall into the chair across from his. He kept his eyes on you as he slowly took off his shirt. Your eyes widened when you saw what had been hidden by his large shirt and coat. His abs almost glistened in the cold room; like another piece of ice. He tilted his head slightly as he stared at you. “Do you own up to your envy? Envious of the happiness of others? Envious of another girl?” He asked in a testing voice. Your heart stopped at the mention of another girl; thinking back to the girl your boyfriend had decided was worthy of his love more than yours. You hated to admit it, but you did want to be her. You wanted what she had. What you had once had. Happiness. But not just that. You wanted her to be miserable. You wanted her to feel the loneliness you were feeling. You wanted her to be the one who cried at night. Was that not what she deserved? She had taken what was yours, hadn’t she? You closed your eyes for a slight moment as he continued. “Envious for a touch… Envious for an embrace… Envious for a kiss…” This time his voice was much closer. You kept your eyes shut as you felt his breath against your face. His breath passed over you cheek, your closed eyes, your nose, and lastly over your lips. You began to lean forward in your chair, but he was gone already. Your eyes fluttered open and you stared at him sitting in the chair once again as though nothing had happened. “There are two steps we can take to get it under control. The first is to acknowledge its presence and admit our own meanness of spirit. The other step is to recapture our capacity for sharing the joy of others. Do you wish to contain your envy?” His voice was like silk as he questioned you. You slowly nodded your head. Watching as his hands slowly trailed down to his pants; placing his hand on his buckle. You bit your lip; your eyes glued to his hands. He slowly pulled out his erect member, keeping his eyes on you as he did. You quickly flicked your eyes up to his before returning to his hands. He wrapped his fingers around the base of his length, bringing it up slowly as he opened his mouth let out a low groan. You bit your lip harder, feeling your core itching for his touch, as you watched him pleasure yourself. “Envy is a sin of flesh. Envy is among the things that comes from the heart, defiling a person. The whole body is full of darkness when the eye, the lamp of body, is bad. Sometimes, as a punishment, people are left in their sins, falling prey to envy and other heavy sins.” The words trailed to your head as you continued to watch him. You could barely focus on his voice as you began to let your own fingers trail down to the hem of your dress. Your skin was cold, but it made it feel even better as you touched your heat. You swallowed a moan as he continued to speak. “Would you like to ruin your soul? Embrace the sin of the flesh.” You rubbed your fingers against your slit; letting out a moan. He smirked at you, bringing his hand up and down faster. You slipped two fingers inside yourself as you moaned louder. You shut your eyes to him; picturing his hand in place of your own. You could make it happen. Just get up and join him. But you knew if you did, he would still be just out of reach. Your heart rate picked up as you yearned for him. “Jimin…” You whispered; letting his name and your desire hang between you like a curtain. No matter how much you wanted him, you knew you could not have him. Was that not the point of the room though? Envy. Wanting something you knew you could not have. Wanting him. His touch, his lips on yours, his fingers in you, his hard member in your hand. You wanted it all and it was killing you. You began to move your fingers faster; hooking them so you could feel the tips pressing against your g-spot as your thumb pressed against your swollen nub; rubbing it faster and faster. You could feel your body tensing. Just as you were about to bring yourself to a climax, your hand was ripped away from its spot between your legs. You opened your eyes to see Jimin staring at you hungrily. He placed his fingers against your slit; dragging them slowly up and down the length of it. “What was the second way of curing the disease of envy? Sharing, if I am not mistaken.” He whispered into your ear as he moved his fingers faster. You chocked on a moan in the back of your throat as you let our legs widen slightly. He smiled at you and took your still wet hand in his free one and placed it on his member. You quickly wrapped your fingers around it. You had not realized how satisfying it would be to feel his skin against yours, but you still wanted more. You wanted to bring him as much pleasure as he had brought himself. You moved your hand faster as he did the same, bringing you as close to an orgasm as he could before he stopped moving his fingers; wanting you to beg for it. You could not resist. You brought him to his orgasm; watching with spiteful eyes as he threw his head back, closed his eyes, and groaned as he released his building tension. You wanted that same bliss. You wanted what he was feeling. You were acknowledging your sin, but you did not regret it. You wanted it even more. You moved your hips against his hand, trying your hardest to cause friction to bring your own euphoric heaven, but this was not heaven. He pulled further and further away the more you moved. You finally sat still, staring into his eyes as you whispered, “Please…” He smirked at the words. He moved slightly closer, placing his lips against your cold neck. You quivered at the feeling of his hot lips on your skin. It was like fire burning just beneath the surface of your skin. You tried your best not to move as he slowly began to move his fingers inside of you. He angled them so they were hitting against your most sensitive spot. He moved his lips up and down your neck; stopping just above the collarbone as he bit down lightly. You moaned louder. You were dying to feel more. You needed it. You needed him to give you everything. Your body began to tighten once again; a knot forming in your lower abdomen as you begged for the orgasm you had been wanting. The one he had reached so quickly. Just as you were about to release, he pulled away from you once again. He stood up straight, staring down at you with a devilish smile on his face. “Welcome to the Garden of Evil.” He announced in a mocking tone as he held his hands out like a circus ringleader. You still wanted him. You wanted what he had not given him. What you had given him. You could feel your skin crawling with jealousy as he began to back away from you once again. You reached down, slipping your fingers between your folds once again and moving them quickly but with precision as you finally brought yourself to your climax under his gaze. You let your eyes shut, rolling your hips as you brought yourself down from your long awaited high. As you opened them, you were alone in the room; staring at an empty seat across from you.
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