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Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good holiday!!!! It was a great day for some people lol I saw a lot got kpop merch, I myself got my B.A.P CD which made me extatic. So as I was traveling the other day I wrote a short part for Coffee Break and is it cute!!! hehe in for a surprise with Layla!
Keri's view*** Yoongi took me home after our dinner date and came in after me. "So I have a question." I asked as we sat on the couch together. "What would that be?" Yoongi asked. "Are we spending christmas together?" I asked him which made him chuckle. "Unless you don't want to" he stated. "No no I do" I said shocked he said it that way. Yoongi just chuckled. "That's what I thought" he said. "I'm going to be busy until Christmas eve though so after tonight I won't see you for a few days" yoongi admitted. "That's okay. Between now and then I'll be seeing friends for the holidays" I told him. "What about your parents?" He asked. "For new years I will be" I said biting my lip. "You don't look happy about that" yoongi said observing my behavior "Let's just focus on christmas plans. Do you want to go out or stay in?" I asked him. "Maybe stay in" he chose. "That sounds like a good plan" I grinned. "I'm going to have to look up what would be good for dinner then" I smiled. "Hmm a home cooked meal. Your going to spoil me" he grinned and he came closer and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. The next day yoongi left early in the morning to meet the boys for morning practice. Later on in the day I met up with Layla. I had a christmas gift I was giving her. I had a theme going this year, and though it would seem odd it was extremely personalized gifts. I was excited to give Layla hers. Mel I had given to already and it had silver bells and a short poem about marriage and independent women. "Keri! Here!"  Layla sat up in her seat and waved. We were meeting at an interesting place that had bomb pizza's. It was a trend and Layla was all about it. "Sorry did you have to wait?" I asked taking a seat across from her. "I just got here maybe five minutes ago." She said. "Okay good timing then" I said "Were just ordering a bomb pizza right?" Layla asked. "Maybe desert too" I laughed. "Duh" Layla agreed. We ordered the pizza and a couple drinks. After that we caught up a little bit. Layla told me how Tao was trying to get back with her claiming stupidity but she wouldn't take him back. It brought the topic up of if she had her eye on someone else. "There's so many hot guys around me now, how could I choose" she exclaimed. "Besides suga, suga is all yours keri" Layla added making me laugh. "Oo so one is out. Hmm do you like Jiminie then?" I asked "As a friend and a bias wrecker hell yes" Layla nodded. "Bias wrecker?" I tilted my head confused on the lingo. "You know what a bias is right?" She paused and I shook my head no "oh dear. Okay okay so a bias is pretty much your favorite in the group-" Layla went on to explain this all to me. By the end I was laughing. "Okay so who is your bias of the group?" I asked her. She started giggling like crazy. "Oh now you just have to share!" I exclaimed. "Pizza bomb!" Layla exclaimed. A waiter came over and was about to set the thing on our table, he paused and looked over at Layla's excited face. He grinned and set it on the table. We watched fascinated when he took something that looked like a mallet and hit the top. The ball cracked and opened and started to spread out revealing cheese, peppers and red sauce inside. "That is so cool!" Layla exclaimed. "I've only seen this done on TV" She said. We both cut the pizza up and ended up splitting it in 4 quarters. After eating the first piece Layla didn't look to pleased. "It's a bit dry, probably why they give you sauces to dip it in" she commented. "Hey we never finished you were going to tell me your bias" I pointed out. Layla mumbled something and I asked what she said. Layla mumbled again "I still can't hear you " I said. "Tae okay!" She said a little louder then she anticipated. "I feel like you just gave a confession that you like him" I chuckled but the pink in her cheeks confirmed it. "Sa! You do oh that is perfect!" I said. "How is it! I know he doesn't see me more than your friend" layla said. "Mm I think he see you as a friend too" I pointed out "Really?" She looked hopeful. "Yes I mean The guys had you over when I was away and took an interest in you" I told her. "That'd true" she nodded. We talked about Tae and the guys a little bit longer until our pizza was gone. When we put an order in for a chocolate caramel drizzle sundae and a mocha chip ice cream with chocolate cake we got to presents. "You have to open it first. I want to see what you think" I told her handing over a bag. She handed me a rectangular gift as well. Layla grinned and opened up her bag, removing the tissue she pulled out a frame. It was 12x10 picture. It was a picture of its, each in various positions in a collage form and in the middle was song lyrics. "Keri, oh my god when did you ever get this done!" Layla grinned as she excitedly held onto it. "I take it you like it" I chuckled. "I love it! She exclaimed. "I'm glad. Wanted to do something special. Since we met at their concert I thought highly appropriate" I said. "Open yours" she said I nodded and tore the gold octopus wrapping paper off to reveal a book. "I spent an hour in the bookstore trying to find the perfect book for you" layla explained. "Its a book about a sorceress who gets accused of murder but with the help of her friends she gets out of a tangle of webs surrounding her." Layla explained the plot. "Plus its 4 books in one" she added making me grin. The book was called 'The twenty sided sorceress'. "oh that solves it! Long book plus about magic. So me" I laughed.
hehe oooo finally finding out Layla's bias and crush. lol I'm thinking it was not to shocking that it was Tae but poo now I feel bad for Kooki since he seemed to like her. and doesn't that pizza look cool!
Oh I love it...now I wonder how those pizza bombs taste
The pizza looks scary....I'll stick with stromboli if I want my pizza in a different form. And poor Kookie, as he's going to be disappointed with Tae as #1 and Jimin as #2.
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Ahhh nickhun!!!! so jelly here.
Oh my god yass, I am still shipping Tae and Layla so hard. I love Keri and Laylas friendship though, its so cute.