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Hello everyone I am so excited to be working with the Boys Republic moderator and community on this New Years Confession event. I hope you can all join in and open up your feelings to BTS and Boys Republic as we head towards the end of this year. Be it love, respect, appreciation or anything we want to say!!
For this event, there will be prizes. The winners get to choose from prizes - Bias spam - Bias wallpapers - Bias one shot - Bias slideshow video - Bias planner - Bias beanie We will be looking for three things: - the most touching confession - the most funniest confession - the most outlandish confession This is the Bulletproof Royal New Year's Confessions. We start today. Date: 12/26 thru 12/31 Boys Republic: OneJunn Sunwoo SungJun Minsu Suwoong BTS: Rap Monster Jin Suga J-Hope Jimin V Jungkook We encourage all of you to join in!! The more people, the better. 😁
First off I'd like to give my confession to

Rap Monster

Where to start?! This man is intelligent, kind hearted, hard working, talented, handsome, funny, the list can go on! I'd love to meet him in person one day and tell him how much I appreciate his existence, his drive to help his fellow members when they need it, that even though he released a mixtape and was offered a chance to go solo he chose BTS without a second thought. I wish I could tell him that he is appreciated and loved when he feels down, that his fans will always be there for him when he feels pressure or stress. As an army I couldn't be happier with how far he's lead BTS and where they will go together. 💙💙💙💙
My second confession today is for


First of all thank you for showing us many sides to you and how hard working you are for the fans. For being cute, funny, thoughtful, handsome, responsible and so much more for our sake and Boys Republic. That even though I can only think of how stressful being a leader is you choose to smile for us and move forward. For being someone that many look up to and appreciate. That even though you're an idol, you are still very humble and respectful of others. For leading Boys Republic to where they are now and to many more places i know you can achieve together with your guidance. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Its going to be a fun event. 😊