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Hello Melodies!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family, food and festivities.

With only one week of 2016 left, the Melody Mod Squad decided to end the year in BTOB style with a special look back at the past 12 months of BTOB. Please join us in remembering all of the great moments the boys had this year, and help us celebrate the amazing successes BTOB experienced throughout 2016.

Day 1

Monday 12/26

Favorite BTOB bias moment of 2016

Tell us all about your favorite bias moment from the past year. Show us the video, pictures or gifs, tell us the story. If you don't have a bias, feel free to show us your favorite moment from each member or from the group as a whole. There is no wrong answer here.

Day 2

Tuesday 12/27

Favorite BTOB song of 2016

The boys had a packed schedule of music releases this year; with 3 Japanese comebacks, 2 Korean comebacks, multiple OST releases, a surprise summer single, the debut of BTOB-BLUE, side projects, collaborations and solo endeavors, the boys of BTOB gave us plenty of music to choose from. We want to know which of these 2016 releases was your favorite. You can choose a non-title or obscure track. Just make sure to tell us why you love the song so much.

Day 3

Wednesday 12/28

Favorite variety show or drama appearance/moment of 2016

The BTOB members gave us plenty of memorable moments on variety this year and some great drama performances as well. Whether it's a moment from the entire group or just one member or several, we want to know which one you enjoyed most. Please add gifs or video so we can all enjoy along with you.

Day 4

Thursday 12/29

Favorite 2016 Holiday moment

This can be any holiday moment from 2016 and can be from a Korean or Western holiday. Even the idol games which air during the Korean Chuseok holiday are fair game. We just want to see which holiday moment you enjoyed the most this year.

Day 5

Friday 12/30

Favorite live performance of 2016

BTOB pulled off a lot of amazing live stages this year. Tell us all about the one that stood out for you and all the reasons it takes the cake.

Day 6

Saturday 12/31

Favorite moment from the "I'll Be Your Man (기도)" promotions

The boys really killed it with their latest Korean comeback and there are many amazing and memorable moments worthy of highlighting. Whether it's a live performance, candid backstage moment, fan engagement, TV show appearance, SNS post, Vlive/V app broadcast, photoshoot, etc... we want to know what your favorite moment from the NEW MEN promotions was.

Day 7

Sunday 1/2017

Favorite BTOB moment from 2016

What better way to ring in the new year than sharing our favorite moments of 2016? BTOB had so many and they are bound to have many many more in the new year. Time to think long and hard about all of the events of the past 12 months.
Can't decide on just one moment? That's alright, we don't mind. Feel free to share your top moments, however many that may be. So much awesome shouldn't be limited.

~Bonus Event Theme~

1. What has BTOB meant to you in 2016?

I know BTOB has meant a whole hell of a lot to me in 2016. They completely changed up my life and for the better. Tell us what they have meant to you this year. Are you new to the fandom? An experienced Melody? Did their music help you through a tough time this year? Did you get to meet them at KCON? Tell us all about the role BTOB played in your 2016 experience.

2. Favorite Melody Mod Squad moment/your feelings on the experience of your time as a part of the mod team. (Required for each member of the Melody Mod Squad).

This is open to anything we have done in the past 6 months since the BTOB mod team has existed. It's completely open to interpretation. You can focus on an event we held, a card you or someone else made, a specific feature you enjoyed doing or one you enjoyed following, a friendship that developed as a result, your experience should it have changed or shaped your experience as a BTOB fan... again, open for interpretation.
The point of this is to reflect on and celebrate the experience we've each had over the past six months. We've had triumphs and failures. We've cried and cheered and we've become very close as a team. We've been through a lot together both here in the community and privately.

Time to celebrate the year in BTOB! Will you Join us?

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