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Who: Reader x (mystery) What: Angst, Smut, Resolution idk Story: it's just the fourth part
You woke up in bed with a terrible headache and small flashes of what happened the day before coming back to you. Kiseok's cheating being one of them, the slap to his face, the break up and, the reason behind your fantastic headache, the drinking. Then Seonghwa came to mind, his confessing to you while you screamed you hated him but then eventually you gave into what you really wanted. Admittedly all you had wanted was him. Without him there to talk too, you felt alone and it was odd for you to actually miss someone that way. You liked sex with Kiseok you understood that now and you were burned by him saying he loved you then two days later he broke up with you. You had liked him, you liked his body but maybe that's why he was jealous of Gray because he knew there was more substance in your relationship with Seonghwa than there was with him. Quite honestly it could've been the reason why he had cheated once again but you and Seonghwa had barely spoken to each other and either way there was no excuse for cheating on you. If he was upset he should've talked to you or at the very least broken up with you again. You couldn't even think about Kiseok, he was giving you a bigger headache then you already had. You didn't remember coming home but if Seonghwa was with you, you were willing to bet that he was the one that dropped you off. You went and took a shower and once you'd gotten out you took Hamtaro out of his car and put him in his ball. You took Tobi for a walk while your little hamster ran around in his ball freely. "Okay make this quick Tobi your mother's got to find another job." You said to your dog. "Or just come back to your old one." You turned to see Seonghwa standing behind you; he had a bag in his hand and his sunglasses were on and he was wearing his jacket. You could see that annoyed face of his and you didn't want to bother with him right now. You sighed looking out to the world before you and you said, "Look, thank you for helping me out yesterday but what are you doing here? You've made it pretty obvious that you don't want to be around me." "You know alcohol makes you more honest for some reason. I recall yesterday you telling me you wanted me." He said walking up to you. You scoffed and walked off with Tobi. "You think walking away from me is going to work Y/n? You gave me a key to your place I'll just keep showing up. I know you, obviously better than he does or ever could." He said. You whipped around to face him, "He's not a factor anymore. None of AOMG is. Not Jay, not Simon, not Duck, not Pumpkin, not loco and definitely not you. I'm done with that place." "All because he fucked up?" "I don't want to have to keep showing up to the same place that he fucked two women in. That's like asking me to sleep in the same bed and sheets he cheated on me in Seonghwa. He's made a fool of me twice already, he keeps doing it and I don't want to be seen as the idiot that keeps falling for his shit." You snapped. "Again, so you quit? Hasn't your life been one whole series of guys you chose wrong and fucked up. The reason you're always on the damn move is because you keep running instead of facing what's happening to you. You like to think you're strong but you're a coward." He snapped back. "Oh look who's fucking talking it took you forever to confess your feelings for me and if you had, who knows, maybe I would've chosen right." "I doubt it, your track record speaks for itself kitten and you always choose wrong even when the right choice is in front of you. Why can't you just admit that you made a mistake going back to him?" "What would that prove? All it does is boost your ego." You countered. He shook his head, "If you admit it you can stop running." "And what is it you think I'm running from." "Yourself." He said it like it was obvious. He stepped up to you more, "What Kiseok doesn't know, what you've unwittingly let me know is that you're afraid to get close to anyone, close enough that you can be hurt. The moment you feel something you want to push those people away but I am the first person in a long time you've ever wanted to stay." "Oh and you know that for a fact?" You said spiteful. "Yes because I heard it from the horses mouth. Yesterday you said I abandoned you, when you wanted me I wasn't there because I couldn't be but when I asked you what you wanted you said you wanted me. You wanted me to stay. You can't feel abandoned if you don't feel shit for someone but you admitted you wanted me. You missed me." "How does that correlate with me running from myself?" He was close enough to touch you now and he placed his hand on your cheek. He came close to your lips while looking you in the eyes. "You like me don't you? You just won't let yourself realize it. You think if you give in to your real feelings then you'll be hurt again. Every man that comes into your life has the capability to hurt you and the first one you know who wouldn't dare break your heart you can't let yourself have. You told Kiseok what he wanted to hear but you didn't love him, not really. You're in love with me, that's why you're fighting me off now because you've realized it right. The one you love is me." He said. You looked him in the eyes then looked away not wanting to admit it. He was right though, you told him the day he confessed his feeling you didn't think of him that way and honestly you thought you hadn't but he was right. You told Kiseok what he wanted to hear, you didn't love him you just wanted sex and you liked it from him. It was a good balance, you couldn't be hurt by Seonghwa if you never gave him a chance and even more you couldn't hurt him if you two were together but you had hurt him. He suffered as long as you were back with Kiseok; he suffered as long as he loved you and you didn't return his love. He could see past you though, past all those stupid shields you put up. You had told him about your past relationships, about all your breaks up, about constantly being cheated on. You were from nothing and now you were doing what you loved the most. It was important for you to get everything by working hard not by sleeping your way to the top. You were always true to not making any emotional connections to people but Seonghwa had just happened. He understood you, he was easy to talk to and you two got along so well. He leaned into kiss you, his lips touched yours lightly. He only tasted your lips before you looked up at him and gave him more access. You held onto the leash tight and kissed Seonghwa deeper. He pulled away from the light intimate kiss to push hair behind your ear. "You haven't been taking care of yourself. Come on you need to eat." He said. He took Tobi's leash out of your hand and slipped his other hand in yours. The bag he had now hung on his wrist as he walked you back to your place. Once you two were inside he let you take care of Tobi while he pulled out your food. You went and got Hamtaro out of his bowl and put him back in his cage, poor thing had tired himself out already. You walked back into the kitchen to see the food that Seonghwa bought you and you slightly smiled at it. "This doesn't change anything for you does it?" You said. "Come eat." He said. "You're still in love with me. You kissed me, we actually kissed." "Eat Y/n." "You know I still wouldn't want anyone to know, would that make you upset?" You said. He looked away from you and sighed, "Eat." He commanded again. "Would you still pay attention to me?" You said. "I am, far more than you realize Y/n but he's my friend too." Seonghwa said. You nodded, "So either way there's just no way that we can be how we were." "I'm trying." He whispered. "No, you're making excuses to leave. How can you call me out on running from myself when you're doing the thing that makes me run?" "This isn't abandonment Y/n." "That's what you think." You mumbled sitting down. He picked up food for you and stuck it in your mouth. "Is it just sex you want Y/n? I know you love me but you tend to let the lines blur." He said. You had to swallow in order to respond. "I've wanted to talk to you for such a long time. There's more than sex when it comes to you Seonghwa don't you know that?" He stuck more food in your mouth. He walked over to stand beside you and he pulled your hair behind your ear. He kissed lightly below your ear. "Kiseok likes to party, like Jay." Seonghwa said. "At least he is honest about it and doesn't go into relationships. Kiseok just wanted me to be his and not yours." You said. He pushed more food into your mouth and his movements became bolder as he continued placing light kisses on your neck. You moved your head to give him more access and you hummed in satisfaction. His hand came to your side and snuck under your tank, his hand slid over to your stomach and you felt his thumb gently play on your skin by your belly button. Seonghwa's hands had a different effect on you than Kiseok. You felt relaxed with him, you molded into his touch but with Kiseok it was just sex, your body desired him. You desired Seonghwa and so did your body but there was no rush it was more of wanting him and lips lingering on your skin. He kept feeding you and the more you ate the more bold his hand became. It slowly moved up your body and stopped just under your breast. He let his nails lightly graze down your skin, tickling you. "I love you Y/n." He said. "I love you Seonghwa." You said turning your head to face him. "Are you just saying that?" You shook your head, "You know I do. You said I haven't been taking care of myself- without you around I've felt so alone and I've needed you but you kept avoiding me and don't say you weren't. I was upset at you, I was upset at you for just leaving me all alone. Eating was just a task so I stopped." "That's dangerous." He whispered by your ear. He was kissing your neck more now, the light kisses were gone. You placed your hand on his hand as your light moans became heavier. You could hear his breath becoming heavier as well. He pulled you away from the island in your kitchen and to the back of the couch. He turned you around so your back was pressed against it. He kissed you hard and his hand continued to play on your skin. He trailed his hand up your back his fingers tap dancing on your spine. You came off his lips calling breath to your lungs. You saw him look down into your eyes. The look within them was intense, your breath hitched as you stared back into his eyes. You could feel his fingers still playing your spine like a piano. Your hands came to frame his face and he rested his forehead against yours seeming to take his first breath after holding it for so long. He crashed his lips onto yours again. His fingers lightly ran down your back again and then he gripped onto your waist. His other hand went into your hair and he pulled your head back a little to expose your neck. He kissed your skin harshly, nibbling slightly just below your ear. "Seonghwa." You moaned lightly. "Stop me- if you don't want this. Stop me." He said. His hand came out of your shirt and reached into your pants and down your panties. Your hips rolled into his fingers and he licked your neck. He kissed down past your collarbone and to your slight cleavage. "Seonghwa keep going." You said. He unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down. You watched as he tossed them aside. He stared into your eyes and grabbed the ends of his shirt. Keeping his eyes locked on yours, he quickly slipped his shirt off. He placed your hands on his chest, he kept watching your face. He came closer to you and pecked your lips. He gripped your shirt and pulled it over your head. He came back to your lips opening his mouth as if he would kiss you but as you leaned in to get to him he pulled away. He made you chase his lips while your eyes stayed locked. He was more intimate with you than Kiseok. Kiseok was always hot and sweaty and passionate. Seonghwa was intimate and he was taking his time, he wanted you to feel everything. Your hands ran down his body feeling his abs contract making you moan lightly on him. He finally kissed you allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. His fingers came back to your panties pushing them down then finding your core as you stepped out of them. He pushed two fingers inside of you making you break the kiss. "Seonghwa." You mewled. He kissed you again as if he couldn't get enough of your lips. The feelings he was giving you were far stronger than Kiseok was able to do. "God you're so beautiful." He said into your mouth. His fingers spread apart inside of you and you moaned deeply. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled his face into your neck. He kissed your neck while his fingers stretched you out. His third finger pushed inside of you stretching you further. You moaned louder and suddenly they left you. You looked him in the eyes wondering why he stopped but he was getting rid of his pants. "I need you." He said. He lifted your leg and aligned himself with you. You had one hand on the back of the sofa and the other on his shoulder. He pushed inside of you bringing his hand up to cup your face. He tilted his head to get a better angle to kiss you in. He started thrusting up inside of you. There was no rush in his movements but he wasn't moving slow either. He was giving you exactly what your needed to feel and, with the added bonus of his lips on yours, you were a moaning mess. "Y/n." He moaned your name lightly against your lips. "Seong-hwa." You muttered through pants. Your hand on his shoulder moved to his back to bring him closer to you. "I wanna watch you cum." He said. You nodded and leaned forward so he could reach deeper inside of you making you moan louder. Your hand went to the back of the couch to hold on to it. "Faster." You told him. Immediately he picked up speed fucking you hard and making you cry out in pleasure. His name mixed with yours in the room like music and everything felt so good. Your leg buckled a little and he reached down for that leg too, pulling it up and having you sit on the back of the couch. You hugged him into your body while his lips kissed everywhere they could find skin. Your fingers played in his hair and you felt yourself closing in. "Shit I'm gonna cum." You said. "Cum with me." He said through his own pants. He pushed into you harder making you take him deeper, he filled you up and he'd come almost all the way out only to slam into you again. He had you slightly tilted hitting your g spot every time and you were practically screaming his name. "Oooooooooo god!" You cried. "Come on Y/n. Come for me." He said. You could hear him closing in and you let yourself release on him during his last powerful thrust. He came at the same time as you and you felt his hot sticky substance fill you up completely. Your body jerked on him holding him close while he rode down both your highs. His lips came to yours and he kissed you softly. Your hands came back to his face while you two kissed. "I should've done more." He whispered slightly disappointed. "You did more than him. That felt amazing." You said. It was true, Seonghwa had made you feel in a way you hadn't felt before especially when it came to sex. He smiled at you. "I love you." You whispered. He looked deep into your eyes searching for something, anything that said you were just saying it because of the moment or you said it but weren't quite sure of yourself. He found nothing, you were absolutely positive you wanted Seonghwa and that you loved him because without him in your life you weren't sure what you would do... Seonghwa had to get back to the studio. He asked you once more not to quit but you told him it was something you had to do. The moment Kiseok found out you two slept together would only cause more problems, leaving was honestly the best choice you could make at this point. You let him wash up in your bathroom before he left and you went and took a shower yourself. You started looking up new places to work. Luckily you had saved enough that you could handle being jobless for a few months if need be. You texted Jay hoping that he'd put in a good word for you if you decided to go for another company as a dancer. He wanted you to stay and just let things blow over. Seonghwa and Jay both tried to get you to stay with them but in your heart of hearts you knew it would be too difficult to work with Kiseok and Seonghwa both. The tension it would cause between AOMG wasn't what Jay wanted and eventually even he would come to understand that. Luckily he did say he would put in a good word for you in other places to help you out. You spent most of your day in the house practicing your routine for your competition. You moved the couch out of the way and kept the song on replay. Each time you messed up you went back and redid it. You had a camera on you at all times so you could go back and watch each routine to see what you did wrong. Aside from a little off timing and Tobi running across the camera screen you were almost on point. Your door suddenly opened startling you for a second. "Y/n!" A shout came from the front door. Damn it, you forgot you gave him a key. Kiseok walked into the apartment seeing you in the living room panting and sweating. "He was with you, wasn't he?" He said. "Now some how I feel like you already know the answer to that and you're just waiting for me to lie." You said blandly. "Don't Fuck with me." He snapped. "Trust me I won't be doing that again. You seem to have this annoying habit of cheating on me instead of just breaking up with me and then you suddenly have some epiphany that you want to be with me. Fooling me once was bad enough but if I continue to let you do that to me then I just end up as the fool." "I wasn't fooling you Y/n. Damn it I'm sorry okay. I shouldn't have done it. I love you-" "Oh that is bullshit!" You cut him off. You shook your head, "You don't love me not even a little. It's because of guys like you that I don't want to believe love exists. At sixteen I was cheated on, at eighteen I was told I was too suspicious and that was the reason I was cheated on. The next three years that followed that was me constantly being fooled by men that said they loved me and you are no better than any of them. In fact, you're starting to sound a lot like them too." He sighed frustrated and walked further into the living room. You backed away from him and he stopped, his eyebrows furrowed at you. "What you think I'm going to hurt you now?" He said. "Well you've already done that." He shook his head, "I love you Y/n." "No you don't. You don't even know me because if you did you'd know that was the one thing that I can't stand. I made the mistake of taking you back I told myself I would never be that stupid again yet I was by coming back to you. All we do is screw each other and work together were never in a relationship to begin with Kiseok; we were just fuck buddies with a fancy name. Why don't you tell me why you cheated this time? It wasn't Gray was it because I hadn't talked to him or hung out with him for nearly four and a half months. While he was avoiding me like the plague you were avoiding me too and I didn't say anything because I believed it was work. So go ahead and explain while she was sucking your dick or the other one was kissing you. What the fuck's your excuse this time?" "Well you're obviously in love with him aren't you? You spent all that time moping around because he wouldn't see you and that day he called you, you were so happy to hear from him. Seonghwa is much bigger in your life than you've let yourself believe it was only a matter of time before you did it to me." "So by that logic you go ahead and cheat first? What the Fuck kind of sense does that make Simon? You cheated, you did. You ended things because you thought I was cheating on you with Gray the first time and instead of fucking asking me about it you fucked another dancer! Your logic is flawed. You're just a party boy and you know what that's fine but have the balls to admit that shit and stop claiming to be in love with me when you're not. You just didn't want Gray to have me." You yelled at him. "He's my best friend of course I didn't want him to have you. I love you Y/n I do but I don't know how to communicate with you when you keep me out. Your other relationships probably haven't lasted because you don't let anyone in deep enough to know who you are. So yes, I got upset everytime you'd rather run to him than come to me. I was your boyfriend I should've been the one you trusted and loved and came to but everything had to be a secret with you, everything had to be locked up and thrown away but he was the exception? You're talking about my fucked up logic but how is yours not anymore messed up than mine?" He had called you out and the worst part was that it was true. You could partly understand how he felt but that just made everything more clear in what was once your blurry perception. You crossed your arms willing tears to halt but they disobeyed and fell to your cheeks. "He pays attention to me. He can see everything I am and everything I want to be. Seonghwa was my best friend before he was someone I let myself admit I loved. Yes Kiseok, I love him and yes he is far bigger in my life than I would ever let myself believe. He broke down walls I put up to protect myself from guys that like to hurt me. I don't form relationships to get close I form them to kill time. It's just sex to me. I liked you Kiseok, I really did and had you been as faithful to me as you should've been, had you tried as hard to get to know me Seonghwa might've only stayed my friend." "I'm supposed to put all that effort into a 'might have' ?" "If you were never willing to fight that hard then you've obviously proven your love is just as weak for me as mine was for you...We're over Kiseok, you have no other choice but to accept that because there's no way in hell I'd ever come back to you." You said. "Y/n." "Don't." You quickly stopped him. He looked at you for a long time and all you could feel was your heart racing. He sighed and said, "So you're just going to leave AOMG? Just like that, you're going to leave us and everything with the company behind?" "You all are acting like there aren't dancers better than me out there. You'll easily find my replacement and on the bright side she'll be emotionally stable. I'm sure you'll find a way to Fuck her too." "That's not fair." He said slightly hurt. "Yeah well one harsh truth of the world is that life is far from fair.... I need you to leave." "This can't be the end." he shook his head in disbelief. "It is." You said frankly. He looked up at you and there was a sort of confusion as if he didn't know how he should feel now. You weren't coming back to AOMG, you weren't coming back to him and you were in love with Seonghwa. You had told him basically that everything you two were was fake or at the very least shallow and on some level he understood it too, that even if he said he loved you, between cheating on you and not putting forth the effort to actually fight for you the truth of it was that you two went good for each other. You sat down on your couch and continued watching your routine after he'd walked out... Kiseok returned your key to your place to Seonghwa but by the time he'd let go of it you had already moved out of the place. You moved right into the heart of Seoul and signed on to a contract with Starship. An entire year had passed since the day Kiseok last walked out on you. Seonghwa continued to follow you around and press you to get you to share your feelings, though it was never quite difficult for you to talk to him in the first place. You, Jay, and Hoody still hung out and even drank with Loco a few times. Days that you had off, you spent at home in your big penthouse laying in bed with Tobi and letting Hamtaro run around in his ball. Seonghwa would come over to just lay in bed with you. After you two officially started dating he gave you a promise ring, you never took it off. You still wanted your relationship quiet but you knew the ring was his way of claiming you as his and in that way you had no problem letting the world see it. You loved him, you loved spending days in just talking or playing karaoke or going to the bar to drink with the guys. Kiseok was erased from your phone but you heard Seonghwa mention that he had moved on sometime after he gave up your apartment key. He'd moved on and the initial tension and slight rivalry between them was killed once Jay locked them in the studio and let them duke it out. Neither one said who won but they both fucked each other up pretty good. Seonghwa told you that he knew Kiseok loved you, he really did love you but he was just as unaware of how to properly love as you were. He regretted losing you and on some level Seonghwa felt terrible for stealing you away from him but you always assured him that he didn't steal you away he just opened your eyes. It took a whole year though for you to come face to face with Kiseok once again on his comeback stage. Jay asked you to come perform once more with him and Gray, they'd dropped a song called Oh na na and you got the okay from Starship to do the favor. You stood backstage looking at him looking back at you. "You look good Y/n." He said. "Thanks, you do too." "I'd say break a leg but you're one of the best dancers I know, I'm sure you'll kill it." "Thanks Kiseok but we all know everyone of those screaming fans are out there to hear the AOMG crew. I'm sure you'll blow them away." You said. He nodded with a little smile. "I'm really glad you and Seonghwa are still friends. I think he would've been really hurt if you two stopped hanging out." You said. "Yeah well girls tend to hold grudges,guys can get over it after a good fight." He said. You laughed at him and you saw Seonghwa moving over to the stage platform; he looked back beckoning you over. "That's my cue. See you soon Kiseok-oppa." You said. You extended your hand to shake his and he took yours and shook it back. "See you soon Y/n." He said. You smiled and ran over to the platform to get on, taking your position with the other dancers. Seonghwa gave you a small wink and you smiled at him winking back, his matching promise ring around his neck rather than his finger. The stage moved up slowly and then stopped once it was in place. Jay screamed an introduction that brought the spotlight on him. Gray said his introduction and the spotlight was added on him. The music started and the lights went up along with a few small sparks for effects and you performed with the other dancers making AOMG proud to have you there once again....
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