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Dear Onejunn I want to say you are a mighty cute leader of Boys Republic. Thank you soo much for everything you do for the group! You are one of the best leaders I know in a group! There for the members at all times! I really adore that about you! Please never give up in life! Us fans will always be here for you! Fighting!! Love Kala


Dear my Beautiful Hobi, When I first was introduced I was like who is j hope? I never really went further than that! And that was a whole year ago! But then over the last 7 months you have literally grown on my. I love you so much boy 💙. I love your dedication for to the group. It melts me! Your passion for dance and music is a passion so beautiful. You are one of my favorite rappers. 💙. You are also soo terribly cute when you smile and laugh! The way you care about the other members is priceless. Please never stop being you. I wish you nothing but growth in the new year Hobi. I love you! Love an ARMY.... Kala 💜