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Dear my Min Yoogni, Where do I start off??? Boy you sure have grown sooo much on me in the last year! Ever since the Fire era i had refallen in love with who is Suga! My favorite line was in Save Me where you said Please Save me tonight three times. The way you sounded was mesmerizing. You are a god sent. Baby boy you are one of my bias wreckers. I am driven by the way you dedicate your time to music. I was beyond proud when you released your mixtape this year. Please tell me how yoe can go from this cute lil thing to this damn right sexy ass man? Its amazing. I love you Suga. Love an ARMY... Kala 💙
Dear my beloved Minsu, When I first discovered Boys Republic I always thought you were my bias. But you fell in to being a wrecker and you do your job very well. All the time trying to get ur spot back. I love all the hair colors you can pull off. You definitely are a stylish boy. You are so funny and caring to the others I love it!! I enjoy everything about you love. I love you!!! Love Kala!